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Better than MDMA
5-MAPB, Alcohol (repeated), Cannabis (repeated)
Citation:   tommydee. "Better than MDMA: An Experience with 5-MAPB, Alcohol (repeated), Cannabis (repeated) (exp99203)". Feb 27, 2014.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral 5-MAPB (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:30 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 8:00   repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 8:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
I had originally been planning to do some 6-APB this particular night, but unable to obtain any I ended up buying 200mg of 5-MAPB from a trusted source. I had heard of this chemical before but wasnt even aware it was on the market yet, so i was sort of surprised about it. I specifically remember somebody's comment that this should be 'the shit' so I was quite curious about it, wondering if it would live up to its expectations. Oh boy, i had no idea.

+0.00 hr I took a 100mg pellet at 5:45 in the a busy food court in the middle of my city center. I was sat opposite my friend J at the time as we were waiting to meet my girlfriend and her friend so we could head to a gathering. I was pretty nervous about taking a new drug in such a public place without any previous experience with it. What if i came up too hard? Had a freak out? vomited in the middle of a busy shopping center? But i swallowed my anxiety (and the drug)and sat waiting patiently.

+0.10 hr About 10 minutes later J asks me to walk outside with him so he can smoke a cigarette. I was pretty glad that I had the chance to go for a walk and some fresh air as i was feeling kind of anxious and i had that queasy stomach feeling you get just before coming up on other types of stimulants.

+0.40 hr It took exactly 40 minutes to come up. The feeling of going from off baseline seemed to happen very quickly. One minute I was completely sober and then BOOM it hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember walking down a very busy street where somebody was singing through a microphone. Normally I ignore this kind of thing and go about my business, but now I could hear this guys voice loud and clear over everything else... and it actually sounded really good, even though I do not normally like this kind of music. I also noticed two girls dancing around to the mans singing and for some reason it seemed to make me overwhelmingly happy. They looked so care free and happy compared to everyone else,and it really stood out. Although at this point I felt completely sober I was beginning to feel the empathy.

+0.45 hr Me and J walked into the HMV music store as we still had some time to kill before we could meet my girlfriend. We were in there for about 10 minutes and basically, I walked in there sober as fuck and came out ROLLING BALLS. There was a mirror in the shop and I looked into it to check my pupils and sure enough, they were huge! I then turned around and began to test out the different headphones they had. I found a pair of marley headphones and plugged them into my ipod, turned on one of my favorite nero songs.. and it happened. I blew up right there in the middle of HMV. The beat dropped, and WHAM it smacked me across the face. My vision was shaking, my skin was tingling, head floating away. I quickly ripped the headphones off my head and turned to J with a massive grin saying 'Man, we need to get the fuck out of here.' It was all too intense to be inside such a packed shop coming up so hard.

+0.50 We stepped out on to the main road and began walking. Here i noticed that my vision had drastically changed but not in any way that is easy to explain. It was just plain different but I couldnt work out what it was, almost as is everything was fuzzy but buzzing with energy. It was at this point I noticed I needed to wee, so my friend stayed outside to smoke whilst I walked into the shopping center to use the toilet. I walked into a cubical and began to piss. This drug is mostly non-visual but whilst pissing i had some very strong and disorientating visuals which looked as if the tiles on the wall were coming apart and re-arranging themselves and the cubicle walls were closing in on me. I literally ran out of that toilet pulling my zipper up, half freaked the fuck out and half excited. It was a relief to find J outside again to say the least.

+1.10 hr We sat at the tram station waiting for the arrival of M (my girlfriend) and her friend C. By body was literally buzzing with energy and it felt like torture sitting there among sober people. I could feel it building up inside of me and it needed to be unleashed, but not here. Finally they arrived and as soon as I saw M all my anxieties seemed to drift away, I felt so happy that they were finally there. Me, J, M and C jump on a bus and head to our friends house for a gathering.

+1.40 hr Finally get off the bus and head to our friends house, buying a packet of chewing gum on the way as my jaw was clenching HARD. Even when in the shop I was totally aware i had the typical rolling face.. eyes bugged out, sweating slightly, jaw swinging. We get inside to where everybody has begun drinking and i tell my friend P about the 5MAPB and offer him some. I take another 50mg at this point and he takes 50mg. P is one of my closest mates and is one of the best people ever to trip/roll/get high with for many reasons which i will get to.

+2.00 hr Two hours exactly after taking the first dose of the 5MAPB and im feeling one of the greatest euphoria's of my life. It was just one of the best feeling ever to be in a room with my closest friends and my girlfriend, listening to all our favourite music. I was as loved up as I'd ever been, the empathy and euphoria were overwhelming. The music would vibrate through my entire body sending tingles of pure pleasure right from the top of my skull all the way down my back and through my legs. Dancing and talking flowed so easily and everything was just basically perfect. We smoked a joint at some point during this time also which seemed to increase the effects of the drug.

+3.00 - 6.00 hr I had only given P 50mg and was unsure whether he'd really come up off it. I remember him being sat there for some time quite obviously stoned when all of a sudden he jumped up looking all happy and excited. I watched him for a couple of seconds and realised, yup.. he's high as a kite. He then proceeded beatbox. P is an amazing beatboxer and we always notice different drugs effect his beatboxing skills. I still cannot get over how fucking good it was when he dropped it. It was making me rush just about as hard as I ever had and this is coming from someone who has tried MDMA on many occasions. It sounded so crisp and every noise he would make would roll down my spine and the room was actually bouncing up and down in perfect sync with the beat.

My thought process was becoming extremely profound, almost psychedelic but without the mindfuck. Ideas and realizations were rushing through my mind about everything. Ideas about love, friendship, communication,emotions, social interactions were all running through my mind and it all seemed so clear and simple. I remember looking at my girlfriend and being smacked across the face by how thankful I was to have her in my life. We had been together about 3 months at the time and it was just so obvious.. I was in love. I looked her in the eyes and asked her straight up 'do you love me?' She nodded and I could see the honesty in her eyes and then I said it for the first time ever in our relationship. 'good because I love you too.' It felt soo easy to say, the drug had removed all of my barriers and defences and I was totally free to talk from the heart.

Physical sensation was heightened to such an immense degree, anything i touched would send shivers through me. Hugs felt like real embraces, kisses were orgasmic etc even having inhaling the smoke of a joint felt so blissful. MDMA at this point would be beginning to wear off but the drug was still peaking and would be for a very long time.

+6.00 hr - 10.00hr More of the same. Dancing, beatboxing, talking, smoking and the high did not die down at all. At some point everybody but me and P passed out as they had only been drinking and smoking weed, but we of course were well awake. Me and P have a habit of loosing ourselves in these really long, deep, profound conversations and this definitely happened here. We talked for hours about everything, stopping occasionally to 'go on an adventure' for a cig or a beer or spliff. We began drinking heavily at some point as well, not even thinking about what effect the alcohol would have on the experience.

+11.00hr Around this time my girlfriend woke up and could not get back to sleep. It was me P and M in the living room and we just sat there talking. I remember feeling so happy just sat there with one of my best friends and my girlfriend. The stimulant effect had pretty much worn off but I still had a really cozy body high. That, coupled with the fact I was with just sat with two people I love, drinking beer at stupid o'clock in the morning had me feeling extremely content.

+12.00hr P finally drifted off and then not long after M did. Cuddling felt so good at this point but I was still unable to sleep. I got up and sat in a chair. It was at this point, something happened. An immense feeling of gratitude toward life hit me. All of a sudden, I began bawling my eyes out. All the things that had been bugging me, my insecurities, problems etc were all of sudden put into perspective. I finally understood life. A realization so big about life came over me that I find it hard to verbalize or explain. All I can say is right there I knew. I sat for about 15 minutes with biggest grin, tears streaming down my face. It was so therapeutic to just sit there and cry, after it was over I felt completely cleansed and at one with myself.

I dont remember what time I fully came down because at some point all the alcohol in my system seemed to take over (this was after the sun came up)and I found myself severely intoxicated. I remember looking at the clock and it being around 10am and thinking 'shit, i am trashed,' which I seemed to find amusing. I didnt completely sober up till that evening.

Walking back to my mums house with my girlfriend it seemed that the drugs and alcohol had caught up with me. I remember my body felt trashed, I was soo fatigued and dizzy.. I felt as if I was gonna keel over and die at any moment. But my mindstate remained completely positive, i still felt completely loved up. I remember thinking 'I'm dying, but oh well if I did die right now I would be completely content.' I finally crashed out in my bed and slept till the next morning.

It is now 3 days after the experience and I feel amazing. There was no harsh comedown, if anything the opposite can be said. I feel a total love for life. It made me realize so many things and I feel lucky to be alive. I have felt more outgoing, less judging of people, more motivated.. there are so many positive effects of this drug the list is endless. The euphoria felt more real and less 'forced' than it does with MDMA. The good feelings werent just being generated by the chemical, but rather the things it was making me realize. What started out as a desire to 'get fucked up on drugs' turned out to be one of the most eye-opening nights of my life.

5MAPB... Better than MDMA.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99203
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Feb 27, 2014Views: 30,996
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5-MAPB (624) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), General (1)

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