An Overview of Intravenous Cathinone Usage
Methylone, 4-MEC & 3-MMC
by Infectious
Citation:   Infectious. "An Overview of Intravenous Cathinone Usage: An Experience with Methylone, 4-MEC & 3-MMC (exp98990)". Feb 26, 2013.

75 mg IV Methylone (powder / crystals)
  110 mg IV 4-Methylethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  75 mg IV 3-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)


Alright, I haven't seen much discussion of IV usage of cathinones, so I figured I'd share my experiences. This is a summary of multiple experiences, not a single use, so details might be somewhat lacking as memory is not my strongpoint.

Some background: I am a 25yr old white male. This overview spans from 2010-2012, and I will also include a few other cathinones that I have banged for comparison. I'm fairly healthy, and I do not regularly take any medications or herbals, prescribed or otherwise, with a few exceptions; I take quite a bit of caffeine quite often, usually between 250-1000mg/day. I get all forms of headaches, migraines, and clusters, which the former two present themselves often when I use psychoactives, so I tend to consume 1g of Ibuprofen during my experiences. I also take Melatonin, usually in doses of 3-10mg, near the end of my experiences, and especially whilst tripping, to get sleep and also for lucid dreaming.

I have been getting high for over 10yrs, and I tend to focus on hallucinogens. Drugs I have used include marijuana; various synthetic cannabinoids; various opiates including OxyCodone/Morphone, H, and Bupe; DXM (life partner); K; MXE; Nitrous; Amanitas; LSD and LSA; Psilocin; Metocin (4-OH-MET); Psilacetin (4-AcO-DMT); Mescaline; various 2Cs (mostly E, I and P); various psychedelic amphetamines (DOx); Lab-verified MDMA, along with various types of 'Molly' and 'Rolls'; MDPV; 2-DPMP (awful stuff); Amphetamine and Meth; 4-Fluoro-MethAmphetamine; Cocaine; and for cathinones, Methylone, 3-MMC, and 4-MEC.

Now that we got that outta the way, off to my experiences. I guess I should start with Methylone, the first cathinone I used. Back in 2010, a vendor of mine started carrying this prior to the US ban. I got some and tried it. Never orally, but initially I would snort maybe 100mg for a good time, redosing every 1-2hrs. On my second order, I decided to try IVing it, as I had become somewhat habituated to IVing Meth and Coke. I would use somewhere between 50-100mg depending on how high I wanted to get. The way it felt is what I call the 'Cath React'; 4-MEC and 3-MMC create an almost identical feeling. Just purely an euphoric stimulant. It produces an amazing rush; causes an increase in body temp, BP, and heartrate; some restlessness; racing thoughts; intense euphoria; some minor tactile sensations/distortions; bruxism; dilated pupils yet no noticeable nystagmus; and some jitteryness near the end, akin to ephedrine.

In high doses, the racing thoughts is replaced by an experience of almost no thoughts. While it is stimulating, the term 'Couch-locking Euphoria' comes to mind. During the rush, I don't wanna move, don't wanna think, don't wanna talk (though low doses, or post-rush creates an increase in sociability), just wanna feel the intense euphoria. I hear people in the RC scene liken cathinone to MDMA...IMO, they must have never truly experienced the beauty of real MDMA in sufficient doses. There is no empathy, no real insight. If to you MDMA is an 'Euphoric Stimulant', then it might work as a replacement...Yet if you understand why some people classify MDMA as an 'Empathogen' and 'Psychedelic', then you will prolly be somewhat disappointed. To me, it is much closer to Cocaine than MDMA, despite the structural similarity.

After the ban, my vendor switched to 4-MEC, which he continues to offer. The main difference between this and Methylone is that 4-MEC last about half as long; 1hr max snorted as opposed to 2hrs; 30min max IVd as oppose to 1hr. Dose is just slightly higher for 4-MEC...Whereas with Methylone I go with 50-100mg, with 4-MEC it is prolly 75-150mg. I do caution that my high-end doses are in fact quite high when banged. These are junkie doses, beginner doses might be more like 25-50mg, though I can not advocate mainlining such novel and poorly researched substances. I'm a bit crazy, and I choose to make myself a guinea pig, relying on my vast experience for a false sense of security; This may not be the wisest choice for you, and may very well lead to my downfall one day.

Now, back to the junkie reference...These things are extremely compulsive (another aspect which likens it more to Coke than MDMA), and shooting them only increases that exponentially. Given the oppurtunity, I find myself unable to resist IVing them until the bag is empty, often going through a gram of 4-MEC in under 4hrs. Like a true addict, for the next hour, I will scrape the bag and spoon, rerinse filters, and often shoot what I know to be nothing more than plain water. Usually, if I can make it past the first 2hrs of being out, the strong urge to redose is defeated. I've never had the oppurtunity to have enough cathinones to go longer than a day on them, so I can not speak about actual addiction. I'd personally hate to get hooked on something that makes you feel so good for such a short amount of time. Hell, after only 4hrs of being on it, I start to contemplate doing whatever neccessary to get another fix. Luckily for me, these aren't available locally.

I only used 3-MMC once. To me, it was very much the same as all I stated above. I had a 250mg sample, and turned it into about 3-4 shoots. I was on 4-FMA at the time, so I can not speak on duration. 4-MEC tends to be cheaper for me in retail amounts when bought from my domestic vendor (I have a great vendor, 5g costs me $50), so for now, I'll stick with that. I doubt there is much distinction between the cathinones aside from dose and duration, though I speak with such little experience.

One last thing that I want to speak on...Combos. Combining a novel RC, especially when used via my preferred ROA, with any other drug is really like playing Russian Roulette; SO UNSAFE. However, I know some of you, like myself, are gamblers, so this info needs to be available. I strongly urge you all to avoid this. Anyway, Caths mix very will with other substances. Most the time, the duration seems to be greatly lengthened, and this couldn't be more true than when combining it with amphetamines. Of course, side-effects such as increased heartrate, BP and body temp; bruxism; restlessness; and jitteryness are also greatly increased.

As for opiates, I only ever mixed Caths with HydroCodone, but tactile sensations and euphoria were increased by a lot. The tactile sensations did make the itch very uncomfortable. Alcohol kinda downplays some of the beauty of Caths, but does make for an interestingly nice experience nonetheless...Stay Hydrated! Cannabis is nice. Kinda alleviates some of the more tweaky effects, and makes it so euphoric to just chill listening to your favorite tunes.

Now, to my two favorite combos...Dissociatives and Psychedelics. With dissociatives, it actually makes the experience quite 'rolly' (though so does straight stims like amphetamine or even just high doses of caffeine, however Caths are moreso and fill in some of the gaps). True empathy is still missing, but nearly all other aspects of MDMA are present. I tend to mix it with DXM and MXE most commonly due to availability. With Psychs, it approaches a feeling very similar to Candyflipping, albeit, once again, with true empathy. Really round outs the 2Cs, gives it somewhat of that missing head component (minus the confusion). I once mixed 4-MEC, MXE, and 4-AcO-DMT, and HOLY SHIT!, few experiences in my career can come close to touching that. I can't really describe the experience in any more detail, it was utterly ineffable.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 98990
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Feb 26, 2013Views: 19,626
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Methylone (255), 4-Methylethcathinone (544), 3-Methylmethcathinone (592) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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