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3 Notes From Experimenting
by dirtydizz
Citation:   dirtydizz. "3 Notes From Experimenting: An Experience with 6-APB (exp98959)". Erowid.org. Feb 19, 2013. erowid.org/exp/98959

120 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)


.:: MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH 6APB - The 6APB Diaries ::.

This will chronicle everything about 6apb and my brief month long experience using it at various times over a month, longest duration being 6 days. It is a remarkable and amazing compound. I am 25, I used to love mdma in highschool. However, I stopped because pills off the street are incredibly unreliable in regards to contents. Last usage had some crazy amount of stimulant in it and I had a full fledged panic attack and almost shit my pants at a party lol.

Background: Just graduated from college, broke up with my fiance. I used to love oxycodone, I ended up moving alot to afford my habbits my fiance got addicted and when I got clean in rehab she switched to heroin because I wasnt around to supply free oxys =(. I love experimenting with altered states of mind. Due to an underlying anxiety disorder stimulants have always been uncomfortable with me, exception being ecstacy/mdma. I have literally done almost every drug with the exception of some exotics, have never done crack and crystal meth... Zero desire. MDMA in highschool was utterly magical. The experience made me question all the negative in my life and allowed me to live life in a very very happy state with my friends and family.

6apb brings that magic back. So after being on 8 years of oxycodone daily then suddenly cleaning up from 900mg a day to occasionally 30-90mg once a month over a 24 hour peroid now adjusting to life off drugs fucking blew donkey dick. Life seemed so pointless and boring and dull, I felt like the everyday routine was meaningless unless I was contributing to mankind somehow. After being bored and doing insane amounts of research I discovered 6apb and its similarity to MDMA. What really sold me on buying it and trying it was the fact that even while on an SSRI it is possible to achieve almost full effects from 6apb!!!!!!!!!

Ordered 6apb from a church (lmao I know right?) recieved 12 90mg caps. Our friend tried it out and said he felt nothing except slightly more talkative. We found out later in the week it was most likely because he was drinking heavily and doing coke and xanax as well.

So I took 180mg one afternoon not expecting much. 30 minutes went by and I began to think fuck I wasted my money. Hung out with an x gf who I call when I'm horny now. We hung out in her house with her little brother. Her and her brother are heroin addicts... Almost at the 1 hour point BAM it hit me!

A huge smile had formed on my face. Pupils didn't look dialated untill about 2 hours into it. I began feeling very talkative, slightly overwhelmed because I wasnt expecting to feel shit, so I took 1mg of xanax. Everything looked/sounded/felt amazing! The girl I was with had shot up heroin upon my arrival. She began to dip out and fall asleep. I on the other hand was loving life and being alive, she kept telling me to be quiet. I was overcome with amazement after expecting nothing then feeling like I had just taken ecstacy for the first time, pure bliss =D. I left her house and went to a friends where like 4 of us took it. We rolled listened to music had conversations and took showers. We had all come to the assumption that there was very little difference between this and mdma.

Drove home to my brothers after redosing another 90mg followed by snorting a line of 30mg. I do not reccomend snorting the particles are really gross bitter as hell and when I exhale it all comes out of my mouth. Driving was fucking amazing, it gets trippier at night because of all the light sensitivity and pupil wiggling. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] Lights trail like a beast and everything has this very happy almost sparkly glow about it. Colors are really vividly amazing, everything no matter what color seems to almost switch between purple --> actual color --> aqua blue infinitely fast. Driving seems like floating around in a space ship on some alien planet, everything seems new and interesting (even though I've driven this route 100s of times)

At this point I'm like 14 hours into my roll/trip and I take more with my brother. Another 90mg and an hour later it is very difficult to describe how amazing everything feels right now. Its like I am born for the first time and this world is new and magical. I feel like a little kid when life seems totally new and you want to explore and experience everything, at the same time I have an overwhelming experience of inner peace that I have been looking for all my life. Everything felt perfect, even though I was depressed from getting out of rehab and loosing the love of my life everything seemed great. I remember my brother and I talking and we both said and felt 'This is exactly where I am supposed to be in life, I am exactly where I am supposed to be in life, Everything is in its rightful place'.

I went outside to smoke a cigarette and I will never forget my first full fledged visual from 6apb. Unlike lights trailing and the odd sparkly quality the world seemed to have my eyes began wiggling left to right very intensely. I was watching the railing posts outside of my house and they began to wiggle at me like octopus arms. Looking up at the sky I couldnt determine the difference between stars and airplane lights. Everything seemed to be constantly expanding from the center in a gentle fluid like motion.

Sleep was difficult but came eventually, 2mg of xanax helped amazingly.

Over the next month I began taking it whenever, sometimes for no reason. I did it by myself 3 times which was kinda weird. Cool experience but not my cup of tea, its much more of a social drug. I also began having parties where I would make everybody take 90 to 180mg depending on sex/weight. My friends and I have made some unique discoveries with this compound and its effects that may not be logged so well reading forums online. As just mentioned the dose seems to be weight sensitive almost 1mg per lb of body weight seemed very appropriate. Which in retrospect is probably why girls usually rolled face off of one compared to guys. The following is a list of notable things then later I mention the gigantic combinations list so you know what to expect.

- E seems to be cut to hell, without trying the same pill/batch previously its almost impossible to predict the feeling of the experience, 6APB seems very very clean... Very predictable

- On E people seem to tell I am on it, usually by my insanely happy attitude and gigantic pupils while I feel like I'm having an orgasm touching pleasureable things lol. Now 6apb seems not quite overwhelming as mdma. If I need to talk to my parents, a coworker, or the police I can dial back getting lost in pleasure almost effortlessly.


- It can be shipped to my front door overnight, lol try and do that with mdma in the usa.

- The smell of vicks vapor rub brings on the roll hard as hell and feels like an insane full body orgasm, I HIGHLY RECCOMEND! Infact my friends wont even take it without vicks now lol.

Since turned my friends, family, neighbors, hell even adults onto it lol they fucking love it. We all noticed the same general roll patterns esp when coming up. 6apb takes roughly 1hr, peaks from 2-3hours, comes in very strong waves. Its like this for all of us, and also half of us are on some SSRI, and we still roll (only side effect is less visuals/eye wiggles). I keep reading people that throw up and stuff its very mind boggling my friends and I have had zero complaints about that. Only stomach discomfort came and went for about 10 minutes in.

The rest of this is random notes my friends and I seemed to notice and would have liked to have been informed about b4 trying this substance.

-Stomach discomfort almost seems to be able to be thought away, if you dont think about it or convince yourself your stomach is just fine it gets way better. Also Ginger is a very safe easy way to feel better.

-The insomnia kind of sucks, however I found that listening to youtube sleep hypnosis knocks me out very fast.

-zero depression, regular life just seems very boring in contrast.

-Vicks vapor rub seems to be able to give me almost full body orgasms, my friends and I notice we seem to get lost in it.

-While I very much enjoy it and everything about it, it seems that sometimes on the comedown my brain wants to do everything at once yet nothing at all.

-My brother and I suffer from bad anxiety, we notice with 6apb we have zero anxiety... If a little tinge of it comes I can literally just say to myself everythigns fine and continue enjoying my night.

-Time goes by super fucking slow. I had a 6apb party lol and from T1.15 - T2.00 seemed like 6 hours for all of us lol. However, I noticed if I am on it for more than 36 hours towards the end time goes by very very fast.

- Nobody can tell when Im on it except other people that are rolling can tell by the way I touch things and my eyes darting around. Coworkers ect.

- Dont go to a movie theatre it seems extremely fucking long, I watched a thriller... I kept trying to figure out how the killer in the movies thought process worked with no success lol.

- VERY ODD, FRIENDS AND I NOTICED SHARED VISUALS!!! Very very fucking cool... If somebody saw something moving or wiggling and said it outloud we all would start to see it. Like we were telepathic or somethign. The roll seems to sync very very well.

Ok.... My experience with combinations and 6apb:

Kratom/opiates - greatly enhances euphoria, closest feeling to classic mdma roll
Dxm (had a legit cold) - enhances the visuals and trippyness of 6apb, feels like floating in a sparkly wonderland
MXE - Holy fuck be careful of your dosages lol, took 35mg orally and went to the bathroom as it kicked in. Was on toilet looking at towel rack, the rack looked like a concert hall and the little tiles on the floor seemed like tiny little rooms. Headspace feels incredibly floaty and almost like I am in outerspace. The 6apb makes the visuals and mood feel like I'm on an alien space ship. While driving depth perception was very very very distorted. DO NOT DRIVE ON THIS COMBO I ALMOST CRASHED LOL
Benzos - can sometimes take away from the roll a little bit, however they do give me an amazingly warm and comfortable experience.
Piracetam/racetams - Enhance the whole general roll alot, it takes like 2/3 6apb dose to feel almost the same
Antihistamines (diphenhydramine/doxylamine) - doesn't really make you drowsy but almost like a happy lazy feeling
Psuedoephedrine - makes your head space feel extremely clean, thinking becomes almost effortless (I suspect this time of year my allergies may be interfering with general consciousness)
MDAI - didnt really do shit, I felt almost tired. Pretty sure due to me being on an ssri and molecular weight the methlenedioxy doesnt stand a chance like taking an ssri on mdma
Methylphenadite - makes what little side effects rediculously strong, especially cotton mouth like a beast. I would caution everybody to seriously try to avoid water intoxication.
SNRI (Effexor) - I havent done this, but friends who take it daily I noticed had zero problems sleeping.... Noteworthy
WEED/Marijuana - excellent feeling, zero weed anxiety, visuals look amazing, time goes by slower but not annoyingly almost like savoring every emotion and awesome visual. Visuals are increased. Headspace feels very floaty and depth perception is slightly more off. I feel almost like I am very tall exploring a world of magical happy feelings where everything is funny and giggling =D and shiny and sparkly. :-) have fun give this a try, make sure your source is reputable!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98959
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Feb 19, 2013Views: 9,707
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6-APB (516) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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