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Gave Me Back My Mobility
by Mr Clam
Citation:   Mr Clam. "Gave Me Back My Mobility: An Experience with Kratom (exp99337)". Oct 20, 2016.

  oral Kratom (daily)
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Long Term Kratom Use

I began using Kratom in 2005. The effects were similar to many reports. The main attribute that caught my attention was diminished back pain as I have trouble with my sciatic nerve. Kratom gave me back my mobility. While I could have already been using prescribed opiate pain killers, I am always reluctant to do so unless it is an extreme situation.

Kratom also provided other pleasant rewards since it is euphoric and stimulating. Worked well for work unless I had taken too much. I had worked my way up to a standard dose that was about a gram per day once in the morning. However if I indulged again during the day or made that morning dose too heavy, I would get googly-eyes and would tremble. That is not good for work since I was a teacher then. Scribbling on a white board with the shakes is bad.

The shakes were exacerbated if people noticed them. Therefore there was a psychological aspect to how great the shakes became. If I went to the post office to mail out a Fed Ex and I thought the workers were noticing my shaky penmanship, the shakes became so intense that I would need to leave the post and calm down. Once when I was on a deadline, I just asked my friend to fill out the Fed Ex slip for me as my hands were trembling too much.

I would estimate that nearly since the start of my life with kratom, it has been that standard dose which I eyeball by filling my coffee grinder to the brim. Then after milling I use a strainer to get out any of the ground stem. I do this because I 'toss n wash', comes on smoother and lasts longer. Requires two gulps with water.

I have been doing this daily with few exceptions since the start. Only times not would have been if I needed to go to Thailand which I do often. It's of course prohibited there! I mention this since one may wonder about habituation vs addiction. While in Thailand for a couple weeks recently I was without but to my surprise I had no withdrawals
for a couple weeks recently I was without but to my surprise I had no withdrawals
. Sure, like missing one's morning coffee or bowl of herb, I felt like I was missing something but that was it. I was fine.

To ensure I always have it otherwise, I grow the trees! Been about six years since seed and they are three meters or higher. I have 6 trees so its enough for me and friends who have also been regular users for years.

I wrote this report for those wondering about its long term use for a user's perspective.

I have had some discolouration below my cheeks. It's not obvious until you look in strong florescent light but it's there. They are darkened patches of skin that look like a splotchy tan. There is some more above the bridge of my nose where it meets my forehead as well. I have read that kratom contains melanin which while is protective against skin cancer, does darken skin. Perhaps why?

I have had no strange or adverse mental effects that anyone, family or friends, have noticed. They would say so too....

No other physical effects worth mentioning either. I am a healthy vegan and get check ups regularly. My worst fear is tobacco as I am addicted to it.

Like I said, I use a coffee grinder full of crushed leaf that is then milled and strained and the powder eaten at least (and most often) daily and have been for many years now.

I will end with an important observation. If I drink the night before, the effects of the kratom I use in the morning will be greatly diminished. If I have a hangover, then I don't even feel the effects and even feel worse in a way like if you drink coffee with a hangover. It just does not sit right like it would on a healthy belly and mind. Also I have noticed that folks who are in poor health seem to dislike this plant.

This plant has been in use a very long time. I think if it was dubious, then by now there would be more info. However, with no intention of stopping my habit, I do wish there was some more 'modern era' info out there, either clinical or reports like mine.

[Reported Dose: '5-10 gr']

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99337
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Oct 20, 2016Views: 2,618
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