Musical Liberation
25I-NBOMe, Ketamine, Tramadol & Alcohol
Citation:   thetrippers. "Musical Liberation: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe, Ketamine, Tramadol & Alcohol (exp99410)". Sep 14, 2013.

  repeated smoked Cannabis
    repeated smoked Tobacco
  100 mg   Pharms - Tramadol
      Alcohol - Beer/Wine
I was visiting a new town to go skiing with a friend of mine. We were planning on staying with a friend of his, a girl that he had slept with last year. Of course, it turned out that her intentions were slightly different from his, and on top of that we had actually managed to make it to her house faster than she did. We were together the night before (my friend V, this girl S, and I) at a party at our college the night before. The traffic was minimal on the highway, and having lived in Germany for a year, I tend to drive speeds that I feel comfortable with, which on that day was around 90mph.

So with a few hours to kill, I called a friend of mine H who I knew who was also living in the area. H was very excited to hang out and before long we had smoked several spiffs. I was quite high and because she lived with some of the chillest and intriguing, not to mention attractive girls Iíve ever met, I felt considerable anxiety. So I ran out to my car and grabbed some Tramadol. It wasnít long before I felt the anxiety fade and the conversations flow. After a few hours we felt it was time to meet up with the group we had originally planned to meet with. I felt the Tramadol in earnest at that point, and before we got there I grabbed 6 pack of a Belgian Triple, a special kind of brew that averages 12% alcohol by volume.

We arrived at my Vís friendís place and started pregaming. The tramadol acted synergistically and I honestly felt great. I met P who was trying to dress as slutty as possible. I found this very interesting as my college is full of very conservative men and women. I continued to drink until I was blackout. P came out several timeís wearing less and less. I love the feminine figure, so this was especially pleasing. Unfortunately this is the last I remember as I blacked out.

Maybe 2 hours later, I came to. I was tripping hard! What happened? I must have taken the nBome I had in my wallet. The nBome easily cut through the simple alcohol, similar to LSD and I felt pretty sober aside from tripping hard, my phone however, was completely dead. So I sought out a house with understanding people in which I could recharge my phone. Within minutes I literally felt the aura of a house. I was guided by some power it seemed.

Inside I found beautiful, enlightened people. They helped me located a charger and soon I was set with a charged phone. One person, who I would learn to call M noticed that there was something special about my affect. I admitted that I was tripping on nBome. I offered to give my new friends what was left of my 10 strip. Everyone quickly gathered around and offered me money, I felt no desire to take money and threatened to burn it if they gave it to me, however, in order for me to give it to them for free, they insisted that I take one more. I felt that it was probably a fair compromise. Soon everyone was feeling the effects and the energy was intense. I remember looking into their eyes, the eyes of people Iíd never met before and understanding their entire life and soul. Their purpose for being, everything became a simple beautiful symphony. It was as if I was listened to a classical song and in a sense I understood the key and rhythm, it wasnít hard for me to guess what notes would come next, yet they were so beautiful and powerful how they played out in reality.

One girl in particular I remember being inches from her face just looking into her eyes, talking occasionally, to say wow, or how am I feeling this way? Was it love? I had never met this girl before, I knew nothing about her. As we talked and I was intrigued by the depth of her knowledge of drugs and meditation and enlightenment and beyond that, her understanding of life in general. I felt as though I could elope with this person and I honestly I felt a new path presented before me. It was like that famous Jack Frost poem. As I looked in her eyes I envisioned the possible life that lay before me.

Many people began thanking me, telling me that this was exactly what they needed and that they too felt the love of the group. At one point someone suggested I go downstairs to the basement. In the basement a band was playing. The saxophonist was playing with the drums and electronics accompanying like a voice in a techno song. I felt the rich waves of the saxophone, they seemed to create a visual blanket of emotion, the way that we humans are: just at the mercy of our emotions. The musician put down his sax, and I felt a strange desire to play. I have a special relationship with the saxophone, having played my entire life, but never learning the discipline required to play in the jazz band at school. I picked up the sax and felt the energy of the beautifully tuned instrument in my hands, I felt the love and care of itís owner and knew that this was a powerful tool. The room seemed to grow silent in anticipation.

I let my breath fill the instrument and felt it cough its first words, I steadied my breath and felt my fingers roll with the rhythm of the crowd. The instrument and I fell into congress. I played up and down the scales, coming to a high note and loosing myself in a trance building the instrument up, pushing it through the harmonics that made Coltrane famous and felt the instrument slowly reach the resonance of everything I felt and wanted to communicate. The perfection I felt was unimaginable as I closed my eyes and all the colors of everything combined in a wave of energy and sound, then I let the release come and felt the room let go in an orgasm of sound. In the afterglow I slowed and let the horn go. The whole room came and gave me a hug, told me that it was incredible, that they felt it. I have not known that music had that capability.

The rest of the night kind of ended the way an anime movie ends, everyone knew there was a peak, and it was reached and now it was just a question of how to end it. Someone had some ketamine and offered spoonfuls from a pipe tamper to willing thumbs. I usually do ketamine in a line off a pocket mirror that I have. Someone grabbed my hand and curled my index finger around my thumb and pulled my hand toward the waiting spoon of ketamine. I filled my nostrils and within seconds I felt the world turn to velvet. Indeed every color turned to pastel and every texture to velvet. Everything looked soft and without definition. It was especially interesting to see the dogs that had now filled the house. Being that we were in a ski town, everyone had a dog. One dog of these dogs was a pitbull. Normally I might feel some anxiety around the dog, however, at that moment I felt perfectly calm, the dog was simply another creature on this earth. My friend N invited me to his house at this point. He looked me in the eyes and said that it was very special, as he usually never invites people he has just met to his place.

His house was a huge apartment, taking up one whole floor of a large building downtown. In some rooms were various herbs and plants growing, I noticed a few pots of cannabis and noted the flood lighting installed above. I took some time to call my girlfriend C, but as the nBome was wearing off at that point and I had drank a significant amount of alcohol at the party and at Nís apartment and done ketamine, I started to blackout again. Iím really glad that I called her, she gave me incredibly good vibes and let me feel as though the night really meant something. That is the last I remember of the night.

I woke up in the passenger seat of my car, the engine running, parked where I had parked many hours earlier. I remember that it was important to sleep in the passenger seat as police would know that you werenít driving while intoxicated. I felt great. But, I knew that a great path had been presented before me, and I hadnít taken it, for better, or for worse.

I realize now that nBome is something that will not be forgotten, and may come to define many important spiritual events in the future. I have started to refer to it as ďNadiaĒ, and this name seems to be spreading amongst my group.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99410
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Sep 14, 2013Views: 10,488
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25I-NBOMe (542), Ketamine (31), Pharms - Tramadol (149), Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Large Group (10+) (19)

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