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How Stunning the Clouds
Citation:   Divine Moments. "How Stunning the Clouds: An Experience with LSD (exp99328)". Sep 14, 2022.

1.75 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  few glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  Some hits smoked Cannabis (flowers)

To give some background, my first two experiences with Lucy were a mixture of enjoyment and discomfort. My most recent, and third trip, was a wonderful and totally different experience. Each trip is chronicled below as 1 tab, 2 tabs, and 1.75 tabs respectively. I did test these tabs with a test kit and theyíre acid.

1 tab
My first trip was only 1 tab and it gave a very mild stoned feeling with some extra pattern recognition and vision distortion. It nearly resembled a strange MDMA / speedy experience. I enjoyed some of the visual aspects, but I got stuck in some thought loops about my partner. I analyzed and formed negative judgments very rapidly as a result of being around him not high and in a seemingly poor mood. Overall it was a simple enough introduction to acid, but I should have taken more. I eventually smoked marijuana about 3-4 hours into the trip, which made me peak a bit. I listened to music at this point and looked at computer visuals that were interesting. I still didnít truly see hallucinations, aside from a feeling of my vision blurring which led to flowing patterns and barely noticeable breathing walls.

2 tabs
So for my second trip, I decided to take two of the same tabs. It was impromptu, taken early afternoon while at home. My partner smoked weed, so I wasnít the only one high. We hung out at home, watched nature shows, etc. We also went outside, which is where I felt most comfortable. My mind immediately pieced together visual patterns from everything I looked at. The crumbling pavement in our alley had the appearance of skulls. Faded and broken walls mimicked simplistic childrenís faces. The grass appeared intricately symmetrical. My boyfriend, high at the time, made me laugh frequently and it felt incredible Ė as if every cell inside me vibrated with euphoria. While outside, we decided we needed some things from a home dťcor store. Walking in to that humongous store felt like entering a video game level with highly saturated neon lights blaring. Everywhere I looked, the lights were mesmerizing with their beautiful iridescence. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of products in that one store. I reflected on the consumerism of our society and how that drives 70% of our economy. These thoughts quickly entertained, rapidly diminished. After looking at a few items, I could not recall why we entered the store and I started to get frustrated with even being in there. We quickly got out. Surprisingly, being around so many pedestrians at that large shopping mall wasnít bothersome. I never felt out of control.

Walking back to our apartment, it was apparent how much darker it was getting as the sun declined. As night came, I noticed the hallucinations were more prevalent as my mind had shadows to play with now. In my spare room, which has a small night-light and a tall mirror, I decided to look at myself in the mirror. I had done this plenty of times before in the day with no difficulty. While I saw my face almost ďageĒ in a sense, I really didnít see morphing of anything. This changed at night. My face began to subtly twist so that my mouth spiraled into a circular void. My eyes were similar, almost giving the appearance of what I imagined to be a simplistic demon mask. This scared me. I began feeling anxious, as I feared that I was out of control.

I noticed that my partnerís face had a darker tint to it at this point, specifically around his eyes. Although I knew I had taken acid and it was only a temporary experience, the fear gained prominence. I began feeling the familiar anxiety of a panic attack. I told myself then that I am just not the type of person who is capable of dealing with reality distortion. Perhaps tripping is not for me, I thought. I tried calming myself, but I could only think, what if I start seeing his face melt, or other hallucinations. It did not appeal to me. Seeing myself in the mirror change like that was the first time I truly saw hallucinations of what was in front of me. The saturation and patterns in everything were so innocent, not frightening. But something about seeing objects or people change in front of my eyes immediately scared me. At that point, it had been 7 or so hours since I had dropped the acid. It was late and my partner was getting tired, so I was just ready for it to be over. I had plenty to think about, which is what I value in LSD: it forces honesty regarding yourself. I ended up having some beer and half a Xanax and fell asleep.

1.75 tabs
After several weeks of contemplation, I decided I would take the remaining 1.75 tablets somewhere in nature. I learned from my previous experiences a few valuable things. Firstly, I gained experience of the initial dosages of acid, as well as realizing not to have expectations of what should happen. With acid in hand; a lunchbox full of citrus fruits and sandwiches; and backpacks with weed and plenty of water, we embarked on a 6 mile hike that overlooked the Pacific ocean. I took the 1.75 tabs before arriving so that the onset was about 1 mile in. Patterns became more prevalent in the sand, rocks, and grass. We encountered mountain vistas that appeared to be flowing, as lava flows across rocks. Some people describe this as things breathing. At this stage of the trip, I felt almost as if my vision gained a filter for new layers and levels. As a result, normal distant objects seemed to flow or breathe.

We continued up the mountain for a bit, often stopping to appreciate the marvelous rocks. Again, my innate facial recognition brain software was in overdrive. Small curved rocks formed patterns imitating static faces and skulls. At this time I decided to listen to Sphongle Divine Moments of Truth. When the music began, my senses went into overdrive. The plant colors became extremely saturated. I felt euphoric at times and at peace with the world.

I had a profound sense of not feeling separate from the atoms, molecules, cells, structures, land, universe, and existence surrounding me. It felt as if it were all one. A lot of these ideas have been in my head lately as Iíve been studying Buddhism and existentialist thinkers. It often brings me inner peace when I realize the ideas they think about. Towards the middle of the day, after much exhaustion with the climbing involved, we settled down for lunch. I could feel the awkward hunger pangs (which are difficult to realize while tripping), so I knew I had to eat something. The oranges and half sandwich I ate tasted refreshing.

After eating, I realized how stunning the clouds were. From my periphery I noticed slight manipulations to my sight of the clouds; however, when I looked over, things were mostly normal. Then I realized when I simply looked at the clouds, I would notice a kaleidoscope effect forming along the wisps of moisture in the air.
I realized when I simply looked at the clouds, I would notice a kaleidoscope effect forming along the wisps of moisture in the air.
The longer I looked, the more entertaining it was. Wisps of clouds twisted together in beautiful, radiant colors. This may have been the most profound visual I experienced during that trip. I did notice a few other things, such as tracers and my face very slightly warping when staring in the mirror. A few beers later, I was at the very end of the comedown. I smoked some MJ and got an appetite, but for one thing only: sashimi. Only the freshest, cleanest tasting fish would be edible for me. We ate some of the best sashimi in town and went home. By this point (9 hours post dropping the acid), I wasnít really tripping much.

Next time I will take 3 tabs, assuming I get the same dosages. I really only tapped the psychedelic threshold at this level. And I have to do it somewhere in nature, ideally with nobody else around (aside from my partner). Thanks for reading, if you made it this far.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99328
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Sep 14, 2022Views: 806
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