An Introductory Dance
25I-NBOMe & Tobacco
by Kleenex Tissue
Citation:   Kleenex Tissue. "An Introductory Dance: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe & Tobacco (exp99270)". Sep 27, 2013.

T+ 0:00
600 ug sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:15 1 cig. smoked Tobacco  


So today I got 6x1.2mg tabs of 25i-Nbome in the mail off of the at around 4 pm. I wasn't expecting them to come for a couple more days so I was absolutely fucking stoked when they got here. Incredibly excited to try this new substance out I decided I would do a small trial run to see how it felt.

5 PM. After reading around about different ROAs such as sticking the tab up my ass or putting it in the lining of my nostrils I decided to just stick to the simple path and go sublingual. I cut up half a tab (600ug) and put it under my tongue with the intention of not swallowing my saliva for the next 30 minutes, which I did. For the next 30 minutes I prepared for my trip. This involved downloading some music onto my phone, getting in some warmer clothing and finding my running shoes.

5:30 PM. I swallowed my saliva and the effects are starting to hit. I'm disorientated but it isn't negative at all. Full of energy and happiness. My friend just called (he knew I had just took the tab) and informed me he would meet me in 30 minutes. While waiting for my friend I went over to a nearby starbucks. As I patiently waited for my coffee I became absolutely entranced by this stain-glassed lamp that was hanging from the ceiling. I stared at this beautiful object which appeared to almost be moving for a full 5 minutes when the barista (who noticed my trance) awkwardly interrupted me and told me that my coffee was ready. With coffee in hand I walked up to the second floor above the Starbucks on this balcony of sorts. Then I decided FUCK THE BALCONY and climbed up onto the roof next to it. I waited on this roof for the next 20 minutes and proceeded to stare at a busy intersection about 100 ft in front of me. The cars looked very strange and beautiful. I couldn't help but wonder where all these different people were going and what their agenda for the day was. I wished they could have had the same experience I was having at that moment.

6:00 PM. My friend arrived at the Starbucks and saw me on the roof. He called out to me with this 'What the Fuck' facial expression, but he knew I was tripping so it was kind of expected. I ditched my coffee (which I had barely drank, it was making me pretty nauseous and I tasted very bitter due to the blotter) and made my way down from the the roof to his car. After driving to a nearby canyon he proceeded to give me a lightshow in his car. Though I didn't have full blown OEVs everything had a very strange distortion and this also applied to his lights, which absolutely blew my little fragile tripping mind. After which, we walked down to a stream a little into the canyon and looked at the stars while listening to the water. We talked a bit and just enjoyed the tranquility of the experience. I felt as though the stars were moving in circles around one very bright star directly above me.

6:45 PM. We left the canyon and talked about our immediate plans. Originally we were planning on heading to the gym to work out. I have NO IDEA what I was thinking 2 hours ago when I proposed that plan. I was absolutely not in a state to begin lifting heavy objects. But I said I would be down to swim around in the pool at the gym while my friend and another guy were lifting. While walking back home to get my swimsuit I happened to walk into my Dad who was just idly strolling down the road. Bumping into him was actually quite unfortunate. I have avoided talking to him as much as possible recently because all of our conversations end in arguments that eventually result in him giving me ridiculous ultimatums. I got out of the conversation as quickly as possible to avoid just this and told him I was just going home to get a swimsuit.

7:00 PM. After picking up some own things from his house (including his room-mate) my friend then picked me up from my place to go to the gym. We started listening to music in my friend's car and it sounded like the best thing I've ever heard in my life. It seemed like there was a wide range of sounds I had never heard before. The constant bass in the background reverberated throughout my body and gave me a sense of bubbling euphoria.

7:15 PM. After arriving at the gym I smoked one of my hand rolled cigarettes. This head-rush from my sweet friend nicotine combined with the already powerful effects from the 25i-nbome just floored me. Unable to stand I had to sit on the ground while people entering the gym passed me giving me odd looks. Still overwhelmed with euphoria I went into the locker rooms and found some kids arguing about sweet potatoes. An Asian kid around 10 or 11 insisted that the reason for his complexion was NOT because he was Asian, but because of the fact that he ate so many yellow sweet potatoes. Their fervent little debate kept ringing on in my head, making me question the very colors of sweet potatoes. Judging by the sweet potatoes I have eaten in years past I deduced that the kid should be orange, not yellow like he so described.

7:30 PM. And then I saw the glimmering beautiful pool in front of me. Quickly, I put on my goggles and dove headfirst into the deep-end. HOLY SHIT. I had the greatest body rush of my life as I outstretched my arms and flowed through the water. The water made everything look absolutely beautiful in the way it refracted and reflected all the incoming light. After swimming for a bit I made my way to the hot tub. Awkwardly enough a somewhat large group of people came in shortly after me and proceed to speak in spanish for their entire stay. I think they became alarmed at my pupils the size of nickels and proceeded to stare at me for about a minute all while gibbering away in Spanish. I started to become very uncomfortable and anxious and decided the best way to prevent this was by closing my eyes and going into a meditative state for the next 15 minutes. Unfortunately the bubbles then stopped and I got out of the hot tub to begin the bubble sequence again, though I had no intention of staying in the tub due to the piercing eyes of the new group. I went to the bubble button and asked 'More bubbles?' to the people sitting in the hot tub but they just stared at me questionably. For some reason my brilliant high mind, unperturbed by the fact that I don't speak Spanish, then proceeded to yell 'MAS BUBBLES???' to which they again didn't say anything. I just kinda stared at them awkwardly for a couple seconds, sighed, and then turned the bubbles on anyways. Everyone fucking loves bubbles.

8:30 PM. My friends dropped me off at a canyon near my house as I wanted to stare at the stars again and didn't want to go home and face my angry and probably drunk father. Yet while down in this canyon I got a text from my girlfriend saying she just got off work and wanted to meet me. At this point the euphoria returned stronger than ever. I knew the route she would be driving to get to my house and coincidentally it happened to be very close to the canyon. So I walked in the middle of a divider in the middle of the street and proceeded to wait for her about a hundred feet below a streetlight. It was hilarious to watch her speed down the road, catch a glimpse of me and then proceed to slow down with a very confused look on her face since she expected me to be at my house. We talked for a bit and hung out in her car and then she dropped me off at my house as she had somewhere to go.

9:00 PM & onwards. This is getting extremely long (sorry!) and so I'll try to wrap it up. I got home and proceeded to dick around on the internet. I somehow managed to get an erection even though 25i is a strong vasoconstrictor and uhm... Did something about it. By midnight I was pretty close to baseline and then completely sober at around 1. However, now I am overwhelmed by extreme restlessness and am extremely jittery, which has led to insomnia, which has led to this trip report.

Overall, I would rate this experience as positive. I had a strong sense of euphoria that came in waves, very distorted and bright colors, and though I had a much clearer headspace than I do on other psychedelics I still found the entire night very profound and welcomed the thought process it brought on.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99270
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Sep 27, 2013Views: 5,895
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25I-NBOMe (542), Tobacco - Cigarettes (266) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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