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Citation:   Dr Poptart . "Miscommunication: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp99455)". Jun 9, 2013.

2 hits   25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Began the day with three friends M, a male 21 and very close friend, S a new but close friend female age 18 and C female age 19. Myself age 19, hold the most experience with psychedelics in the group. I am a chronic marijuana user, tripped on acid about 10 times in the past year, experimented with mdma a dozen or so times once in conjunction with lsd and had an extremely intense but rather enjoyable ego death experience with psilocybin at age 15. M occasionally takes mdma and has had two rather intense lsd trips with myself. S, a fellow psychonaut but inexperienced in the actual usage of psychedelics, has taken acid with me three or four times in the month prior; each time however was from a relatively bunk batch and she had yet to experience a full blown psychedelic trip. C smokes marijuana occasionally, for obvious reasons I assumed she would need the most babysitting.

Around 2 pm I received an unexpected text from a trusted dealer. He informs me he has just come upon “25i tabs”. At the time I was only vaguely aware of research chemicals and the 2ci group of phenethylamines, however I had never come into contact or even heard a mention of these substances floating around my very small town. Additionally I was entirely unfamiliar with the term 25i. Seeing as this particular dealer has regularly sold me acid and only acid over the years I took the i in 25i as a typo. I read the text as saying “I have 25 tabs” which I incorrectly assumed were LSD. This miscommunication would lead me to informing my friends that there was a new batch of LSD in town and encouraging them to try it out at a local state park.

T+0:00. Around 3:30pm we arrive at the dealers house and purchase 6 tabs. The park entrance is less than a 10 minute drive from the dealers house, so we all decide to drop them right there. S and I, both very enthusiastic about psychedelics, drop two tabs each. M and C both ingest one tab.

T+0:15. We arrive at the park without incident. M claims he can feel tingly sensations going up his back; I take this as a likely placebo based effect. We begin hiking up the trail. S visibly excited for the trip to come.

T+0:25. We come across an outhouse which M decides to use. The rest of us sit on a nearby bench. I begin to feel a familiar LSD like warm tingling enveloping my body. C claims to feel nothing and S says she’s getting blurred peripheral visuals and the trees were beginning to breath. It worries me somewhat that OEVs are beginning so early on in the trip for S. I use the outhouse after M and have clear audio distortions as I urinate.

T+0:50. Light and colors begin to intensify, thoughts feel like they’re overlapping each other — difficult to explain but not entirely like the usual LSD changes in thought patterns, more jumbled and confused. We have found a nice spot next a pond where we sit on the grass. All three are claiming to have fractal CEVs, S stares into the pond claiming it had become a checker board and she doesn’t want to play. All three seem to be moving much faster in their trip then I am. It seems very odd to me that everyone is beginning the trip so quickly. I chalk this up to myself having more experience and some residual tolerance from a few weeks earlier.

T+1:30. We haven’t moved from our spot, M is trying to read poetry and C has lit some incense. Recall having more severely blurred peripheral vision than I’ve had in my past lsd usage; somewhat similar to the blurring with psilocybin. Some CEVs but lacking the fractal OEVs and morphing objects all three of my friends are claiming to have. Some significant ghosting for moving objects. The sun appears to be setting long before I anticipated and I begin to worry about our lack of planning and how the others will react when the sun goes down. S is describing very intense visuals including a flaming eagle in the sky and lotus flower like patterns on everything. She seems a bit anxious and begins having trouble finishing her sentences. Not sure if it was my concern for S’s state but the thought looping has all but stopped and I feel oddly grounded in reality.

T+(approximately) 2:00. Despite my continued oddly sober thought processes, time dilation becomes very apparent. I didn’t check the actual time and not at all sure how long we had been sitting by that pond. S’s communication skills begin to further deteriorate, the sun has nearly set and the temperature begins to drop. This appears to agitate S. Still relatively tame OEVs for myself; air around objects appears to be vibrating, certain trees and rocks began to slowly shift colors; nothing too intense and certainly appears to be a few notches below what the others are describing. We decide to continue down the trail.

T+2:30. There is another much larger pond where a group of very loud obnoxious teen boys greet us from across the water. This perturbs everyone. C places her hands on her ears and says it feels like their shouting is coming from a few feet behind her. S has become very quiet and forgets the beginning of any conversation I try to start with her. She repeats the phrase “I don’t know I feel weird” every other minute. M and I share concerned looks, S is clearly not handling her trip well. We try to maneuver as far away from the group of boys as we can but they seem to always remain in ear shot.

T+(approximately) 3:00. Visual hallucinations now in full swing for me. Rocks appear to gain an extra dimension and the branches of trees morph and intertwine in and out of each other. Looking back the hallucinations seemed less color based compared to my past LSD experiences. This may be due to the sun being almost completely gone at this point, I can’t be definitively sure. S’s face begins to spin and swirl if I look at it too long. Thoughts are certainly altered but oddly coherent for this phase in a trip keeping in mind I was under the impression I had taken LSD. M sees a rock or something and sprints to pick it up. S sees this and believes M is running from bees. She begins swatting at these bees and runs into my arms. She is able to speak more coherently now but she immediately forgets the discussion as soon as it ends. She repeats the phrases “I don’t know I feel weird” and “What time is it” over and over sometimes with in moments of each other.

T+3:00-5:00. Time dilation becomes severe. OEVs become less intense or possibly just less noticeable as the sun sets. S has calmed down a little as we tell her we're headed for the car. I am very concerned as she takes this for we’re headed home. M, C myself and obviously S are in absolutely no state to drive and it is now pitch black. I know the trail well but begin to have trouble communicating this to everyone else. Despite this I still feel my thoughts to be again oddly coherent. The stars and city lights in the distance seem impossibly bright. S clings to me as we head down the trail. The obnoxious teens are somehow behind us now so we pull to the side and let them pass. S seems to have calmed down putting me at ease and allowing my mind to begin to fall into limbo. We head in the general direction of the car but we often get distracted and forget our destination or stop to admire the stars which are morphing from purple to orange and moving about in the sky. S seems to be exhibiting early signs of ego death, she asks my name several times and doesn’t seem to know her own name. This doesn’t appear to disturb her so I dismiss it.

T+5:00-6:00. We reach the parking lot and in my mind safety. S is still repeating herself and generally confused however she laughs and appears to be enjoying her trip again. This along with us now being in apparent safety lets my mind drift further off. Severe thought looping incurs along with some very heavy ghosting and light trails. Notable lack of fractal visuals I am used to with LSD. In retrospect the thought looping while similar to LSD felt far less productive, a bit shallow in terms of the normal philosophical ideas I think about on LSD and more confused and somewhat debilitating when compared to LSD.

S's phone was broken at the time and I receive a text from her mother asking to have S call. This obviously concerns me, but in my current state I was unable to come up with an easy solution. I try to explain the situation to S who repeatedly claims she is fine and can talk to her mother without a problem. However she would then proceed to forget the conversation and ask why I am handing her my phone. This goes on for approximately 30-40 minutes were all trying to construct what S should tell her mom and then convey this to S. The disjointed manner in which we go about this likely added to S’s confusion. After the 7th or eighth time we go through the plan we finally manage to recall how technology works and make the call. Her mother immediately knows something is up and begins to ask if she is drunk. S freaks out and ends up hanging up on her mom and tossing my phone.

This sends S back into a paranoid confused state. Shes asks for me to drive her home and offers to drive when I tell her I can’t. She tries to take her house keys and start my car with them. I sit her down in the back of the car and try to go through the events of the day with her. I remind her shes ingested psychedelics and that she is having a bit of a bad trip, but it will all go away soon. I leave her in the car with C who seems to be surprisingly sober. M and I convene away from the car and try to figure out what to do. After a considerable amount of speaking in circles and losing track of what the problem we were attempting to solve was we finally manage to call a friend and convince him to come pick us up and take S home. I am very uncomfortable with leaving S with her parents but she keeps requesting to go home and I don’t see another option.

T+7:00 to 9:00. Our friend arrives and we drop S off at her house. Visuals begin to subside and left with a surprisingly positive afterglow considering my concern for S and what her parents might be doing with her. We pick up another friend who drives my car to M’s house where we all come down relatively easily and reminisce about the day. Both M and C report a very enjoyable experience. I too enjoyed the parts of the trip in where I wasn’t worried about S. I experience the normal LSD like insomnia and inability to stop thinking but other than that feel fine.

It was not until several weeks later that my dealer and I realised the miscommunication. It was a silly irresponsible mistake that could have turned out much worse than it did. For anyone willing to experiment with 25i-nbome I advise extreme caution in dosage. It is never morally ok to give this drug to people as LSD, if you do intend to give this to friends you must make sure they do their own research and fully understand the unknown risk associated with research chemicals. While I do believe there to be equal value in all psychedelics as potential windows into philosophy and introspection, you must tread carefully in unknown territory.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99455
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jun 9, 2013Views: 13,320
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2)

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