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Ephedrine, Amphetamine & Guarana
Citation:   Timeleech. "Anti-Synergism: An Experience with Ephedrine, Amphetamine & Guarana (exp9927)". Dec 31, 2003.

4 capsls oral Ephedrine
  5 tablets oral Guarana
  0.25 g insufflated Amphetamines
I and a good friend of mine had decided to get some amphetamine to celebrate 16th of May (day before 17th, which is when Norway got its constitution, which again means lots of people in the streets wearing traditional national-costumes and kids with icecream). We had discussed the possibility of doing speed the day before, both of us wanted to, but we both concluded with that it was best not to do it. The next day however, after the ephedra started working with us, we slowly reconsidered, and ended up talking each other into doing it anyway. We became hungry for a more intense speedy experience than my last ephedra caps could give us alone.

I arrived at my friend's place and I had brought abt. 10 caps of ephedrine, and 12 big brown tablets of guarana. We took 4 and 5 each respectively. After a while we kind of ended up talking each other into getting some speed for the rest of the night. My friend called this guy we know but he didn't answer. A bit later we were getting talkative and I had slight electric buzzes going up and down my spine. He asked me to call as he was afraid our man didn't want to talk to him. I hesitated because I didn't feel I knew him all that well, but less so than I would have otherwise.

I called him and he was going to come over with 1/2 gram for us. This would be the second time I tried speed, the first being new years eve 2000->2001. He finally arrived after a few more calls and apparent delays. We were quite talkative by now, and I couldn't sit still. I talked a lot and made jokes and participated a lot more than I would have normally. We waited untill he left to snort the white powder now in our posession.

We went outside to go to town and see what was happening, a lot of partying is the order of the day on this date all over the nation. We decided to go to the place we were most likely to meet people we knew. We got there walking rather briskly, i was definately feeling the speed good by now. Lots of people, and we were rather put off because everything seemed much less fun than we had though it would be. I was quite surprised at this, as last time I tried amphetamine I was able to enjoy pretty much anything. Everybody seemed like they would to me on acid. Dumb monkeys in a drunk stupor, mindlessly milling around shouting nonsense and obscenities.

We went upstairs, and this big guy looked at me, smiled, and started touching me all over, I wrestled out of his grip and continued upwards, sligthy unnerved by being (sexually) harassed by a man (me being male myself). My friend told me the guy did, or had done, a lot of drugs, and that my pupils were huge, he probably just wanted to mindfuck with my obviously intoxicated brain.

Nothing of interest happening here we trawled all the other places, but it was the same everywhere. Boring. We ended up going back home to my friends place, and spent the night talking. I had an undefinable feeling of not being content with the situation (obviously wanting to have fun). We ended up being remarkably indifferent towards everything. After a while it became a running joke that this was the funniest speed-comedown we had ever had (my friend had done speed maybe a dozen times, I only two). This became the only thing we were able to laugh at. Everything else seemed unimportant and quite uninteresting.

We witnessed the city waking up, and when we heard the orchestras playing in the streets we decided it was time to go outside. Slighly paranoid we went for a walk in the forest. As we arrived at the edge we saw a police-car approaching and I got a bit nervous as quite a few hash-smoking juveniles used this forest as a hideout (ourselves included when we were younger). I turned around after walking 100 metres up the path into the forest and the police car had stopped. We discussed what to do. i was supposed to leave the talking to my friend as I am easily intimidated by, and don't feel comfortable in the presence of cops while intoxicated (or on a comedown). i doubt if that was a very wise decicion, but luckily we never met any authority figures.

It was hard coming up with anything to talk about, everything loosing its interesting properties. We sat on a bench for a while basically just panting (exhaustion), experiencing melancholia and slight despair over our quite incomfortable situation. We were however quite indifferent about it, and that was the only thing we were laughing about. We went home, avoiding a few police officers, and I was so lucky to find out my parents were not home, so I confidently took a cab home and was able to perish the uncomfortableness by showering, eating and talking to my sister a bit. Got the best night of sleep in a long time.

It seems that the negative effects of the ephedra was magnified significantly by the amphetamine, but the negative effects of amphetamine were abolished by the ephedrine. Might sound like a contradiction or pure nonsense, but my ephedra comedowns are usually mildly pessimistic affairs where I get a bit emotionally upset and discontent. As for speed-comedowns, my only pure one so far was spent laughing while the rest of the room sat silently looking glum. Not a very typical reaction I am told, and this time I seemed to project this feeling over to my friend, although magnified by the speed (or so I imagine). We were held in a limbo, always on the edge of speed euphoria and ephedra melancholia.

I will stick to ephedra, I was only interested in experiencing amphetamine to see what it was like, and I don't think it is worth it alone. In combination with alcohol it is quite enjoyable though, as I experienced virtally no comedown and felt excellent the next day, but that is better left for another report...

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9927
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 31, 2003Views: 30,103
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Ephedrine (23), Amphetamines (6), Guarana (117) : General (1), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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