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A Visit From the Green Frog
Citation:   Noidge Grizzlo. "A Visit From the Green Frog: An Experience with Bromo-Dragonfly (exp98973)". Jan 16, 2013.

1 hit oral Bromo-Dragonfly (blotter / tab)
Three days before New Years, somewhere in Australia...

Ben, Camden and myself decide to have a couple of alcoholic beverages at approximately 7:26 pm after a meal at around 7.

Ben & Camden continue to smoke marijuana as they had all day, I have not smoked anything other than tobacco. I do not consider myself to have a tolerance to psychedelics but am an experienced and frequent drug user in general, I have had LSD ten or eleven times, mushrooms twice, salvia a few times, MDMA five or six times but my drugs of abuse have been mostly stimulants and depressants. We are in the lounge room of a familiar home.

9:00 pm:

After two whiskeys and lemonade I put the tab on my tongue and chewed. WE HAVE ENTERED THE DRAGONFLY! I walk downstairs and am greeted by a green tree frog which I have never seen at this home before, I take this as a sign of good things to come.

10:08 pm:

Possible placebo effects- changes in thought, boost in energy, laughter... Watching television. 20 minutes later some strange behavior and mild hilarity, I begin to perform what I referred to as my 'Special Dance' as I am compelled to act oddly (which isn't necessarily out of character). I am feeling very hungry. Another 10 minutes pass and I am noticing a fascination of details- spinning the wheel on a toy car and listening to the sound next to my ear. By this point I have had four or five strong whiskeys and not feeling very intoxicated by the drinks (I do have a high tolerance to alcohol however). Ben & Camden are not feeling much but I am still compelled to odd behavior and begin making animal noises and laughing. I refer to Camden's shorts as 'Jittery Pants', as the colours and patterns appear to be shaking vibrantly as he moves his leg.

10:42 pm:

Effects are coming on strongly now that resemble LSD. I feel like 'Embracing the open winds of life' a quote that is in reference to the desire towards going for a walk. Ben by this stage is also acting oddly, walking around pretending to have a dead leg and staring off into the distance, being amazed by details. Camden is not responding much (who had the smaller one third of a tab we split), although he says he his tripping a little.

11:00 pm:

Noticing waves, fluctuating between tripping and a sober speedy buzz.

11:22 pm:

Impulsion to dance, visuals becoming impressive. Notice a cough, some shortness in breathe (this could be from the increased physical activity). We decide to go for a walk.

12:00 am:

We have returned from our walk.
During I noticed interesting, distinct and convincing faces in the clouds, lights are VERY bright. We entered a fast food outlet for something to eat and I felt relaxed around a crowd of people but entertained the idea of acting strangely, I restrained myself mostly although I think everyone knew I was off my head by the sweating and staring (comfortable paranoia?). On the walk home I feel some what more tired, a sense of boredom temporarily. I feel 'high' but 'sober', another drink?

1:27 am:

Nothing extremely interesting the past hour. Energy levels have dropped. Still a sense of being 'high' but 'sober'. I am becoming unenthusiastic but feel good in general. I am rubbing my eyes and yawning, there is a desire to lay down. 10 minutes later and I am still drinking, cold tingles flushing over me that feel lovely. Noticing lines, patterns moving, beginning to stare at things.

1:46 am:

Really cool visual distortions, table appears to be turning and rippling like a wave. Objects appear to be alternating between big and small eg. Scales shrinking while pack of rolling papers grow taller, then when papers shrink the scales begin to grow.

2:40 am:

Yawning, energy still dropping. Ben decides to go to bed and Camden stays up just watching television quietly. The trip is still going it is just to mild to be enthusiastic about. I have to concentrate to notice any interesting psychedelic activity. Moving & morphing is still evident. There is no drastic change in thinking, although there is a hesitance to think about the past, almost a compulsion to think forwards. Whenever I begin to think of anything previous to this point in time my mind changes its direction of thought to something around me. Experiencing enjoyable distortions here at the table when I sit quietly. For the second time I notice a flash from outside on the veranda (it could be the impending storm hence the frog at the start of my trip).

2:59 am:

There is a significant enhancement of my trip with the lights turned off, extreme appreciation of light particularly the colour red. I should note that there was little to no audio hallucinations during the entirety of my experience and this trip is mostly to completely visual.

3:13 am:
Rain broke so I muted the television then experienced the most beautiful and perfect moment of meditation. My senses were dancing! I remember how I was greeted by that green tree frog soon after taking my trip and I can hear him croaking and the geckos barking. The rain swoops from all directions, halts, and then begins again. The peace is magnificent.

3:33 am: I am still listening to the rain. The meditation increases the trip, I may have fallen asleep briefly. It sounds as if the crickets are chirping for an infinity in every direction... I am amazed by my cigarette burning, the intensity of reds and the shapes of the ash as it burns away is so impressive I am grinning.

4:30 - 5 am:

Somewhere between these hours after continued meditation I move into my bedroom where I fall asleep and have pleasant but unusual dreams.

6:53 am :

I awake extremely hungry and remember gorging on ice cream then return back to sleep.

11:00 am (ish):

I awake for the day and have residual feelings of oddity, the lingering tail of a trip, my head is somewhat foggy but for the most part I feel positive and enjoyed my experience particularly the last two hours before sleep. Everybody seemed to notice aching bones and muscles the next day.

In conclusion, I recommend a higher dose of Bromo-DragonFLY perhaps somewhere between 350 - 500 ug. I feel that too much of an increase would make the initial intensity to strong, and the fluctuating feelings of soberness and boredom linger on for too long. This drug seems to work in waves and will continually return you to an awake clear headed feeling only to bring you back to a quiet but noticeable visual trip that is accompanied by feelings of fun and general happiness. Odd behaviour also seems to be a characteristic of this drug during the come up.

I hope my report has been useful and provides insight for anyone wishing to experiment with this chemical.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98973
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Jan 16, 2013Views: 7,788
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Bromo-Dragonfly (349) : General (1), First Times (2), Combinations (3), Nature / Outdoors (23), Hangover / Days After (46), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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