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Harsh Smoke Mellow Feel
Leonotis leonurus
by Kraaltos
Citation:   Kraaltos. "Harsh Smoke Mellow Feel: An Experience with Leonotis leonurus (exp99281)". Dec 14, 2017.

1 tsp smoked Leonotis leonurus (flowers)


I grew up in the 70s, when weed was milder. I enjoyed it for a while, then gave it up. Tried it again in the 80s a couple of time but it seemed to only make me uncomfortable, so I stopped it altogether. I have never smoked tobacco, and would not consider it.

I enjoyed that mild, laid back feeling of that mild cannabis, and now in the 21st century a significant amount of stress has led me to looking for something that would give me something similar minus any legal ramifications. So I started looking into traditional herbs, and when I read about Wild Dagga it sounded intriguing. Several sources indicated that the flower petals were the part of the plant that was potent, and that South African tribespeople had used it traditionally as a smoking herb. It was a reasonable price for a 20g amount so I ordered some. The batch I received had a fresh smell, and although dry the flowers were pliable, not brittle. I believe the fact that I got the flowers and that they were fresher caused my experience to be more successful.

It was a late fall day, overcast and cool, and I went out into the woods near my place to try this out. I used a pipe with a chamber such that it could be used as a waterpipe or a carburator pipe and did not use it with water on this first occasion. The bowl was more the size of a traditional corncob pipe, allowing me to put about 1 tsp of the dark orange petals, loosely packed, into the bowl. The petals burned readily, and the smoke was as advertised, harsh and difficult to hold in. But the flowers burned evenly, and this amount took a while to consume.

After about six hits I felt a buzz. It really was like the 'good old days' in some ways, a sense of pulling up into my head, a cozy distancing from things. But at the same time I felt centered, relaxed and content. I was definitely some kind of stoned, but without the mind effect that I recalled that made me try to piece relatively random things together in an amusing pseudo-dreamy way. Although clearly buzzed, I wasn't anywhere near done. So I continued to smoke at a leisurely pace, not too worried about holding in lungfuls because the harshness wouldn't allow it. The large chamber in the pipe allowed some cooling, but not as much as I would have liked: it was damn harsh.

In terms of erasing stressful feelings, it was very effective. It tended to clear away worries-- I was waiting for 'the catch', like dizziness or nausea, because it was so pleasant. But other than the undeniable harshness of the smoke on the throat and the generally unappealing quasi-campfire aroma, the effect became more pronounced as I smoked but not overwhelming.

Overall, this was very pleasant. It was relaxing without making me rubbery or clumsy like drinking would. The whimsical thinking and profound stoned-ness that pot brings wasn't there at all: this was more of a 'centering calmness' high than a 'wildly euphoric' high.
this was more of a 'centering calmness' high than a 'wildly euphoric' high.
In terms of it being an entheogen, it led me to calm reflection, humility and feelings of gratitude. I thanked the magnificent Creator very much for this wonderful plant and the pleasant time.

I have used it several times since then, also vaping as well, after reading a report about the success of that. It worked very well, it only took 5-7 individual small flowers to get a pleasant effect without none of the rank harshness-- the vapor definitely has a sweeter taste.

I have also used it in conjunction with other traditional, legal herbs and have experienced the potentiating effect that some others have reported.

Thank you Lord for this gentle experience.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99281
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 53 
Published: Dec 14, 2017Views: 3,648
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