More than a Dissociative
Citation:   deadrelatives. "More than a Dissociative: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp99265)". Apr 24, 2019.

T+ 0:00
6 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 35 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:10 35 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
Introduction: The following report outlines the thoughts that I had while on a 70mg dose of MXE, insufflated. I lay in my bed and attempted to type the experience while going in and out of the hole. The following reflects my experience, however, please know that it has been edited for spelling as most of the words were jumbled as it becomes very difficult to see at while on high doses of MXE. After this experience I have decided to never take the drug again and am taking a break from other drugs as well.

Background: Iíve taken numerous drugs over the past 5 years including LSD, nBOMe, and mushrooms to prescription Percocet, muscle relaxants, welbutrin, vivanse, and adderal, to legal drugs such as DXM, alcohol and (now legal) cannabis. Iíve even taken rare ones like ayahuasca. I recently ordered a large amount of grey area chemicals off the internet with the intention of finding what would be the ultimate drug for helping me lead a fulfilling life. Having read that ketamine can instantly can cure depression, I was anxious to try MXE, which is apparently a close relative to ketamine.

I am a bit drunk having drank about 6 beers earlier in the night. I measure out 70mg, break it into two lines and insufflate one line. It goes down clean.

I am barely feeling first alerts and I decide to snort the rest. I lie down in bed with my laptop.

T:+00:30 - +02:10
I have music playing and I realize something and record it in my laptop:

The human brain has hacked a great secrete, the ability to something with 4s. As voles tunnel and rabbits borrow, we are busy coordinating everything in a 3 dimensional landscape. A square has 4 sides, thus runs through everything, around the room, making 4 turns then meeting itself to decide if anything has changed. Then it moves on, though this process is done side by side with others, in parallel. All this underneath the glaze of colors and lights that one see in one's head. It all happens, a continuous process. Until the vessel has met the correct level then a stimulus is generated.

Currently, I feel that the ďsomething with 4sĒ bit could use editing otherwise, this is a very powerful selection.

Also, the sweeping light across textures is quite pleasant when under the effects of MXE, the largest problem is that the eyeís resolution is greatly reduced. This comes in waves it seems. It is very difficult to write a trip report about MXE, yet, I really feel a strong urge to write one. I have benefited so much from the experiences (expiereinceneces is what I typed) of others. They took the time and effort to carefully write out their reports in a clear and concise way, now I must do the same, while under the influence of a powerful hallucinogen. The hallucinations that are involved with MXE are very powerful in that they get down to the core of what gives me drive. For example: while writing this I thought to myself, wow, I will post this and it will go on a forum and that forum will be instantly accessible to anyone who types the same query that I typed into the search bar. It has a curve to it.

If anything MXE gives an overrun to certain areas of the mind and if the other areas arenít able to keep up, then there is no way that anything will be coherent. Kind of like if a car were to drive by with a word on the side. If the car drives slow, thatís great you can see the word and read it and everything. But itís really slow. If a car goes really really fast then you can barely make out anything but you can get a lot more words in per unit time. Itís a trade off. MXE gives some areas of the brain a rocket ship and blasts it out to space, while, sadly, the rest of the brain is left behind receiving messages with red shift and all sorts of weird compression artifacts.

Now Iím coming down; one thing that I will always remember is that any white noise from a fan or airplane or whatever is going to be very intense, at least for me. My body feels very good, this is after having a pretty hard day of shoveling snow from the blizzard and drinking about 10 beers. Itís been good.

MXE for depression: This shit maybe has some kind of weird anti-depressant shit going on. Iím really not one hundred percent about any of that. It is definitely a NMDA receptor agonist, for sure, so I will use caution should I use it when dosing with a serotonin receptor agonists such as NMDA.

I write the following while Iím still feeling the effects:

Visual: Compression of image plain such that it looks as if I am zooming and digitally defishing, by defishing I mean moving in the opposite direction as the effect of a fisheye lens. It has a very strange effect on colors, they seem to mesh together and they seem much softer yet crispier, sort of like a digitally sharpened anolog image. Very nice textures. Liquid looks like a gel, or like the brainís refresher isnít going fast enough so it sort of looks like a still image, then fade into another still image.

Smell: hands always smell very weird. Otherwise smell is crisp and normal

Aural: anything that is a white noise gets extremely annoying, it is as if the repeat buffer isnít there anymore so pretty much the sound warps, then rhythmically clashes as the stream attempts to reconnect. Wah wah effect.

Tactile: everything feels very good and comfortable, but I am not able to control much. Mobility can be a real issue, I donít panic, this is normal.

Come down: like heaven. Peace, understanding, bliss, itís all there.

Happy thoughts friend,



I am content with what I have written, however, my computer is now out of power so I must return to my desk. From here I do a few things that I donít remember but ultimately I realize that I need to get some sleep. I crawl into my bed and attempt to fall asleep.


I can not even begin to fall asleep. I lay in my bed and it feels as though I am surrounded by huge fluffy clouds and giant piles of snow. The tapestry to my left was before a window looking out over a snow covered field, now it is letting out massive glowing energy. The trip for whatever reason has taken a whole new level as I turn the lights out and try to sleep. I see spirits floating and I realize that I have just felt as if something that was keeping me company has left. I realize that I was taking this thingís company for granted and now that it has gone I am suddenly frightened of these spirits that are floating around. I can hear voices but canít understand them, it feels as though I am listening to the thoughts of the spirits. I try not to look at any of them and instead close my eyes.

I am suddenly fully immersed in another world, I can see everything with 100 percent accuracy as if I am there. Yet I am ethereal. I realize that this is an out of body experience but it doesnít frighten me, but I realize that I can not open my eyes and I have only a very small amount of control over where I can travel.

I seem to be just floating, trailing along in the draft created as people move by. I am swept into a large wooden doorway and up some stairs into what seems like a pub. I try to control my trip as if it were a lucid dream. Iíve always wanted to have a lucid dream. I imagine myself with a girl in bed and it starts to become a reality, but I am still ethereal. This doesn't bother me, I am happy as I look into her eyes. My eyes pop open and I see the light streaming from my windows into my room. I lay in my bed trying to make sense of what I have just experienced, but it is too much for me, I don't even know where to begin.


My trip has finally subsided at this point, I roll over and finally fall asleep.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 99265
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Apr 24, 2019Views: 1,297
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