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A Wonderful Saturday
by PsycheSpecialist
Citation:   PsycheSpecialist. "A Wonderful Saturday: An Experience with DOC & 25C-NBOMe (exp99473)". Erowid.org. Jul 29, 2013. erowid.org/exp/99473

T+ 0:00
  repeated smoked Cannabis
  T+ 0:00 2 mg oral DOC
  T+ 9:00 425 ug sublingual 25C-NBOMe
  T+ 15:35   repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine


I just feel the need to put something down at the moment.

So at noon I orally ingested 2mg of DOC. First time trying DOC and got an early start due to the long duration. I was at a friend's apartment for the weekend and we planned on tripping that night. I had some 25C-NBOMe for later that evening when that friend, his sister, and another friend would be able to join me, but only had 1 dose of DOC so I figured I would go for a day trip.

Up until about T+4 or so, I was more or less by myself because my friend was still asleep and his sister was not home.

T+1:00. I started to feel the rush of the stimulation. The creeping euphoria was slowly increasing and I could tell something was definitely about to happen.

T+1:45. The euphoria was still increasing and the lighting of the room and colors began to become more pronounced, almost with earthy tones. I was in the living room where there is a glass sliding door that went to a porch outside. The door had brown/tan curtains that acted as filters for the natural light outside and created the earthy tones in the room. It felt very natural and relaxing. I could tell I was about to be in for a ride.

T+2:30. The CEVs really started to take off. I definitely moved into a psychedelic head state at that point, but it was a very smooth transition. There were times when it became trippier than others, but overall it was fairly clear-headed. I was feeling the vasoconstriction and cold sweats, but it wasn't all that bad. It was definitely more tolerable than 25I-NBOMe or 25C-NBOMe. I experience cold sweats and decent vasoconstriction from both of those substances.

T+3:00-4:00. Mild OEVs and very nice CEVs. The body high is very speedy, but not too intense or overwhelming. Very smooth. I started playing some guitar and it felt and sounded amazing. I mainly played some Pink Floyd and some other 70s rock type stuff and it just felt right. Music was so fucking awesome. I could feel every vibration surge through my whole body and it was quite amazing.

T+5:00-7:00. Plateaued between hrs 4-5 and kinda had waves of light tripping and visuals from then until about T+6:30-T+7:00 as it began to fade. Everything slowly became less pronounced, and I definitely would have felt comfortable dealing with people probably because I'm used to doing everyday things while stoned, but I was still feeling very stimulated.

T+7:00-9:00. My friend who was sober except for some weed earlier in the day had to go pick up his sister about an hour away. I rode along with him, feeling amazing, but not much in the way of visuals. However, driving around the city blaring music and singing our lungs out like a couple of damn fools was really awesome. And the lights of the city at night were still more pronounced than they would on a normal night. I was still able to get nice CEVs if I tried to zone out a bit.

T+9:00. Dosed 425ug 25C-NBOMe sublingually.

We arrive back to my friend's house, and now the main events we have planned for the night move into action. I thought the DOC would be more intense for a longer time, so I figured by this time my friends would dose the 25c and I would still be going off my DOC. I found this to be not true. I was still quite stimulated but I wasn't really tripping anymore. My friends each took ~1.3mg of 25c sublingually at this time also.

T+10:00. The 25c is beginning to kick in for myself and my friends. The DOC and 25c definitely have a synergistic effect. I would have been fine to take the full 850ug blotter personally but I couldn't find a lot of info on this combo so I figured better safe than sorry. I'm not sure how to best describe the next 3-4 hours as anything but having a great trip with good friends. I definitely had pretty good visuals off this smallish dose as I'm sure it was working with the DOC I had taken earlier in the day. There was tons of laughing, music, smoking, and tripping.

T+15:35. I wrote my preliminary report at this time, which is all contained within this report. All I did at the time of submission was add some more details that I remembered and fix some grammatical and verb tense errors to make it flow better. The visuals had subsided and there was slight color enhancement, but not much. I was just basking in the afterglow of a very long and awesome day. My friends were also slowly leaving trip mode and entering the afterglow. We all had a couple beers and were just chilling and smoking.

I'd say overall this experience was an amazing one. I could see another day like this happening except with maybe 3mg DOC and then a full (~850ug) dose of 25c at T+6-8, depending on how I feel at the time.

My only beef at the time of writing was still being stimulated off the DOC despite being exhausted and wanting to sleep. Might want some melatonin or a benzodiazepine next time to cut down on the stimulation effect.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99473
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Jul 29, 2013Views: 4,662
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DOC (357), 25C-NBOMe (540) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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