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Reliving the Past
Citation:   mindfinder. "Reliving the Past: An Experience with 25B-NBOMe (exp99184)". Erowid.org. Feb 5, 2013. erowid.org/exp/99184

1 hit sublingual 25B-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Background: Iíve had many experiences with the classic psychedelics and a few with newer chemicals such as DOC, MDMA, 2c-I,e, and b and a few less common practices such as morning glory and a few tabs that were marketed as LSD but were totally something I didnít know that tasted like metal. Tripping stopped being such a terrifying thing about a year before this trip. Iím pretty comfortable tripping though it has never lost it magic. I am a big fan of the classics (LSD, DMT, Mushrooms, and Mescaline) and not to into MDMA, or the 2cís even though they do have a cool vibe it is just not really my thing. Though DOC I did find myself particularly enjoying. This day started like any other Monday. Still trying to piece together my mind from the Mushroom trip Iíd had Saturday.

Early this morning I received a call from a friend who had a new substance. He said it was called 25b-nbome and that it was supposed to be ďnutsĒ. He brought one over for me and quickly left for class. Leaving one for me he said be careful with that it is supposed to be really strong. I sad thanks and he left. I did some research on the tab of 25b-nbome I was just handed, as I do with any substance before ingesting, and smoked a small bowl. I learned that it was relatively unheard of because I couldnít find many reports on it and the info was very obscure. I did learn that on a tab wasnít the most effective way so I wasnít worried about freaking out, also Iíd heard it was pretty mellow and not as mind blowing as my guys the classics.

I popped the tab under my tongue and researched some more. Within about 30 mins I could feel myself coming up higher than I would be from just the grass. My body felt lighter and heavier at the same time though this sensation wasnít very intense. My jar was starting to clench a bit and my body felt almost as if I was on amphetamines though not as rigid of a feeling.

By about 50 mins after ingestion I noticed perceptual changes starting to occur. A small tiki paper weight I own was the first thing I noticed to be somewhat not the same. It appeared to have a bigger smile and typing things into my computer became harder. The visuals started as my vision being a bit fuzzy and my surrounding starting to ďbreatheĒ similar to visuals on LSD. It felt a bit dreamlike while simultaneously feeling very real. It occurred to me that these effects were like contradictions of each other and that sent me off chuckling for a good 20 mins. Iím not exactly sure why it was so funny but the sensation of getting lighter and heavier were very strong around this time and it felt very cool. Walking around my room I felt as if my feet were sinking into the ground with all of the weight I had on them yet I was damn near positive I was floating, at least above the knee caps. The amphetamine feeling was still there but it wasnít bothering me so much now. I decided to go for a little run to clear my mind. Normally I would have grabbed my deck and bombed some hills as that is my main means to meditation but it was wet out and running helps clear my mind too.
Lacing up my shoes proved to be very difficult for some reason. I couldnít put my finger on what it was that made it hard to tie my shoes but it definitely proved a challenge, sending me off laughing again. I finally got them on and went for my little jog. It felt good to move and use my body in a rhythmic way. Though flowing down some hills on my board would have been better this was still a lot of fun.

I was still pretty mindfucked from the trip Iíd had over the weekend but the run seemed to help me put things back together which I found very funny because I was tripping again. My thoughts werenít racing through the clouds but the visuals were cool at this point. I was glad it wasnít too heavy and I returned from my run feeling spent but invigorated (another contradiction). At this point it was about an hour and 30mins since Iíd taken it. Visually things were really starting to happen. It was very bright inside my house and Iíd never realized before how much everything inside of it moves around. Then I caught myself. The stuff doesnít move. I was tripping very hard and now I knew it. Apparently there had been hidden forces inside my mind waiting until I thought it wasnít heavy on the mind and then wham! I was smacked with full force psychedelia. Visuals were very similar to great LSD Mushrooms though there were noticeable differences. There were not patterns and geometric shapes as I am accustomed to while tripping. This was just extremely vibrant and very flowing and expanding.

Around this point the amphetamine feeling wore off and I felt almost as if I was on pure MDMA by the way different sensations were over taking me. Rubbing my feet on the carpet was like the only thing in the world when I was doing it. My skin was of the softest creamiest construct that I had ever seen. Soon lying back in bed letting my body melt into the soft warmth that was my bed I felt myself reliving memories. I knew right where I was and if I focused I could see what I was looking at in my room the whole time. But if I put my mind on autopilot I was reliving memories of when I was younger, only extremely distorted. As if I had been tripping while they happened. I was reliving parts of my memory I forgot existed and was actually having some breakthroughs on why I was the way I am and It helped me see how I was shaped which can be useful in changing yourself. It was becoming harder and harder to focus back into my room even though I knew I was looking at my wall.

Suddenly I thought that I hoped I didnít think about my car crash. So of course I did and soon enough I was in the driverís seat falling asleep knowing that I had to stay awake. I pulled over to the same hotel we tried to sleep at. I knew exactly what was going to happen and I needed to stop it but I couldnít. I forgot which reality was real and I felt that I was really there again. My friend started driving and I knew in my mind we were going to crash in twenty mins but I couldnít verbalize it. I remember now, at the time of the accident I thought we were going to crash when he took the wheel but didnít say anything. I felt myself falling asleep knowing Iíd wake up to my friendís screams. There they were. My friend yelling fuck and me seeing the ground coming at me really slow. When we actually crashed I bashed my head pretty hard and passed out at this point but when I went through it again I remembered everything. It felt as if I was really living it. I felt the impact again as we flipped and I heard my friendís face break the steering wheel. I wasnít wearing a seatbelt and felt myself thrown into the backseat just as the front of the car was caving in to where my head just was. It was so real and so alive I felt the actual pain of being tossed around like that. I thought I was dead when we were done. Just as I had thought the first time but slowly I realized I wasnít dead. You canít feel pain if youíre dead. I had my eyes closed in agony and when I finally opened them to see if my friend was still alive I was back in my room sobbing. I was happy I blacked it out because it was the scariest moment of my life. But then I remembered it as if I was living it again.
At this point I was still tripping but Iíd consider the experience over. Some minor visuals were going on but I was just so scared and sad that I didnít care about the high anymore. I came down a little bit and smoked and that calmed me down more but I couldnít shake the uneasiness I felt for a couple of weeks.

Overall it was a cool experience. It really helped me take a look at myself and work out some unsettled problems in my head. The fact that I had had two very heavy trips with only a space of one day before this could have had something to do with the experience I had. After I ran I just sat in my room for a good five hours living my past. Definitely very strange. Iíll probably try it again when Iím not in such a loose mindset already.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99184
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Feb 5, 2013Views: 7,611
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25B-NBOMe (564) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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