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Liquid Bliss
by WavesOfEuphoria
Citation:   WavesOfEuphoria. "Liquid Bliss: An Experience with Etizolam (exp99204)". Aug 25, 2014.

    Etizolam (pill / tablet)


To start off, Ive had very in depth experience with virtually every drug from DMT to opiates. Ive also gone through moderate-heavy use of benzodiazepines, and the dosage that I take is not recommended. Ive had chronic insomnia and anxiety for years, so the use of Etizolam for these will be addressed as well.

Ill get into particulars of different ROAs and trip experiences at the end of the summary. All of the following is based off of pharmaceutical grade, blister packaged Etilaam. I prefer this to research chemicals, as I know that my source is 100% legitimate, and there is precisely 1mg of Etizolam in each pill.
Ive gone through roughly 400 1mg Etizolam pills in the past few months. Ill go through binges with these, usually wasting no time spacing them out or building tolerance.
When I get a batch, it usually consists of 50-100 of these pills, all of which will be gone in a week or two. When I get my first batch, Ill usually start off with 3mg taken orally, to set the mood for the next two weeks. I've never blacked out on these, although at the end of the week, when all of them are gone, it feels like I've woken up from a VERY pleasurable dream. Without a doubt, however, Ill look back and there will be at least one thing that I did that I would not have done sober. I never feel out of control, but there definitely are some decisions that are made due to not worrying about them (classic diazepine effect).
Suffice to say, I have a lot of experience with these now.

Here are the effects of all the ROAs Ive tried. There will be comparisons to alcohol (beer), but as a disclaimer, the effects are very different, in a way that you can only fully understand if youve experienced benzos. The comparison is merely for simplicity sake, as many people have experienced alcohol intoxication.
1mg. No euphoric or recreational effects at this dosage. Effects are noticeable roughly 30 minutes after ingestion, and peak effects follow after another half hour (although the difference between initial and peak effects is slim). Effects, for me, are not very pronounced. I feel mildly relaxed, but still awake and alert. For anxiety, Id compare it to .2mg of Xanax. For insomnia, it can go either way. If the source of the insomnia is anxiety, itll help me get to sleep somewhat faster.
2mg. Slight euphoric effects. Same time period with the 1mg dosage, however the peak effects are more profound than initial effects. When the initial effects kick in, it can be felt as a slight warmth passing through the top part of the skull, followed by a very slight down feeling, comparable to 2 beers for someone of my weight. For anxiety, Id compare it to .3 of Xanax. For insomnia, it cuts amount of time necessary to fall asleep down by quite a bit, IF the reason Im awake is due to anxiety. It doesnt help so much for my typical rapid-thought sleeplessness.
3mg. Slight-moderate euphoric effects. With the 3mg dosage, Ill notice initial effects after as little as 20 minutes on an empty stomach. There is a distinct climb towards the peak, which will again top out around an hour after ingestion. This provides a more profound buzz that many benzos do (Yes, I know Etizolam is classified as a thienodiazepine). For me, the 3mg dosage is a good social amount. Great for a night out with new people, that would usually cause social anxiety. For anxiety, Id say this cuts across a certain threshold for me, and provides the same amount of anxiety relief as 1.5mg of Xanax, and a buzz worthy of four or so beers. For insomnia, this helps slow down the rapid thoughts somewhat, but is no more effective than 2mg.
4mg. *Not recommended for most users.* Slight-moderate euphoria. Same time with 3mg, however the peak doesnt take as long to build. From the 4mg dosage on up, Ill notice the peak be in full swing after 50 minutes, with effects noticeable after 20 minutes on an empty stomach. As the peak builds, it feels like profound warmth spreading throughout the head, as well as seeping into muscles throughout the entire body, providing a very relaxing sensation. Id compare this to the euphoria of around 5 beers in quick succession, without the sloppy or drunk feeling of alcohol. For anxiety, Id compare this to 2mg of Xanax. For insomnia, it can help me fall asleep much faster, however, it doesnt force me to sleep. I can still stay awake just fine and function if I choose.
5mg. *Not recommended for most users. I am very tolerant to the effects of benzos, but this would most likely be a black-out dosage for moderate users, and definitely for new users* Moderate Euphoria. The initial effects produce a definite cut to all anxiety at this dosage. I feel very worry free, and a moderate euphoric down. A terrific warmth spreads throughout the body, with a slight nodding off feeling, where the euphoria in the head feels like it is trying to pull the brain away from the skull. Im able to maintain all awareness at this dosage if I so choose, but it is more enjoyable if laying down, or without responsibilities. I have taken this dosage on many occasions in the workplace, though, and it doesnt interfere more than, say, a moderate amount of marijuana would. I will note, however, that this is the dosage where Ill most commonly look back and wonder why I made a certain decision (nothing really bad, just something like giving the pizza guy a $10 tip for a $15 order). For anxiety, anything above a 4mg dosage has no added effect, because all the anxiety is already eliminated. For sleep, if I try to sleep, I can fall asleep within 20 minutes (which is a miracle for me).
6mg. Moderate-strong euphoria. This is usually a dosage that Ill take at night, or during the day when I dont have many responsibilities. Im still able to interact if I put on my game face, but Ive had instances where people ask if Im okay because Ill stumble over my words and appear sick or sleep deprived. Again, the initial effects eliminate all anxiety, and offer a very relaxing feeling, that is best appreciated if sitting in a reclining chair. As the effects climb, there is somewhat of a clenching feeling, although muscles are very relaxed. There is a strong down feeling, and, if allowed, the euphoric pull will cause a nodding out sensation that is typical of many opiates (Dont expect to achieve an opiate euphoria with a benzo, though. It wont happen). This dosage isnt really comparable to alcohol, as alcohol causes the messy drunk feeling. This produces far more euphoria than Ive experienced with any amount of alcohol.
7mg. Strong euphoria. Ill never take this strong of a dose if I have responsibilities, anywhere to go, anyone to communicate with, or I cant lay down and enjoy it. Ill also build a bit of tolerance with each new batch of pills towards this high of a dose. The climb off of 7mg is absolute bliss. Once the peak is reached, I find myself filled with a liquid euphoria that squirms throughout my body, pulling my mind off to wonderful places. I find that with this strong of a dosage, it doesnt so much force me to sleep as force me to nod out of reality. Ill listen to relaxing music and relish in the pure euphoric bliss. I find this euphoria to exceed that of any other benzodiazepine available (Ive tried them all).
8mg. VERY strong euphoria. Ive tried this high of a dose only a handful of times. The effects are nearly identical to the 7mg dosage, however, the euphoria is absolutely irresistible. I cannot function, move in any fluid form, or think clearly whatsoever. Id choose this over a moderate dose of H any day of the week. Ill lay in my bed, soaking up the euphoria, feeling my brain being pulled in every direction, with utter warmth and feelings of pleasure that tingle throughout my being.
9mg. I believe Ive attempted this dosage four or five times. The effects are overpoweringly euphoric. It is impossible to move, and I end up waking up 8 hours later with a mild buzzed feeling, and faint memory that the previous night was the best night of my life.
10mg. This was the blackout point for me. I know that I did not black out perse, but I have no memory of the night, other than that the euphoria must have been insane.
The most Ive taken is around 15 mgs spread throughout a day. Usually 3mg in the morning, 4-5mg in the afternoon, and 8mg for my euphoric night. Even without the euphoria, I love the blurred state of mind.

For me, sublingual effects are virtually identical to oral. The only difference is a faster onset with lower doses. I have in-depth knowledge in pharmacology, and I understand that sublingual administration for a drug like Etizolam should increase the recreational properties, especially in comparison to nasal administration, due to bioavailability.
Id say sublingual administration is good for anxiolytic properties. Not a whole lot of recreational value is gained that isnt seen with oral administration. I follow the exact same dosage pattern for sublingual that I do with oral.

Ive heard all the arguments for bioavailability, water solubility, and everything when it comes to Etizolam. For me, when I find conflicting arguments, I try it for myself.
My nasal passages are completely fucked up from all the times Ive snorted pills and powder drugs in my life (a Ritalin binge finally made me realize this, when I got no effects from railing 80mgs, without any tolerance).
For shits and giggles, I snorted 10mgs, and felt no rush, aside from 30 minutes later when the drip finally reached my bloodstream. Even then, it wasted a lot of the pills, and Id compare it to 3mg orally.

Rectal (plugging)-
I find this to be very diverse in my experience. Ive never tried plugging a whole lot. The most Ive ever done with etizolam was 6mgs, and I didnt find the effects to be as strong as oral administration. Im not trying to be one of those people that says oral is best because of fillers/binders or whatever, I say this out of experience alone.

Smoking (vaporization)-
I tried this for the hell of it. Sprinkled it over some weed, evaporated off of tin foil, etc. I did not experience any effects at all.

I have not, and dont intend, to try to IV or IM inject this, even in any of the solutions that can be found all over the web.

I find that crushing the pills into a powder, and placing between the gums and the cheek is a nice feeling, although I couldnt say for sure if this is my mindset, or it truly is better than sublingual.

Ive never experienced very bad withdrawal, even when Ill build up to a 9mg dose one night, and those are my last 9 pills. The following couple of days feel a bit blurry, and I fully realize how the pills caused a blurred state of mind, but theres no profound decline in mood.

TL;DR This is a fabulous drug. I find it to be better than any benzodiazepine Ive tried (for recreational value), as well as a solution for anxiety, muscle spasms, and insomnia.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99204
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Aug 25, 2014Views: 79,030
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