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Lovely KetaComa in the Park
by Dim Icon
Citation:   Dim Icon. "Lovely KetaComa in the Park: An Experience with Ketamine (exp99124)". Erowid.org. Mar 31, 2018. erowid.org/exp/99124

2 lines insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
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Now that I have been off of K long enough to regain my more rooted perspective and seeing as I have been going through a general re-evaluation of my life up until this point during my semester off (reluctantly), I have decided it would be a good time to recount the most intense K trip I ever had. This K “hole” if you could call it that was next to none on the scale of my psyconaughtic expeditions with the very worthy exception of the grand teacher, DMT.

Here's my background: I'm 22 years old and consider myself an artist by calling. I'm currently in my senior year of college. I have had a pretty extensive drug experience over the past 5 or 6 years with Mushrooms, LSD, DMT, STP, ALD-52, Ayahuasca, MDMA, Cocaine, Heroin (smoked only twice and didn't really like it), Datura, Morning glories, Kratom etc. . . . the list is a big one and I want to make it a point that I consider K to be a psychedelic for future reference. Now with that background out of the way, onto the trip.

It started with a journey back to Foco with my Friend G and his girlfriend L. It had been so long since I lived there the year prior that I always enjoyed going to see L who lives 15 minutes south with G. The three of us were always a very dangerous combination together and during our ketamine days this was no exception. We knew it was going to be a very adventurous day but didn't quite know how yet. It was these kind of summertime K trips that I still miss while at the same time knowing it can't happen again because of the addictive problems I had with K. The chief of the problems I find with it is that it does not give the same ego softening and general take home mystical experience of other drugs. It's like the Las Vegas of drugs and in fact is one of the few drugs I have done that reminds me of exaggerated attempts they use to portray trips in movies.

So we decided on this particular hot summer day to go to city park, which is this huge park surrounded by trees with an awesomely large oblate hill in the center. It's so spacious and open yet so exclusive from the rest of the town, which was ideal for all the times we end up doing K. But this time was going to be very VERY different.


We park L's car under the trees and G starts divvying out lines for the three of us. I always get a strange feeling before doing K that is like, “Here we go, I'm going to go into the womb of my head for most of the day.”
I always get a strange feeling before doing K that is like, “Here we go, I'm going to go into the womb of my head for most of the day.”

Right before we roll up the bill to snort some we see this strange kid walk by the car and this general sketch feeling comes over the group, but it passes quickly. The lines G set up were huge, although not bigger than lines I have done before. The three lines were about 2-3 inches long and about a quarter inch wide. We stopped weighing our lines fairly early in our usage with K as we got more and more experienced with what is generally a good dosage. That being said it is not the best policy for anyone else to take, just as a warning always test each batch slow first. What I didn't know was that this was the “elephant K” that was soon going to become notorious amongst our circle of friends that summer, it was and still is the strongest I have ever had. I bring the bill to my right nostril and lean down to the mirror and begin the journey towards bonkersville.

T 0:00, The Initiation to Weird:

The line banged my nose up pretty bad and I have this general rule that if it hurts more while also giving me an initial head rush it's going to be heavy. Sensibly I should have stopped at that point but I had no intentions of being sensible whatsoever that day. G being as excessive as he always is (recently it has ruined him) egged us all on to do another line. I told him I didn't want another one that big and what did he do but make mine bigger the second time around. Somehow he coerced me into doing it saying something along the lines of “comon I made this one for you cause your my best friend.” In retrospect I realize I am not the hardest person to play devils advocate to. I snorted that one in the left side and we all decided to do another little bump after that, and that was when it came like a storm.

T 0:00-0:45 Welcome to weird country:

My memory of the come up is a little spotty but I do remember running out to catch a Frisbee from some random chad-bros tossing it around in the park. I kinda sensed the bros weren't particularly enthused at my involvement since they walked off. I remember G remarking how I was such a nut to L and she couldn't stop laughing. I brought my drawing notebook with me which was laying in the grass.

Let me say one thing, drawing and painting on K is the best. It is simplistic and very abstract/mathematical, so much more different than the veiny detailed drawing style brought out by acid. Painting on K is the best as well, especially with oils because I have all the patience in the world. But I could not lay down and draw on this K for long, I would walk by, make one mark, walk away, and then return to make a single mark again. Each time I walked away I got this strange sense of the presence of a crowd of people when there were maybe less than a handful in the whole park. Irregardless I would get up with my hands in the air walking in a circle saying, “Can't you guys see the presence we have here? There is a divinity in these clouds” or something along those lines to nobody in particular. I'm not generally religious in the traditional sense and consider myself to be an agnostic with a lot of doubts. L started to do cartwheels and all around we were generally really disorganized, I'm so glad that city park is such a facilitative place for such random erratic behavior.

T 0:45-1:30 I might have had too much:

My memory is a little hazy at this part but I remember having a talk with L and then moments latter finding myself 20 ft. away laying in the grass on my stomach. I got this overwhelming sense of changing geographic location and before I knew it I puked a little bit into the grass. L looks over from where she is with G and says “D are you OK?” I told her back that I was fine and just had to puke. What I didn't tell her was that I was starting to gain a strange feeling of building orchestral momentum all around me. At this point I didn't talk to either of them until I was coming down and do not even remember seeing or knowing of their presence. It was a deep K vortex I went through.

On a large amount of K this is the point that tends to happen where it seems like time and events are chopped up into seamless frames that pass by in waves of fast forwarding and then drastically being slowing down. Like I said before it is a feeling of momentum that is often accompanied by a strange muffled rustling sound that I have a lot of trouble trying to describe. The best way I can is that it is like leaves that have an increasing pitch to them. And all while this was happening I was turning into different positions in the grass.

T 1:30-? The entry of God-presence:

My memory is very fuzzy as to how much time went by at this part, but I remember the feelings distinctly. I began to look at the sky and saw veins of cold blue lightning that weren't making any sound of thunder. I remember a cold black colored wind blowing past my hair and I felt very alive in the sense of being content with existence in general and the feeling of the wind. I mean that in the sense of it not pertaining to anything going on in my life at that point, in that trip I was not my exterior self. K is a dissociative like that, it was my inner world of thought that I felt like made all of the real non-situation dependent decisions in my life. It is an unabashed god in all of us, the way we would behave if everything didn't have any real circumstances. I remember being in this state and rolling around in the grass as if I had just come out of a tube that connected the past reality “out there” to the current K space “in here.” This is all a little too esoteric for me to even begin to describe but I will do my best. I got the growing sense that there was an omnipotent presence that was admiring my ability to appreciate the moment. It was conferring a sense of confidence that my destiny was effecting the destiny of man because I was connected deeper to everything than I knew. K can be a bit egocentric like that as well for some people, but it made me realize that there are appropriate times in life when you have to love yourself and be proud of who you are in order to love everything else. Right after this happened was when the trip turned cataclysmic.

T ?:??-?:??

I remember feeling the whole world shaking and rumbling with power. I remembered the sky veritably cracking open and everything below me surging with energy. At this point I was grabbing the grass and shaking around, it wasn't in pain but rather like the feeling of action and suspense. K keeps me unemotionally involved like that. I remember G and L were asking me what was going on and I said the sky was going to open up. It was so strange because they looked more primitively dressed than any normal person and I remember their faces looking Mayan. I definitely had a sense of deja vu as if I had been in this confrontation before. I remember getting a general rapturous sense at that point as if there really was a force moving towards the earth that was making large changes.

It was around this time that the thunder was picking up heavily all around. I started to feel raindrops hitting allover my body in rapid succession for what seemed like an eternity. Not because it was unbearable but because I had a general out of body feeling of timelessness. The rain felt like it was hitting a different body than where my mind was, it was a very weird sensation. I actually didn't have the slightest concern about being wet.

After a while G picked me up and I started to come to as he exclaimed “There you are D!” It was surreal, somehow I didn't realize that I was blowing into my hands making flute noises and sopping wet walking with G until it was happening. I kept seeing such strange objects that I know are definitely not in that park, the topography of the land was wavy and unreal as we came upon one of the stranger things I have ever seen on our way back to the car. We walked up to this, bush wall—if I could call it that—that was gigantic. It had a whole menagerie of strange alien tropical fruits, vines, and flowers. It definitely did not seem real at all and I was ridiculously perplexed as to how it could have got there. Then the strange geographic distance thing happened to me again because I suddenly was on the other side of it and G was calling me waay far to the left of me to come back so we could get to the car. God it was a strange K trip.


After I got in the car I remember a brief period of whistling in my soaking wet hands as the rain came down so hard that we couldn't even see out of the car. It felt like we haven't really evolved as far as we think we have as a species I thought to myself, the rain still brings us under shelter. It was a very nice nostalgic sense for our ancestral past and I felt like a proud shaman as L and G laid in each others arms regaling about how I predicted the rain. I would like to note that I wouldn't consider myself a bonafide shaman in the sense of the role they played in ancient society because of that, but stranger things have happened on drugs, and that's why I cannot help but give psychedelics the credence they deserve for the rest of my life. There is a sense of closeness and community that tripping can bring out in people that I think is greatly overlooked by the powers that be and the average populace.

Once the rain started to calm down and I was coming down into the after glow stage we decided to drive by campus into town.
[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] I remember it was the most intense flooding I had even seen in there, the streets were literally filled a foot high in big pools around the gutters that the oncoming traffic would blast through which came upward in iridescent waves from the city lights as the cars attempted to sift through. It really was relaxing and amazing to see as I had the window down gazing into the night air. It felt as if I was breathing through my eyes the saturated colors of the streets and my head felt soft as if in the Blue-Grey clouds of a moonlit dream.

I will always remember how great it was before G hadn't gone off the deep end with opiates and I had that sense of careless wonder. I still hold onto those impressions today and I'm so different from who I was then, I haven't done K in 2 years. It eventually stopped being novel and generally it is capable of becoming more an escape than a learning experience as I found out later, but I will never forget that day for my entire life and I have a feeling that it will play a guiding role in my journey towards death.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 99124
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Mar 31, 2018Views: 4,524
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Ketamine (31) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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