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A Trip To Be Remembered
MDA, LSD & Cannabis
by Pogo
Citation:   Pogo. "A Trip To Be Remembered: An Experience with MDA, LSD & Cannabis (exp99411)". Dec 18, 2022.

T+ 0:00
130 mg oral MDA  
  T+ 1:45 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:00 0.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
Let me start with a little background information. This should help to set the stage just slightly for what was ultimately one of the most beautiful trips I have ever experienced.

For the previous three years leading up to this experience I had been on a pretty intense, felony probation. Iíll spare the details here regarding the charges, but suffice it to say that the time I spent on this probation was one of the most trying and difficult things Iíve ever had to endure. During that time, travelling was virtually impossible as I needed to submit to random drug testing on at least a twice a week basis. Life in essence was more or less dictated for me by the system. I graduated from the pretrial program on a Friday morning after 3 some odd years of struggling to make it and have the charges dropped. That evening, I took a flight out to California to visit my friend, or I suppose you could say intimate friend who I hadnít seen for 6 months. Needless to say, I was completely thrilled to be travelling to California to meet up with him and not have to worry about probation. It was surreal for me to be free to spend time with this person who means a lot to me, in a kick ass place, without the worry of my legal situation.

That next day after arriving in California, my friend and I had tickets to go see a DJ at one of the venues in the area. After 3 years of me not having partaken in any sort of serious psychedelic adventure, he and I were on a mission. The night began around 9 pm for us. There was a lot of preparation to be had, i.e. a mix for later in the evening to be enjoyed once we arrived back at his apartment. We had to pre-weigh the MDA and put it into capsules, we had to buy 5 HTP (supplement ) for the next daysí recovery, etc.

The show started at 10pm. We took a cab over to the venue around 11. As soon as we got there we scoped out the venue and then B-lined it to the rest rooms where we each took our dosage of MDA (mine being 130mg). After that, I was actually pretty surprised at how quickly the onset was. Iíd say no longer than 45 minutes after we had taken the capsules was I starting to feel the effects. At first I just experienced a general impression of calm and happy, while also feeling thirsty. However, once him and I stepped in the main room where the opening DJ was spinning I began to very in-tune to the rhythm of the music and almost instinctively began to sway and move my hips to the beat. The sound of music was all the more beautiful and melodic at that point. I got very chatty and giggly with other concert goers.

All of the sudden it was like I just genuinely felt connected in some way to each of the other people around me. About an hour after the effects really started to kick in, he and I each took a 70 ug tab of Lotus LSD. My sense of touch at this point was extremely heightened, and as I danced and kissed him it was an elevated experience by all measures. The LSD really started to set in as the main performer came on stage. I canít even explain or capture fully in words how amazing everything was, but it was surreal. The light show was mesmerizing, trails of lights danced on the ceiling and on the floor, the bass from the speakers seemed to echo in my head and control my hips.

Second hour in around 1 am or so him and I take another 70 ug hit of acid. At some point I am aware that I am experiencing amazing tunnel vision. The only people in the room are me, my friend, and the dj. Everything else is simply playing softly as a complementing background. Itís almost as if we were in a private show to ourselves. About 2 am my friend and I split one last 70 ug tab. 30 min after that, I feel sort of lost. Like I donít know what I should be doing, but I should be doing something, I just donít know what.

With the show ending at 3am we decide to leave and go explore the town in our new state of mind. We walk out of the Venue and grab a cab. After about 10 minutes (or I think it was about 10 minutes) of driving in the cab through the downtown streets I honestly felt like I was in a foreign land (more foreign than just being in a different state). The next thing I know weíre trying to get out to pay the cab driver, and I am literally unable to process how I am supposed to be able to work the card machine. We tell the cab driver we will go to get him cash at an ATM as neither him nor ourselves could seem to be able to figure it out. We get to the ATM, and itís a somewhat similar scenario. The idea of electronic banking is COMPLETELY foreign to me. Itís as though I had never seen one before. I sit there for a few minutes, both my friend and I essentially just mashing buttons. Eventually the machine spits out a 20. I suppose my subconscious was able to guide me through to get this guy his money so that no legal personnel needed to get involved. When I got the money out I felt like I had just cracked Morse code or something. Yes, it was that difficult. The guy apparently tells my friend heíll just take us back to his place as it seems we are unable to function. The cab driver proceeds to tell my friend, ďI wish I could be where youíre at right nowĒ. I learned this later.

So there we are back at his apartment. I am unaware of any significant MDA effects at this point. For me it seems in retrospect, that the LSD effects had completely overtaken the initial MDA effects from the beginning of the evening. Back in the apartment, my perception of reality was completely and utterly warped. Simple concepts like space and time ceased to exist. I donít even remember walking back up to the apartment; however I do recall getting to my friendís bedroom door and not being able to unlock it because we couldnít find the key. Then, my mind kept tricking me into thinking that we were out in the hallway of his apartment building even though we were in the hall way of his actual apartment. It really tripped me up I remember thinking this. I suppose we gave up on the door and decided to just sit and hang out in his living room at that point.

The next thing I know, I get this overpowering notion that I am essentially god. I think I remember hearing a helicopter outside of the window and proceeded to smash the window with a chair (really happened). Itís really hard to articulate all the things I was thinking at this point because my cognition wasnít entirely clear. I remember my friend saying something like ďNo, No, No this is not happeningĒ. And I then began thinking that some foreign entity was taking over the city. I donít even know how I transferred that thought process over, but then somehow I began to think that I was in heaven, that my friend and I were in heaven. And I also remember thinking that my physical body was so much in heaven, as it was just my state of mind. And thus, because I thought I was in heaven, I was mentally transported there. Fast forward a bit (or rewind), like I said my perception of time was off. I get this Mother Theresa complex, kind of ties into the whole God and heaven thing I suppose. Any way I get to thinking that my purpose in life is to save the world. I mean just really egocentric thoughts, but they were beautiful how they transpired in my mind. Itís all a bit of a blur and things I said I really canít account for. I was on another planet in my head.

The next day I felt fine. However, I am in disbelief over the window, as like I said I was in a completely warped sense of reality. So in my mind, I didnít break the window in this physical world. My friendís roommate tells me that he came out when he heard the window breaking and I was completely naked. Then, my friend said he was dying and I ran into his roommatesí room and proceeded to break his prescription glasses also. I guess I was feeling like a destructive Mother Theresa. Quite the dichotomy, I realize. While I account for every single thought and emotion, I was left with an overall impression that I discovered a lot of myself. And it was very enlightening and introspective engagement. My friend and I both feel as though we plotted ďsomethingĒ, but whatÖwe canít quite pinpoint. Itís the only time Iíve done any type of psychoactive hallucinogen where I havenít been able to fully remember my thought processes. I suppose there is something to be said there of the dosage perhaps.

All in all, it was a beautiful experience for me. I did a lot of soul searching in my more lucid moments. And I was also able to fully appreciate how much I cared for my friendship and intimacy with this person, and all that I had been through in the previous few years.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99411
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Dec 18, 2022Views: 606
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MDA (34), LSD (2) : Combinations (3), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Various (28)

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