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A Balance of Good and Bad
NBOMe Series
Citation:   ryohji. "A Balance of Good and Bad: An Experience with NBOMe Series (exp99439)". Sep 14, 2013.

1 hit sublingual NBOMe Series (blotter / tab)
A friend of mine in another town, N, offered me my first acid trip. I asked some questions to see if it was really LSD and concluded that it was probably one of the 25x-NBOMes from the need to keep in the mouth and the bitter taste. After the trip from reading other experiences and the heavy vasoconstriction I experienced I am pretty sure it was. I suspect it was 25i in particular but can not be sure entirely.

N's boyfriend who was about my size and just as tolerant (meaning not at all) as I had taken 2 tabs early that day and was sober 5 hours later, so we figured it would be safe for me to go back home on a train at midnight if we took one tab each at 5:30 PM.

I was pretty excited as I had been anticipating this for a while. She took hers on top of her tongue and held her saliva for 30 minutes and I took it between my gum and cheek. We had one friend, K, who remained sober.

+0:40 I began to feel a body buzzing and everything began to be hilarious. It felt exactly like a high dose of cannabis. N started to feel it shortly after.

+1:00 I saw the first visuals, the lint attached to the blanket grew into tiny mushrooms, which waxed and waned in a cycle. The lines of the red and blue plaid pattern on the bed were flowing in straight lines. Lights began to have longer more colorful rays emanating from them.

+2:00 N and I were experiencing intense fractal visuals, everything going through cycles. We decided to have K drive us to the house of a friend, A. In the car the music was some sort of electronic, I experienced it so slowly that I could not understand the sad female voice and I felt like I was receiving the music directly to my mind from the singer, bypassing my ears. It seemed more like beautiful whale speech and I felt like I was underwater with the car moving very slowly. The turns felt intense.

+2:20 We got to A's house and she opened the door but at first her face was my sister's. We walked inside and her dog was huge and black, she looked more like a bear. At this point the body high was just that my body was numb, unless I thought about the individual part I wanted to feel, otherwise there was no sensation. So I heard a drip and the dog started to smell my crotch and I thought 'Oh god did I piss myself?' but I looked down and in fact I did not. The dog's shiny black coat became a rainbow of color and I pet her for a while until I was pretty much in love with the dog. I hugged her and the sober people laughed at me. Though they knew I was tripping they had me feeling uneasy. I wanted to be alone with N. Later I find out that she felt the same way.

+3:00 We all moved from the living room to A's room. This was the peak. When I closed my eyes I saw an intricate Celtic knot. It was absolute perfection. Small colorful rectangles were circulating through it like cells in blood. The open eye visuals were the Celtic knot imposing its will on the outside world, aligning the carpet and everything else to its shape. This Celtic knot phenomenon stayed prominent through the remainder of the trip. I also saw faces, somewhat like Buddha's face on statues (not the fat one). While sitting next to N, when I looked away from her once from the corner of my eye I saw her with her face in her hands and heard her crying and some of the most extreme emotions I have ever felt came over me. But when I looked back at her she was laughing.

I was restless, time had stopped. I got up and paced around the room. I couldn't remember feeling sober and I felt like this was the beginning of my life. I said 'I don't remember ever being normal' and this amused the sober people. I forgot that I existed many times and when I remembered it was such a shock. A's room had many mirrors and it was hard not to show up in one or have your reflection from another mirror visible in a different mirror. I hardly recognized the person in it and felt as if it was only a suit I wore for the time being.

N and I were having an identical experience and we felt like the same person. The looping fractal patterns were so deep and everything had them, no exceptions. Closing my eyes had me inside the 'veins' of the Celtic knot, flying through a tunnel with the pixels that are the 'blood cells'. With my eyes open, all movement was disturbing a field of energy, my fingers wiggle and electricity emanated from them and fractal patterns shot from the sparks. The visuals overwhelmed us and we stayed quiet in the room because we could hardly think. When I did talk I lost my train of thought and said 'Never mind, fuck it' and when people asked me questions I was confused and hadn't the slightest idea what they were talking about so I said some amusing things.

K was sitting watching TV with such a blank face that I started to feel negatively about him. That I am going through so much right now and he is sitting there with an empty mind frustrated me. A intimidated me, she seemed almost witch-like. She is so sober with her wits sharp and I am so confused. I felt like I was a helpless child at her mercy as she threw fuzzy slippers at me to try to 'trip me out'. She laughed at me and when I asked why, she just said that I was tripping hard and it was funny. Really small things seemed like such a big deal. It took what felt like 2 hours (maybe 5 minutes) to ask A if I could please have the rest of her water bottle.

+5:00 A's cousin showed up and we all go with her to a weed deal. I like her, here's a person that seems nice, friendly, and positive for a change. Out the windows of the car the trees were alive, more than than they already are. The snow was imploding on itself and exploding again in cycles and the pavement had deep holes that rose up into mountains again in cycles. Everything worked in cycles. My visuals were strong as ever but my mind was clearing up. N and I stopped being so quiet and explained some of the experience we were having to the others who had never tripped. We left A and her cousin in A's house and left in K's car.

+6:00 Two other friends, B and J, needed a ride home. J complained about his flashbacks he got from smoking weed after using this stuff I was on pretty heavily. We took them home and my visuals started to recede. It was just in time because I needed to get on the train home. K took me to the station and I left the car and hugged N. They drove away and the visuals came back full force. I waited for the train and couldn't feel the cold but I knew it was freezing so I zipped up my jacket and put my hood on to also hide my pupils from the others waiting.

The train came and I got on, found a seat in a car with only one person. He was a young man with headphones on and a laptop so for a while he doesn't notice me. I bought my ticket from a man and I felt like he knew something was up but he left me alone. I texted N to keep busy, while shaking my right leg and staring at my opened eye visuals with wide eyes and pupils to the edge of my iris. The man finally noticed me, glancing at me often and he seemed rather bothered by my presence. I smiled, waved at him, and laughed hysterically.

Then the strange part. I hallucinated the sound of the loud speaker announcing that we were arriving at the stop after my stop. I nearly lost my shit. I think the emotion triggered a huge wave of the drug's effects. I felt like the train was going really fast like it had no intention of stopping until it reached the end of the line. A man by the door of the car was talking on the phone in Russian, and I started to hallucinate voices of people speaking Russian that weren't there and it sounded like the car was full of them. I ran to the man that sold me the ticket and asked him 'I THINK WE SKIPPED (my stop) DID WE SKIP IT???' and he replied to me in Russian. That was when I decided that I had to get off the train the next chance that I got.

I ran out of the train the next time it stopped and to my surprise that was MY STOP! I saw the big sign with the name of my hometown and rejoiced. I thanked the man I bought my ticket from and laughed hard. I walked home giggling, some machines to the side of me seemed alive like robots. I believe they were control boxes for the things that stop the road, when a train is coming. I smiled. The ice and snow I walked on looked like it was frosting up with huge crystals that receded and came back in cycles. I entered my house and went straight to bed but couldn't sleep.

The visuals went away and then came back in waves as I lay in the dark in my bed. The Celtic knot was still there too. During a very intense wave I started to think about mitochondrial eve and that sparked a visualization of human history through individual lives in every generation up to N's and mine. I texted and spoke on the phone with N until I fell asleep at +9:00

In the morning I felt a little strange and still had the metallic NBOMe taste still in my mouth so I showered and brushed my teeth and came out of it feeling absolutely wonderful, my mind felt clear and sharp. The vasoconstriction and pupil dilation/one pupil more dilated than the other phenomenon was gone by the next day.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99439
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Sep 14, 2013Views: 3,149
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NBOMe Series (539) : First Times (2), Various (28)

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