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Smooth, Fun, Therapeutic - A Nice Surprise
by JesusGreen
Citation:   JesusGreen. "Smooth, Fun, Therapeutic - A Nice Surprise: An Experience with 3C-P (exp98979)". Jan 17, 2013.

40 mg oral 3C-P (powder / crystals)


T+0:00: 40mg (+/-2mg) consumed inside a rolling paper

T+1:30: First alert?

T+2:00: Definitely feeling something. Somewhat reminiscent of other not-so-smooth phenethylamine come-ups, notably 2C-P and the empathogens 5-APB & 6-APB. Some slight head tension.

T+2:10: Curtains seem an odd shade of pink, increase in visual static, and some slight tracers. Some GI discomfort but no noticeable nausea present - I would expect nausea in individuals with a weak stomach though. Flipping between a pleasant mood boost and anhedonia - mostly on the pleasurable side, but occasionally the head tension gets in the way.

T+2:15: Touch seems very sensitive. Noticed this since the first alert but dismissed it as placebo earlier, now I'm not so sure. Feels a little 'Dirty' at this stage of the come up. Yes, certainly not as clean feeling as the 2C-X series to me.

T+2:20: Okay there we go that feels much nicer now. Music sounds great, getting some kind of rush mildly reminiscent of a more stimulating 2C-B.

T+2:40: Music sounds nice, quite stimulating, dancing is fun. Still a tiny bit of dirtiness but feels like it's dissipating.

T+2:50: Conversation is extremely fluid and enjoyable, like the objects in my room. Euphoria and empathy present. Very reminiscent of 2C-B. Visuals constitute an organic shifting between shades and patterns, flowing through each other. Subtle, but beautiful.

T+3:10: Very smooth beautiful feeling. Some synaesthesia between the music and my visuals is present. Feel like I've either peaked or am just about to now. Anhedonia completely vanished and once again feel very alive and full of energy. Dancing feels very good and this isn't dissimilar to an amphetamine or MDxx high.

T+3:15: Hues, lots of hues. The wall first appears a shade of a dull off-white or grey, but then quickly becomes a violet, only to become a pink, and then take on a hint of green.

T+3:20: Warm rush, feels very pleasant, very loving, very happy right now.

T+3:25: Flashes of glowing white lights and other colours, usually long lines, arcing through my vision. They seem to pop up when least expected, very interesting to watch. Occasionally a rather vivid blue darts across my eyes. Dancing with extreme sense of unending flow, feeling at one with the air around me.

T+3:30: Very intense empathy and openness, dare I say.. more so than 2C-B? I feel a fantastic flowing nature with this compound. When I dance, it feels like there is no air resistance, but rather the air is pushing me on to dance, further, wilder, deeper.

T+3:40: To put it in more understandable terms: I. Feel. Amazing. I almost feel like smoking this cigarette would be offensive to such a clean and smooth feeling drug. A markedly different feel to the dirtyness I experienced earlier. It's very euphoric at this stage, but doesn't feel like that forced push that amphetamines give you, and yet, on a different level it does. Somehow the smoothness overshadows the push though and makes this feel rather soft on the body and mind, in the loveliest of ways.

T+3:42: Really, only two minutes have passed? It feels like I've accomplished much in that time, but I'm not sure. The cigarette has changed the smoothness into a delicate fuzz, and there beneath it rises a rush, a very pleasurable one. Rising up and up with each toke, there's certainly a nice rise in enjoyable effects.

T+3:44: The amphetamine character of this drug, while subtly hiding away under the softness, is definitely there, as is evident by the fact I'm very much loving old 90s rave classics, that I would normally not enjoy so much on a trip.

T+3:52: Definite strong time dilation. This cigarette seems to be smoking forever. Then again, 10 minutes to smoke a cigarette? I'm not even finished with it yet. I do love this intricate euphoria and wonder where it'll progress.

T+4:10: Feeling a lot of energy in my upper body. Some amphetamine like jitters but I'm not sure if that's the 3C-P or the cigarette I finally finished a few minutes ago. It feels rather energetic and rushy at this stage. I'd love to be in a club right now, and a part of me is regretting taking this at home, but then I remember how comfortable I am having everything I need all around me with no worries, and of course the choice of music. I certainly hope that when I get to experience this drug again I can find a nice festival or rave to take it at, I feel it'd be perfectly suited for that sort of atmosphere.
T+4:13: Still not much in the way of pupil dilation. Like other phenethylamine psychedelics this doesn't seem to produce the incredibly huge saucer pupils I'd expect with MDMA or tryptamines, but there seems to be a little dilation nonetheless.

T+4:15: The words in this text document took on a lovely green hue just now, and they're vibrating ever so slightly as if to the music - the colour changes also seem to relate to the music, with hue's being present now behind the words, rather than in the letters themselves, mostly a dull faint yellow, occasionally brightening and shifting into another colour.

T+4:18: The 90s rave music I've been playing has been switched out for some Hendrix to see how the music affects my high. I can feel the energy in my body immediately being channeled differently, and with each riff I can feel an intense energy building up inside, needing to be released. Swaying with the music provides some flow of the energy, and some sort of release, but there's not quite the same urge to break out into wild dance as there was with the previous music.

T+4:30: While the visuals have blossomed and become much more colourful, with spatial distortions, morphing and blending, zooming and twisting.. At moments it feels like the empathy takes a backseat, but then right as I begin to type it hits me like a ton of.. pillows. Not that a ton of pillows would hurt any less, but at least it gives that impression, just as this drug gives off a fine impression of being delicate and easy-going.

T+4:50: At this point, my ex, whom I still have strong feelings for, says some rather nasty stuff that takes a baseball bat to the mood. A few moments pass, and I think about what was said, and why it was said; understanding washes over me, and the temporary sadness washes away, leaving me with ease and calm once again.
T+4:51: A little teeth grinding/clenching present. Manageable, but some gum might be nice.

T+4:55: Tingling rushes down my spine, goosebumps all over as if from the cold and yet I don't quite feel cold. Is it the drug creating this sensation, or the drug masking the cold that I'm actually feeling? It's hard to tell, but it feels nice either way. Not quite sure if the visuals are decreasing or increasing in intensity, there seem to be definite waves.. and once again, just as I write that, the wall of text in notepad ricochets and begins to swirl and dance pleasantly before my eyes.

T+5:00: I notice the head pressure is back, but it seems to take very little if anything from the enjoyment. This has unmistakable similarities to serotonin releasers, and I'd expect at least a fair bit of 5HT2B agonism going on here.
T+5:03: Beneath it, a definite dopaminergic push. Vibrating through my veins it is no longer disguised, but thrown into the experience like a sudden surprise jumping out at me. Not adding and not taking away from the experience, it simply throws change into the picture.

T+5:05: There is a definite lingual nature to this experience, words fascinate me, and I think this is why I'm writing this trip report as I go along, rather than simply taking brief notes and filling it out later. I feel the exact words I use help convey the true nature of the drug better than a retrospective report the next day would.

T+5:20: Some vasoconstriction observed at this point, there's definitely some weirdness going on with the blood in my hands. Or maybe I'm just imagining it. They feel simultaneously hot and cold, and blood vessels dilated and constricted, a strange feeling. Mostly noticeable in my right hand particularly when turning it, which led me to thinking about if I'm damaging my hand muscles by spending so much time using a mouse. Maybe so.

T+5:26: I feel as if this focus on my hand might be a psychological realization rather than physical pain caused by the drug - rather, it has brought forward symptoms that I hadn't noticed in my day to day life. It drew me to the fact I'm unable to completely relax my right hand, and has got me doing some hand exercises. Immediate relief noted. Felt a little cold and had to put on a jumper, could be attributed to vasoconstriction, but it is pretty cold here lately.

T+5:30: At this point the euphoria definitely seems to have begun to die down, and rather than rushy empathic goodness it leaves behind a milder state, one not dissimilar to amphetamine, but a lot smoother, and with the analytical touch these psychedelic phenethylamines all seem to have. Visuals are still increasing and decreasing in waves.

T+5:33: The sun is rising outside the window and begins to bask the room in its warm light. Decorated by my curtains the mountains and the trees, the landscape unfolding as if on a giant moving canvas. Moving art.

T+5:35: I'm quite fond of how even at their most intense the visuals have a strange subtletly about them. If I avoid concentrating on them, for a split second or two I can almost make them disappear entirely. They're ever present, but not quite as invasive as the visuals of 2C-E for example.

T+5:38: It's at this point I decide to take more than a momentary look at the CEVs. The CEVs are on the fainter side but very much pull me into them, and opening my eyes feels almost like stepping into another world for a good few moments. Listening to the Magical Mystery Tour album by the Beatles, I'm immediately greeted with pop-art cut out versions of the Beatles heads flying across an open desert where a colourful bus drives across to the sound of the music.

T+5:48: Some very useful insights into my life and actions are available to me as I do things and as I think about what I'm doing. This drug definitely has a wealth of therapeutic value if used in the right setting. It's introspective while not feeling like it has quite the potential for the self-destructive thought loops that can come about with tryptamines.

T+5:55: The orange yellow hue or warm sunlight pouring in the window is a sight to behold, I can feel its warmth even though the light doesn't quite fully reach me yet.

T+6:00: Even at this point the visuals still surprise me, particularly when I gaze into them. After much staring at my curtains the whole room began to shift on its axis and rotate as if in those faux-3D gifs that give the illusion of a 3D image by rotating the image around a centerpiece back and forth. Euphoria has settled down now fully into a blissful relaxation, equally welcome. It dawns on me that this experience still has a long way to go before I reach baseline, and I hope that it remains this pleasant throughout, as this is currently an intriguing substance I wish to explore further.

T+6:10: Interestingly, changing the music to dubstep has brought back a wave of euphoria. Maybe this goes better with electronic music than rock, or maybe it's simply my own mood at the moment. That said, it is still a remix of a Beatles song, so the change hasn't been so dramatic. Smoking is quite tasty now, I can really get every bit of the full flavour of the nice fresh tobacco. It does hit me that I've gone from smoking occasionally and socially into an expensive daily habit, maybe something I should consider cutting down on. This triggers an intense heated debate with my own psyche, about whether or not I could really cut down something I enjoy so much.

T+6:15: Now the tension has vanished from my right hand and shifted to the left. Interesting. Then as quickly as it appeared, that too vanished, and I'm left in a rather tranquil state once again. The bass providing a nice massage for the inside of my brain.

T+7:00: Spent the last 45 minutes rather distracted with talking to someone, which has been pleasurable and warm throughout. Visuals subsided for a bit but then came back in full force with plenty of the flowing hues once more, along with typical morphing and blending. Noticeable tracers present.

T+7:20: Lots of stimulation still present, though the visuals have once again started to die down, still in some moments making themselves very present again, while at others

T+7:50: Pupils finally rather dilated, that's a rather interesting surprise. Light is very bright and hard to look at. Playing with my dogs felt amazingly good over the last 10 minutes and it was really nice to bond with them. Now I'm a little hungry so I'm going to make some food.

T+8:00: Making food felt like it took forever but apparently I wasn't that long. Visuals have made a resurgence, something I wasn't quite expecting, though the peak of the trip is certainly over and I'm definitely on the way down. I get the feeling it's going to be a very slow descent though, but an enjoyable one all the way. I can see a vibrating energy emanating from the objects I look at, it's as if my visual FPS slowed down, like looking at an old CRT monitor through a video camera where you can see every flicker.. it seems I'm having the same effect but with light.

T+8:30: It doesn't seem that long ago when I was feeling chilly and had to put a jumper on, but now I'm just in a t shirt and struggling with the heart. I'd assume it was the drug, I doubt it's hot in here. The heating certainly isn't on, and it's late October in Poland, so it shouldn't be too warm today. The sun tells a different story though, it looks warm and inviting out there, and I get that lovely feeling of a bright summer's day. It's like the drug let me wind back a season so I can get one more day of summer.

T+8:50: The trip is now at a level at which I can mostly ignore it and go about my normal activities. Touch feels very good, and I feel mildly euphoric though, something that has come and gone throughout the trip. It's light though, and mostly a nice sense of being relaxed. Visuals have almost gone, but are still somewhat present. At this stage of the trip, it's hard to sit completely still and moving my muscles around feels really good.

T+9:20: Visuals almost totally vanished by this point.

T+9:40: Visuals gone, left with an amphetamine type high.

T+11:00: Nope, visuals still present, pupils still very dilated and a nice colourful flowing of hues over everything is present. I've noticed that while the physical element of the trip has died down from the rushy and euphoric to the relaxed, at times it feels almost like the visuals played their most impressive part towards the latter half of the trip. The intricacies of these cascading colours falling down my walls right now are the perfect example of that.

T+11:11: Jesus, I just stuck this in a word count, I'm over 2.6k words now. I feel sorry for anyone who's actually stuck it out this far and read this much. It goes without saying, 3C-P seems a fantastic tool for writing, and I could write for days on end. I think I'll have to write a short summary.

T+11:28: The therapeutic potential of this really would be quite high. I can really delve deep into rather painful problems in my life without the pain, just a calm understanding.

T+11:55: It feels as if I'm sober and yet the visuals and the amphetamine and analytical qualities are still present, albeit to a lesser extent.
T+12:30: While there are some visuals still here, I feel ever more sober by the minute, but I feel it could be a good couple of hours before I reach baseline, or more.

T+13:30: Rather tired now. Having a conversation with a friend about my ex, and really working through some tough emotions. Feel calm and happy, despite touching on a rough subject. Stimulation is easing down but still very present. Tiredness is taking over though. Slight rainbow overlay visuals on everything, the waves of on and off with the visuals are now gradually leaning into longer periods of off and shorter periods of on, but they're still ever present.

T+14:18: Relaxed, closer to baseline, but still not completely there. Just remembered I'm meant to be helping celebrate a friend's birthday today and I haven't even slept yet. Uh oh.

T+15:22: Feeling good, relaxing, getting sleepy now finally. Visuals are still ever so slightly present. I get the feeling it's going to be an hour or two before I can consider sleeping still.

T+16:23: Even the stimulation is fading away slowly and I think sleep is just around the corner, relaxed and comfortable now in bed with my laptop, going to try and attempt some shut eye any minute. I expect this to conclude my report, but if sleep fails there may be more.

At approximately T+17:15 sleep was achieved. Woke up later after some sleep feeling refreshed and in a good mood. Slight lingering visual distortions as I often get the first few days after a phenethylamine trip. Overall a great experience.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98979
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jan 17, 2013Views: 13,503
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3C-P (320) : General (1), First Times (2), Music Discussion (22), Multi-Day Experience (13), Alone (16)

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