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Exceeded Expectations
Citation:   Maxwell. "Exceeded Expectations: An Experience with 6-APB (exp99434)". Apr 4, 2013.

T+ 0:00
120 mg oral 6-APB (capsule)
  T+ 4:30   repeated smoked Cannabis  
I had greatly been anticipating this night for two weeks when my package finally came on a Thursday afternoon. I had scoured the internet for days learning as much as I could from other people's experiences, trying to surmise from the ones I deemed most credible what the qualities and effects of this chemical would be.

I must say I felt a certain degree of trepidation approaching this experience due to the numerous reports of people being sold cathinones and other stimulants, marketed as 6-apb or under the misleading pseudonym, Benzo Fury. My fears where somewhat allayed when I opened the small vacuum sealed bag and peered in at a small mound of light-tan, clumpy powder, an appearance consistent with the most credible experience reports I had read. I proceeded to weigh out two capsules, each 118mg +/Ė 2mg, one for me and one for my friend hereafter referred to as J.

I had, previous to this night, experienced mdma, lsd, psilocybin, 251-nBome, 4-aco-dmt, dpt, amt, methedrone, mephedrone, allylescaline, cocaine/crack, cannabis, kratom, ephedra, salvia, amphetamine, and methylphenidate. Needless to say I have had many experiences with both amphetamines and substituted phenethylamines both common and relatively obscure. I consider myself a very cautious drug user especially when it comes to research chemicals; I research thoroughly the effects and dosages of every drug I take making sure to dose appropriately and precisely, I always take new drugs in the safety and comfort of my own home with sober roommates around, and in the case of mdma like stimulants, I load up on 500mg magnesium an hour prior to initial ingestion shortly after a medium sized meal and leave myself at least two free days afterwards to recover fully before returning to my weekday responsibilities. Ideally I would like to load up on 5-htp before and after but I have not yet found anywhere that sells it.

T+0: 6:30 rolls around Thursday night and J and I are both ready to try this new drug as we are both fond of euphoric stimulants of this class. We take our capsules with a glass of water and a protein bar and proceed to drive the ten minutes that it takes to get back to his place.

T+0:30: Back at Jís I start to notice a mild amount of stimulation, very faint but I know now that I have definitely left baseline. We get out the guitars and jam out for about 30 minutes, my mood increases steadily as does the stimulation.

T+1:00: We stop playing music and go outside to smoke a cigarette. Waves of pleasure and euphoria roll over me, each one getting more intense then the last. Still markedly lucid and relaxed though definitely felling the stimulant edge, enjoying the cigarette I am smoking immensely. We decide a walk is in order to get gum and water from the nearby corner store so we depart from Jís house.

T+1:30: Feeling the full affects of the drug after walking for half an hour. WOW! Feels like some of the really clean molly that I have had. I feel unbelievably clear headed as waves of the most incredible euphoria wash over me. I am immersed in incredible happiness, the kind of profound, crystalline, soul deep happiness that I feel when I take mdma. Itís a feeling of acceptance of things as they are and people for who they are. I felt a complete sense of wellbeing and was overjoyed to be walking outside in that cool Portland night.

T+2:00: At this point in our adventure we arrive at a bookstore because J had to void his bowels. I didnít think it possible but in the past half an hour I climb even higher than before. I reach what is to be the peak of the experience at approximately 8:45, two hours and fifteen minutes after ingestion. This peak lasts for the next four and a half hours.

T+3:30: J and I arrive back at his place after our very pleasurable walk. He excuses himself to go talk to his girlfriend and I sit down in his living room to play guitar. This superb chemical made playing the guitar exceptionally engaging and I felt my creativity was greatly enhanced. It was a huge emotional release for me and I have rarely been able to play like I did that hour with such focus and dexterity.

T+4:30: My friend is done talking to his girlfriend and I rejoin him in his room to smoke some weed. The cannabis potentiates the psychedelic effects of the drug considerably because after several bong rips I began to get visuals; a unique breed of warping shapes and distortions mostly noted in the peripherals of my vision. Still getting intense waves of euphoria throughout my body. I am in a great headspace. For the next hour we take turns sharing music with each other and talking about our past. Conversation flowed very naturally and a great degree of satisfaction was derived from simply communicating with another human being. Music appreciation was GREATLY enhanced.

T+5:30: It is now midnight and the waves are beginning to diminish in intensity but even so I am still VERY euphoric and talkative. Continue to smoke more marijuana, greatly enjoying just relaxing with some blankets, a cat to pet, and a good friend to talk to.

T+6:30: Still getting waves of euphoria but high tide has definitely past and each wave gets a little less pronounced. We put on a movie and kick back, waiting to burn off the excess stimulation until sleep can be achieved.

T+7:00: Feel what seems to be the last wave and know that the main body of the experience is at an end. Cannot believe how fast the last 7 hours went by, but time didnít have much meaning during the experience. I often on phenethylamines feel that time pasts simultaneously slow and fast. I donít feel particularly apathetic or sad just physically tired and stimulated at the same time. Sleep comes at 3am with a couple of bowls of good grass and a warm blanket. Slept well for a good nine hours.

After-notes: The comedown was very mellow and easy, not abrupt like mdma tends to be for me. I noted a slight headache after awaking in the morning but this went away after a cup of coffee, a big bowl of oatmeal, and 3.5g of Bali Kratom. Was tired physically for a few hours (possibly correlated more with the kratom I took then the night shenanigans of the night before.) but this fatigue disappeared by noon-time and I felt back to normal again, enough so to help my friends move all their boxes and furniture into a new house.

I am writing this report on Saturday, two days after my trip and I feel my usual self. No depression or apathy noted whatsoever. I had a very good time with this drug and will continue to use it in the future (no more than once a month of course.) I actually preferred this to all of my mdma experiences. The dose I took was a good medium sized dose for me but I think I could comfortably take another 50mg. I think 6-apb is equally suited to staying inside with friends and simply enjoying the company of others as it is to going out to a club or bar and socializing in public. I have some 5-apb that was included with my order and a report on that is forthcoming.

My overall assessment is that 6-apb is a great legal alternative to mdma, especially given the quality of most street rolls and molly available here in the US. The length of the trip was a definite bonus as was the mellow comedown. I hope eventually studies are done that fully assess the toxicity and pharmacological properties of this chemical. The more you know the better. Cheers.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99434
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Apr 4, 2013Views: 32,510
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6-APB (516) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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