Utter Weirdness
Citation:   Solipsis. "Utter Weirdness: An Experience with MiPT (exp99362)". Erowid.org. Feb 23, 2013. erowid.org/exp/99362

T+ 0:00
2 mg oral MIPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:10 25 mg oral MIPT (powder / crystals)
Earlier this week I decided to try MiPT (N-methyl-N-isopropyltryptamine).


My previous experience with drugs, especially psychedelics, is extensive. I have tried mushrooms, LSD, mescaline, DMT and many synthetic tryptamines and phenethylamines, plus a wide array of stimulants, dissociatives, sedatives, and most other common drugs and also a lot of pharmaceuticals, etc etc. However in the last 1 - 2 years I tripped rarely for a few reasons. I had started to feel like I had overdone it, they did not seem to have to offer me as much anymore. I have also had a lot of personal problems in my life and changed my mind about using psychedelics therapeutically even though they continued to help me when I did take them.
I am not on any medication.

Recently my interest in a lot of things has been rejuvinated, including my interest in psychedelics. However I now feel more reserved about trying new compounds that may be harmful and feel like drugs including psychedelics have to play a different role in my life than they used to. Less centrally and more sensibly.

Descriptions and reports of MiPT seem to be limited, but what information I could find suggested to me that it would be gentle maybe even up to the point of being uninteresting. It also did not seem likely to be harmful to me, psychologically or physically. My expectations of it were that it would be nice to try something new, that it would be good as a reintroduction to psychedelics since it would be mild, and that it could have potential as a meditative aid.

My mood was positive, happy about getting out of a difficult time and working on my life more seriously. However I had been virtually unable to sleep the night prior and was not expecting to get away with it. I had even tried a very modest dose of phenibut and about 2 mg AM-2201 orally in olive oil for sleep but this had proven to act paradoxically even though I have had success with it in the recent past. Still I had no actual signs of sleep deprivation when I got out of bed around 8 a.m.


The experience took place at home together with my housemate and best friend R, who took methoxetamine as a trial although it was not his very first time with it. He intended to investigate its therapeutic potential just like he had done with 3-MeO-PCP recently. We share a ground level appartment, each with our private quarters. When I started the day, we met in the kitchen and he had already dosed since he was not certain about me participating and at what time. We had a lighthearted chat and I felt generally unburdened and ready to join him in exploration. We agreed to each do our morning routines and meet up about 1-2 hours later. He would redose around the time I took the MiPT to try to align our comeups somewhat.

I checked on the MiPT, it was certainly more than a year old and had not been stored with extra precautions against degradation yet it showed absolutely no sign of decomposition. I believe I have read about others mentioning its fair stability as well.

The Experience (my description of MiPT's effects):

8:50 a.m.

A tester dose of 2 mg MiPT was taken, probably more to see if there were any signs of it being a different mislabeled drug than to check for a mysterious allergy or sensitivity.

I ate some spicy chicken cream soup with a piece of bread but not a lot.


About a half an hour after the tester dose I got an alert. The timing seemed to match the brevity of MiPT's comeup and effects, but it was too mild to be sure of the quality of the alert to suggest anything else about the drug's identity. In any case, if I had not been entirely confident about proceeding, I was now.

10:00 (T+0:00)

It was time. 25 mg of MiPT was carefully weighed out and added to half a glass of water. Immediately it gave off a skatole-like smell that can make tryptamines smell typically of manure. I know drugs are sometimes affectively referred to as 'shit' but this was a little too ridiculous. I tried to mask the taste by adding dextrose with electrolytes that I use for sports. It was only partially effective. The taste reminded me of AMT and I shuddered after drinking the solution. I was relieved to find that the taste did not linger.

10:10 (T+0:10)

I felt excited about the prospect of exploring this chemical and both me and R cleaned and tidied our rooms with enthousiasm. There is nothing like ritualistically putting things in order before an endeavor such as this. Right around when I was finished I started playing 'Vivaldi recomposed' by Max Richter, a nice tip I read on a psychedelics forum, it is an interpretation of The Four Seasons, which seemed quite appropriate to me regarding the cyclical nature of change and the period of transformation I seem to be in.

10:27 (T+0:27)

The effects are slowly but surely starting to manifest. I lied down on my couch and felt calm, relaxed and almost lethargic. My feelings of motivation seemed mixed up. Right up until that moment I felt motivated to do things in general but suddenly I almost resolutely decided I did not want to do even the tiniest thing. Well, as resolutely as one can feel while tranquilized anyway.

At the same time I felt bright inside. It seemed more like an empathogen than a psychedelic to me at that point, and I noticed a fluttering energy in my chest manifesting which seemed to want to open up. There were virtually no visuals, maybe even less than from most empathogens right then, and this absence struck me as odd maybe more than the presence of visuals would.

I was reminded of a more neat and modest version of AMT now, at least a part of the sensations did. There was none of the visuals or trance-like state I get from AMT, but the latter was soon to change.

10:45 (T+0:45)

Music appreciation was starting to peak, I could not describe why or how but I was just sure that it impressed me much more even than it normally would.

I wrote down:

'I feel so out of it, going deep... Confused about the deceiving absence of sensory distortion. Energetic opening in the chest area. This is wholly weird. (Not the chest energy though). Physically stimulated now. Not entirely clean on the body. Breathing more heavily.

I just noticed colors are different now. They are more blue, green and cold in a way. And light is strobing gently with a sort of invisible sensation of crackling electricity in the air. This now reminds me of 5-MeO-MiPT which makes perfect sense[, SAR analogies fit despite the discrepancy in visuals with DMT.]'

11:00 (T+1:00)

I am absolutely weirded out, even overwhelmed by some of the sensations. I feel tension in my muscles and a tightness in my torso. I keep forgetting if I am breathing which is also a problem I often get with DMT. However with MiPT it was manageable and I was never truly worried, but it was still uncomfortable.

When I walked into R's room I told him: 'It is exactly as if I ingested pure weirdness. I can't work with this, the feeling is entirely non-descript apart from the utter strangeness'.

He shared his feelings and explained his comfort with methoxetamine, delighted about the absence of side-effects and improved functionality compared to ketamine.

Then R proposed that perhaps I just needed to calm a bit, meditate, let go and interact with my feelings to resolve them. He was being very supportive and wise which comforted me.

I accepted his suggestion and we installed some meditation cushions. For a moment I tried on my mindfold (a particular type of mindfold appropriate for tripping, meditation and things alike) but this increased my feelings of wired paranoia so I left them off. For a while I did my best to just relax and let go but absolutely everything sketched me out and the state I was in seemed opposite to meditative.

We talked a bit about this, I explained that it did not appear to me like there was an internal conflict manifesting itself, just that I felt fine and generally positive about the things in my life, but the MiPT was a disruptive albeit tolerable signal in this.

We put meditation aside and each got one of my absurdist cartoon books (by a guy who calls himself Gummbah), and we put on unreleased works by Kettel for music. We lounged on the floor and laughed at the ridiculous and insane single-paned cartoons, occasionally sharing our thoughts on some picks. Somehow the complex and nostalgic/melancholic yet loving vibe of the electronic IDM music made sense for my trip, and so did the absurd humor. It expressed the weirdness in a more pleasant way, although it took some time to gradually adjust.

There was some brief nausea that came in waves much more than any other effect did. I ate a banana to try and ease my queasy stomach or make me vomit and get it over with.
Immediately after eating it I regretted my decision, but when the next wave of nausea subsided it went away not to return again.

I tried playing the piano to see if my skill would be affected. When I switched on R's digital piano at first I sat there giggling, thinking that something small dropped on my head out of the blue (obviously a hallucination) and that piano keys seemed very emphasized visually. For a moment I thought a piano key jumped at me even though it was not really like I saw movement. It is hard to explain but it definitely reminded me of 4-HO-MiPT which also seemed very random and confusing in some of its effects.

When I started playing I really did not feel like trying an existing song so I tried free improvisation. It took me a while to get used to the experience but when I got into a flow I don't really think that my abilities were affected much. Something seemed different about my style but I couldn't begin to describe how.

While we were talking R shared with me that he had sometimes had almost apocalyptic dreams or psychedelic visions in which an airplane crashed into his room. When not long after that I decided to do some drawing of my own, I used this as inspiration. Gummbah is a hero of mine and I have made a number of cartoons, I also try to make them absurdistic, but the one I made that day was not all that weird in my opinion. Like my piano play, drawing did not seem to be affected much either but there was something marginally different about it.

As time went on, I felt more and more like having fun and R commented that for him both methoxetamine and 3-MeO-PCP had a lot of humor or hilarity. It was like Zen-like peace and frantic humor as two sides of a medal. Peace as resolution of a conflict posed in a joke or the fundamentally relative nature of everything that lets humor put things in perspective. This really resonated with me.

We continued to basically just kid around and the world around had seemed to had melted away.

12:30? (T+2:30)

After I joked about 'savant idiot minus the savant', I mentioned that I had not seen a documentary on savants for a while and knew it to be a wonderful source of fascination. It was the same for R and we moved to my room since I have the bigger screen. As we watched 3 parts of documentary, the MiPT shifted more and more towards the background.
We continued to playfully comment on the unusual people that were portrayed. I felt like judging them as a joke and pretending an excentric man to secretly be a pedophile, translating his utterings into pedo subtext. We were very aware that it was just jokes and that we are actually compassionate and understanding people. It just felt nice. I was relieved about the effects turning around halfway into the trip and felt like some of our activities were cathartic in a much more subtle way than I am used to with psychedelics or empathogens.

When I looked out the window it seemed like everything impressed me a bit more than usual. It all looked slightly more pronounced and emphasized. But I must point out that any visual effect I got was subtle.

14:00 (T+4:00)

The effects had been dropping off very slowly ever since the peak but at this time I was definitely still feeling it. I felt immersed in it and that made it transparant and hard to spot, whereas the first part of the trip had been much more awkward and distinct. Near the end of the documentary watching I mentioned that the feeling had turned into a meditative state after all. I wonder if the metabolism is in any way involved, if perhaps NiPT has effects of its own for example (if that is actually produced).

14:30-15:00 (T+4:30-5:00)

Around this time I grew very tired from my lack of sleep and my energy and motivation collapsed. R felt like taking a walk outside but I was too weary and just not up to interaction with the outside world. It was fulfilling to be able to take a nap and I fell asleep without any delay. When my alarm went off to get me to the Zen meditation group R and myself are in, I felt drained and painful. The pain was probably just muscle soreness from training a lot recently, and phenibut also appears to exacerbate this for me. So I continued to sleep until late at night when I got up to fix myself some dinner.

There were no after effects worth noting.

Final words:

I doubt I will be taking this substance again. It was interesting to have tried but I'm sure I can replicate a lot of the effects with other compounds that do not carry the negative potential. I have considered negative interaction from AM-2201 left in my system but I have little reason to believe that the AM-2201 disappeared in 2 hours time and also did not notice any qualities that reminded me of it. Then again I don't necessarily want to dissuade anyone from trying this compound.

About an hour into the experience I contemplated getting a xanax if the negative effects would not subside but I wanted to give it at least another hour before deciding so. Soon after that the discomfort was not worth aborting the trip for. I never got past a ++ and doubt I am interested in finding out about a +++. It is hard for me to say whether it was worth it to me. I am inclined to overfocus on the nice day I had with my friend later on rather than the useless weirdness before it.

Let's just leave it at that. Thank you for reading!

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99362
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Feb 23, 2013Views: 12,174
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