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Wobbling Time Paranoia Confidence
Citation:   gewuerz. "Wobbling Time Paranoia Confidence: An Experience with 25B-NBOMe (exp99211)". Sep 12, 2013.

T+ 0:00
200 ug sublingual 25B-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:40 400 ug sublingual 25B-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Yesterday I got a blotter of 25-B-NBOMe. I'm experienced with marijuana and to far lesser extent with MDMA (8 times), 2C-B (2 times) and speed (3 times).

I cannot really give reliable information about time, as I did not track this and time distortion was a main effect of this drug.

I decide to take a third of a blotter under the tongue and go take a shower after ~20 min. I realize there's something going on I cannot describe, a bit feel of awkwardness and this movie feeling I know from 2C-B. While showering there are sometimes moments I giggle a bit with no reason.

I take the other two thirds of the blotter under my tongue.

I decide to go buy some groceries. I listen to some atmospheric techno-dubstep, music hits me more, I feel more confident inside as I see some other people, but I'm also less relaxed. Wished I had some jazz on my iPod. I think about that I am the master of this world, the environment around me seems without soul but when I look deep in the things I realize theres soul in everything. I go into the grocery store and only buy what I need. I'm a bit irritated, but everyone looks here irritated. Bread, apples, milk, like that I can't think about what I also need, after I bought the milk. My brain stops thinking what I also need. I'm very in my head, but can feel people more. The cashier seems very mechanical. Soon I think about that other people are also people like me, who have this power, I can feel that some people are more confident than others, but all have this one core. I can speak with other people, like asking for the time at the bus stop, there is still some awkwardness going on. No distortion, but the things around seem more 'new'.

I'm home and I live with some guys in a shared flat who know that I use drugs, but I don't want them to know now, I fear that my flatmate who has a 11yo kid could come in. I manage to balance some fruits and some sandwiches on my right arm as I walk in my room. I chat with some good friends of mine.

I thinks it's an hour after the I took the blotter. Visuals are kicking in. Never had visuals in my life. White wall has patterns on it. Things with a strong color, change their color. There is sometimes text floating in the room. Fractals. Sometimes I get to see clear. And I have the feeling I can control it, but after 10 seconds I start to see visuals again. A neighbor rings the door, he's a chill dude, he wants to visit my other flatmate and I tell him about what's happening, he keeps very calm. I smoke a cigarette with him and I can see the things he did 5 seconds ago overlapped with what he does now. Smoke looks fantastic. I don't know what I did the day before and I still don't remember. After a cigarette he leaves and another guy wants to visit my other flatmate who also isn't there. I manage to get in some clear state to welcome him. I seem euphoric, but my speech is nervous, maybe because I fear that he will know I'm high. I tell him I go study some in my room, which I don't do. I chat with my friends, but soon the paranoia kicks in. What if my other flatmate comes in? What if he knocks the door. I want to play my bass guitar but then the other guy will know that I'm not studying. I manage to do a techno beat on my computer. Like the simplest thing you can make. Kick Hi-Hat, Kick Hi-Hat. It's like a whole story in my head. Still paranoia. I just can try to sleep, but my heart beats very fast. I know that I'm in a clearer state when I dare something. I hear my other flatmate come in. I decide to go out despite the fear that other people might scare me. I say hello to my flatmate, his son and his friends, I think they didn't know that I was very high at that point.

Looord of this world! I cannot describe all of the effects that are going on. Time distortion, depth distortion. Colors. People seem interesting. Like the first times on weed when you are a kid. A bit stronger.

I have fear and try to think about something positive. It does not work. If I dare something (even if it is a simple like crossing the street :D), it helps me, I lose my fear. This philosophy leads my whole trip. My emotions and my imagination merge into one element.

I buy some chocolate. Some attraction is going on with the cashier. Some girls look very irritated by me, some attracted. Maybe it's because they all look more attractive to me :D. Must try it with some girls I know. Or at a rave, I think sex would be massive on this drug. I do not love everybody like on MDMA, some people seem very cold.

I realize how nervous the house music is that I listen to. I got a dubstep mix which features many jazz elements, so I decide listen to that. As some people might know dubstep has an uneven, breakbeat-like beat. And wobbling bass. I listen to it, but cannot think about it. It seems as this uneven beat is no longer uneven. Rhythm is no longer a logical structure, but is completely felt. My environment and the music go together. I never tried other psychedelics, but this seems very familiar with weed, but stronger, clearer. You can feel unusual harmonies and melodies more. My emotions are very strong but I have them in my control. I had weed experiences that had also some frightening imaginary, but I didn't have the confidence to go through that. It feels like a part of me knows this all and talks to me. 'Trust me, I take you on a trip.' I feel very confident and full of will power. I go through the city, everything is beautiful. The music is fucking awesome. It feels like the time is wobbling. :D The mix is an hour long, but it seems like 3 hours. I can feel some drums sounds on my shoulder, on my knees and the feeling stays for some seconds there. Euphoria.

I heard of a head-shop near the train station, so I ask some guy where it is. After that I ask him 'Everything's allright?' 'No.' He seems like a busy man, maybe problems with money. Reality is sometimes hard. I'm in the part of the city which is no longer beautiful, there are some houses than are not taken care of, many people who seem to be of the lower class. It has some beauty, a real, deep beauty to it. The head-shop I headed to is a kiosk which sells glass pipes. Meh, I thought maybe I would meet some hippies or something like that in a big store :D. I buy some chewing gum and head home.

There are no longer visuals, my heart and my emotions feel like they are hooked on some soul wave or something. A bit like when I am in love, but not as strong. It feels a bit like when I take a second ecstasy pill, I feel good, but it also feels chemical, unnatural. This feeling goes on for like 30 minutes and I enjoy it. I'm home I say hello but I don't want somebody to see my pupils as they are big like on ecstasy. I have eaten only two sandwiches for breakfast and I get a bit hungry. I feel like on some pusher like caffeine or speed. I feel like a bull.

Music is very enhanced, but I also get to hear the mechanics of it more. I get a sleepy feeling, I yawn, but feel very strong and I'm highly motivated to study, but my concentration is at a very low level. Then I think it's like T+6 I become weak, sleepy. My mirror image looks dark, but I think that devil in myself is a rather funny imagination than something to be bothered with. I cannot sleep. I decide to learn a bit again, I take some valerian, and get to sleep at T+10.

Today I feel strong, manly, motivated and a bit clearer, it feels like I'm a bit more the person that I want to be. I realized how my whole emotional reality can change by what I decide to do.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99211
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 12, 2013Views: 4,433
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25B-NBOMe (564) : First Times (2), Various (28)

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