Multiple Perspective NBOMe Freakout
25I-NBOMe (Sold as LSD)
Citation:   TheUtopinator. "Multiple Perspective NBOMe Freakout: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (Sold as LSD) (exp98945)". Feb 1, 2013.

1 hit sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
My friend R took the single tab and placed it under his tongue for 10 minutes, commenting on the bitter taste.

R then goes on to explain the numbness on his tongue.

Me and R go outside and have one walk around the house, he isn't experiencing much yet, only a slight body high and noticing edges.

Me and R go outside to walk around the house once again. I tell him to look at his arm hairs, which was something that I did which caused me to notice visuals. He promptly does so, reacting with a 'woah!'. These were his first obvious visuals. I then go on to tell him to look at the gravel, he replies that it is 'just rippling boringly,' we go back inside.

R begins to see heavy colours and morphing, but is still ambulatory and can still form coherent sentences, he appears to be fine and doesn't display any signs of inebriation.

Me and my 5 other friends, plus R decide to go boating out at the lake, luckily my one friend, P, drives to the Lake with another friend due to there being no legal room on the boat after me, two friends and R. R decides to climb onto the boat and does so very well, with no sign of being under the influence. I'm confident with his ability to sit still and not be stupid. I sit opposite of him anyway, in order to be able to prevent him from jumping out of the boat. I feel that this would be a good experience for R as there was very little risk factor involved due to the boat design and the fact that I could've helped him very easily.

We drive off in the boat, by this point R is very steeply coming up, he begins to be stuck in a though loop, which involved this conversation:
R: 'You took 2 tabs and smoked weed?'
Me: 'Yeah'
R: 'How?!'
Me: 'I just managed, I suppose'
This conversation repeated at least once a minute, for about 30 minutes.

R begins to become unsettled, he begins asking where we are travelling in the boat. We were travelling to a country town, connected to the lake, but instead we decide to tell him that he is going to his home, which was what he appeared to have wanted. (I'm still not sure if this was the right thing to do) He repeatedly asked me where he was going for another 5 or so minutes, as well as the previous conversation. I begin to become concerned that the 25i is starting to unsettle him.

R is starting to stress about his location and where his destination is. He begins to ask us to take him to the hospital, to which we realise that we should take him to shore promptly.

We arrive on shore, after carefully helping R out of the boat, I grab two pairs of sandals and give one to R, he manages to put them on second try. We begin to walk away from the boat, as my friends start to go water-skiing. At this point I'm still unsure if R is having a bad trip, or is just confused.

By this point I am very aware that the 25i induced confusion is causing R to freak out. At this point I believe that things were not making sense to him, which on cannabis or something could easily be avoided by concentrating, or thinking of something different, which was not the case here. R began to act frantic, starting to talk erratically as his thought process began to loop violently.

T-02:40 - 03:40
Through the next hour, my friend kept his cool, while tripping out. We were at the park adjacent to the lake, I offered him a seat and a hug, which temporarily chilled him out for a few seconds, before starting up again. Slowly but surely, he became more and more out of my control. He began telling me his house address and asking me to take him there. His self control had gone out the window at this point, with him rolling around on grass, pulling up clumps and facing down on the ground, forcing me to readjust him to make sure he wouldn't choke on his own vomit in the event that he did. Eventually I found a public toilet building in the middle of the park, which I took R to, hoping that he'd calm down inside the housed environment, he went up to the urinal to 'pee' but didn't at all, he said his urine was brown, even though he hadn't urinated at all, we left the toilets after he washed his hands. I kept offering him seats as we passed each picnic table and bench, sometimes he'd take the seat and other times he'd kick off his sandals and roll on the grass. He kept asking 3 different things at separate intervals; 'Where are we?', 'Can you take me to the hospital?' and 'Why can't I die already?' Unsettled, I got my phone to call my friend, who was driving the boat. He didn't answer, so I left a voicemail telling him that R was having a bad time and we might need a pickup to take him home. In the later moments of the hour, R started to peak intensely, freaking out at full force.

T-03:40 - 04:00
The next twenty minutes were the most difficult, as R began to lose all control. His fear began peaking, as he tried to repeatedly grabbing my mobile phone to call random people, like the emergency line (000) and his father. After snatching my phone back and hanging up on emergency services, I worriedly started to call my friend, who still didn't hear his phone ring on the boat, I left another voicemail saying 'Please help, R is really starting to freak out, we need to take him home'

R began to stop asking and started demanding, he demanded that I take him to the hospital and that I call his dad so he could talk to him. He started to run at pedestrians, screaming for help, forcing me to restrain him and tackle him to the ground. I told the pedestrians that he was 'a bit funny' and that he needed medication to stop anxiety fits. Though the park I intended to take him to was usually completely free from people, there were a couple of families there, which R would constantly scream for help at. At t-3:50 I managed to drag R to the parking lot of a nearby boating club which was absolutely barren and had nothing to visually or mentally stimulate him, I was desparately trying to get R to lie on the ground of the curb in order to slow his thought process down, to try to calm him down. I tried calling my friend once more, without response. I left another voicemail saying 'R needs to go home now, or else I might need to call police or the ambulance' I didn't intend to take R to the hospital, knowing that his heartrate was at 80 and that he had done a very minimal dose of 25i, but it was only a matter of time before the police might've been called on us.

T-04:00 - 04:10
R began to semi-violently dry heave as we walked around the park. He was most erratic and violent at this stange, forcing me to subdue him a total of 9 times in front of others, I took him for a walk along the boardwalk which had the lake to the left of it and a very steep cliff/hill tower over the right side, I walked on the leftmost side making sure to be closer to the water than he was, in case he got any stupid ideas. To my surprise, instead of turning left to jump in the water, he suddenly jumped up the retaining wall and began scaling the cliff, I ran after him, keeping a meter between us to prevent him falling on me, which would've greatly injured us both. At the top of the cliff, he vaulted a one meter high safety fence, which put him on a footpath to a block of seafront apartments, he began running to the street. I caught up to him and slowed him down, telling him to slow down all his thoughts and concentrate on only one thing in his mind. He declined, so I attempted to start conversation with him about what he was experiencing, he was unable to talk about it, he only kept repeating the things that he had been talking about the entire trip; 'Where are we?', 'Take me to the hospital!', 'Why can't I die already?' and 'Let me call my dad, I want to talk to my brother!'

At t-04:05 I took R to my friend, P's car and told him that he would be taken home in it soon. R was confused as to why it was locked, while trying to keep him off the road, I explained that it was locked and that we'd have to wait for P to get off the boat. R was unable to understand any of the concepts I was trying to convey to him, instead running back towards the apartment complex. R jumped into a ground level balcony of an apartment, in a desparate bid to be able to get to the phone or people inside. I pulled him out and made him walk with me to a water tap, telling him that he needed to drink from it. I texted my friend with the message 'Come and get me and R. Please help' five times. Before returning to restrain R and put him on the ground. Finally my phone rang and I answered it, it was my friend, who I could see from the shore, I kept my cool and explained what was happening and that I needed to take him home, he started boating to shore.

T-04:10 - 04:15
After getting P off the boat, with his car keys, I explained the situation briefly and told him to take me and R home so he could cool of. After repeating the same situations as before regarding him yelling at others and me having to explain that he 'was funny,' we managed to get into P's car. In a state of desparation, I got in the back of P's smallish 2 door car, which is considered overloading in our country. At this moment one of the most important things happened; P subconciously locked R's door from the inside before driving off, this would go on to save R's life in the upcoming minutes.

T-04:15 - 04:20
R was beginning to regain cognative ability, asking different questions than before. The car trip was a bit calmer than before, knowing that we were going home, however about halfway through the trip, as we were travelling across a gravel road through thick forest, R unbuckled his seat belt and tried to open his door and jump out while the car was moving at 100kph/62mph, luckily, P's intuition or pure luck had saved R as he couldn't open the door that was locked not 5 minutes before.

We arrived at the house not long after, R got out of the car as quick as possible and we took him to his bed and told him to relax. He kept asking for our phones so he could call his dad/the ambulance, we falsely told him that we had left our phones on the boat which he temporarily believed until he asked us for our phones again, this lasted for a while longer.

T-04:20 - 05:00
R had appeared to have completely come down, his mindset was back in place and he was able to talk freely, without any thought looping, he was able to describe his trip and was able to tell us how messed up his thought process was.

T-05:00 - 08:00
Still appearing to be down, R went about his regular business for the remaining 3 hours.

T-08:00 - 09:00
R revealed to me that he was still, in fact, tripping crazily, he said that he was seeing fractals, kaleidoscopes, shape morphing and other visual intracacies. This came as a surprise, as it wasn't obvious at all. He then said that he was having the time of his life and that the whole trip was amazing. It then occoured to me that my friend had gone through two different realities, his physical form was going absolutely crazy, while what he actually saw in his own mind was an amazing experience. He didn't remember going to the park or riding the boat at all, he simply thought that he had been tripping on his bed the whole time.

T-09:00 - 10:00
I get R to explain to me everything that happened that day, in order to check his mental state, he was unable to remember ANYTHING that had happened, not even remembering that he had explained what had happened before. He only remembers the visuals he saw and the visuals that he was continuing to see.

T-10:00 - 14:00
In the remaining hours of his trip, R had mentally come down, he was still seeing fairly vivid visuals, reminiscent of an LSA trip, but he was in full control of himself and his body. At 14:00, R went to sleep, waking in the next morning with no more visuals. He explained to me that he'd never take a psychedelic again and that he doesn't remember his moments of happiness, instead remembering the pure hell he had been through.

FROM THE TRIPPER: (please note the time dilation and apparent difference between the perception of the tripper and the 100% sober trip sitter)

I placed a tab under my tongue and held it in place for around 10 minutes, I noticed a strong bitter / metallic taste.

I swallowed the blotter and noticed that my tongue had become numb, I decided to go outside with a friend and talk until the visuals start to kick in.

I begin to feel nauseous, the world has a slight shake to it, I promptly head inside to lie down on my bed.

I spend the last half hour moving from my bed to outside with ever increasing visuals, start to experience morphing objects and shapes. The world begins to drastically change colours and my nausea begins to peak so I decide to lie down and get some sleep

The bedroom has started to violently change colours, the room has progressively started to warp getting more and more extreme with each passing minute.

My thoughts begin to fragment and loop, I notice extreme kaleidoscope patterns across complex surfaces as well as extreme time dilation.

By this point my thoughts have become absolute gibberish a mere collection of vague words with no clear sense of context, in retrospect my thoughts had become akin
To 'word salad', a mere vague collection of semi related words and ideologies, I begin to panic as I subconsciously fear that my mind has become broken I leave the room to
attempt to communicate with my friends.

My friends who are unaware of my distress decide to take me on a boat ride at this point the visuals I experience start to peak I can only vaguely make out my friends
And the boat amidst the blinding visual display of extremely colourful warping, I am still extremely concerned about my near insane thought process.

By this point my mind had completely deteriorated my thoughts where completely gone and I could not think a single logical sentence, I had believed my friends where taking
Me to get help but instead they took me to the local town park by the river to calm down, in my mind this made absolutely no sense to me and I began frantically re telling anything I could to try and signal for help, by this point the visuals became extreme I could barely recognise where I was and could only could make out certain objects which began looping endlessly amongst .

A sea of kaleidoscopic colour at some moments a sea of blinding light at the next, apart from this my sense of hearing had completely disappeared and I was unable to hear or comprehend any sound that was made.

For the last hour I began to lose my cool immensely I panicked as I could not make any sense of my thoughts and my environment I began running aimlessly amidst the endless looping kaleidoscopic environment to people and to my trip sitter, who was looking after me at the time, in a desperate attempt to get medical assistance as I was sure that I had somehow completely destroyed my brain.

At this point I experienced massive ego death and began to wish for death to escape my endless nightmare.

After 20 minutes running around aimlessly my friend had come to pick me up and take me how, recognising this I eagerly went into the car yet became distressed as I was not being taken to the hospital.

At this point I tried to jump out of the car which luckily was locked.

After being bought home my thought gradually became clearer and the world began to make sense again my hearing also began to return, I became ecstatic as I realised that I hadn't permanently damaged my brain.

For the next 2 hours I experienced a state of peace as the visuals began to slowly subside and my thoughts began to return to normal, I began to feel incredibly content
with my mere existence, relieved that I had survived and that normality had been restored.

Over the next six hours there was a slight residual hallucination of very faint circular lights every time I closed my eyes, I experienced no other after effects
and no apparent long term damage to my hearing or intelligence.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 98945
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Feb 1, 2013Views: 37,631
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