Fun, Cheap and Potent
Methoxetamine & Ethylphenidate
Citation:   PseudoHuman. "Fun, Cheap and Potent: An Experience with Methoxetamine & Ethylphenidate (exp99475)". Aug 17, 2015.

  insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
    IV Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
    insufflated Ethylphenidate (powder / crystals)
    IV Ethylphenidate (powder / crystals)
Preamble (background info):
So first, a little history of my experience with drugs:
I have had extensive drug experiences over the course of my life with various substances: opiates (most of them, every possible way) particularly heroin, oxycodone, hydromorphone, oxymorphone, codeine, fantanyl and hydrocodone; marijuana, psychedelics (acid, mushrooms, DMT, mescaline) and dissociative psychs (ketamine intranasal, IV), various stimulants (MDMA, cocaine [intranasal, IV, FreeBase], methamphetamine sold as 'Molly' tabs or in papers, taken orally and intranasally) and was prescribed various medications for ADD as a child (Ritalin, Statera, Adderall XR, Buproprion, Vyvanse etc.) and Zoloft but was never too into abusing them. I tried it a few times, but never found it very entertaining. I used short-acting Adderall to overcome withdrawals and play faster guitar. I also use caffeine pretty heavily and smoke cigarettes.

I have a history of chaos, drugs, alcoholism and depression which has kept me from going as far as I can and almost gotten me institutionalized a few times. I am currently 6'00' tall and 220lbs.

Safety notes:
The way I went about doing this was VERY foolish and atypical of how I use drugs, ever since I started trying to part ways with the suicidal nihilism of the bad opie days. I did not have a scale available so I had to rely on a number of assumptions which luckily, worked out in my favor.

Dosing strategy:
I ordered small amounts of the two powders to address a craving I had for a novel experience. I relapsed not long ago and am still in the process of getting my head back together. I got 1/4 of a gram of Ethylphenidate and 1/10 of a gram of Methoxetamine to experiment with. I got a practical lesson in working with pure chemicals! Being a street drug user, my perception was that all drugs are cut, usually with something gross/dangerous and usually adulterated to the point at which the additives are more dangerous then the drugs themselves. So I figured it would be fine to just rely on good old fashioned titration. After tasting the chemicals to establish their respective acidity, I deemed them safe for consumption as they tasted similar to their analogous compounds...

This is the point at which I REALLY should have located a scale to borrow, as it seems my supplier was a little generous with the methoxetamine (MXE) from here on.

Assuming the dosage would be similar to ketamine, I did about a quarter of the bag in one reasonable looking bump to test its strength before taking the plunge to pushing the plunger.The first thing I noticed that odd sound, like machines or something and felt a mild euphoria and a growing dissociation. The drip tasted correct too! Like pine needles or Vicks or something. I was very excited! I had something potentially legitimate here, that was really doing something! So, then I did a stupid thing and I took about a quarter (an eighth of the original amount) of the remaining powder and fixed it up IV in the dormitory bathroom, it was intense!

I had forgotten just how hard and fast it hits when I slam a drug like K and how much putting it in the bloodstream messes with me. There was almost definitely a mix of mu, delta and kappa activity. I noticed a euphoria after the initial weirdness wore off, and lessening of depression I had been feeling earlier this week. I had to run back from the bathroom as I felt myself go under that wave (that is called the M-hole by enthusiasts) and it felt like surfing. It probably looked like a terrified albeit pleased idiot nearly falling down the stairs, bouncing off the walls, dropping his keys, trying to get the door open and finally tossing himself into bed. Being so happy while out of control is probably more scary, I would have happily walked into jail with the police at that point. Presumably my roommate was not amused, but he is generally a very good sport about all my shenanigans. This was all very poor decision making, however, and I got lucky not to be spotted by a resident assistant or a concerned female dorm resident and reported to University Police, my arch Nemesis (traditionally, the term means a goddess who punishes those who succumb to arrogance, pretty appropriate!). I'm the sort of person who is generally more a danger to myself, if anyone, but someone my size with a generally unkempt appearance needs to keep in mind that other people may not know this, especially when you are heavily under the influence. As I lay in my bed, not thinking of any of these points of consideration, I felt the euphoria grow stronger, and heard the sound get louder too. Visuals were not particularly strong or colourful, but things looked submerged in deep, clear, water. In about two hours I was back at normal coordination and ready to experiment with my other purchase, the ethylphenidate (EPH).

This was a surprising experience! I expected it to be let down that I might be able to unload if it sucked as a way to help others finish their homework. But I decided to be a little more careful and choose a smallish (size of a match head) crystal to snort. I didn't notice anything but a mild burning sensation, so I decided it was time for this guy to hop on the main line. I found an even smaller crystal to test this way, and was relieved to see it dissolve without leaving a film or residue. I will note here that other persons who have tried it said it burned very badly, but since I had already tried the MXE, I was still feeling strong analgesia. I will snort a small bit later to see how it goes! Really looking forward to that.

-------------Moment to consider Judgement among Drug users------
I'll never understand people who say 'oh I only snort drugs' like it makes them superior somehow. But then again I miss the days when I could...
But now, back to my unfortunate needle fetish... No one starts out saying I want to shoot up for the rest of my life! Also, wait until your truly and I mean, truly done with drugs to judge your fellow users. You might be surprised where you end up in 5 years! I certainly was!

So anyway, back to the subject at hand. The quantity I injected was very small, probably 5-10 mg if I had to guess based on the amount depleted, but I was glad to have started small! The pure crystal stuff felt exactly like the Ritalin I had once been prescribed as a child, except euphoric and with a slight rush. This made all the difference. So, I decided to add a pinch more, and dilute with water by a factor of two. Here was a stim I was really enjoying and no come down in 45 minutes like cocaine! No desire for death to prevent the inevitable rotten feeling of worthlessness and I still had some money in the bank! No bleeding from the arms all night laying awake covered in blood from shaking nds and needles! So I compulsively re-dosed a few times, but over the course of about 4 hours. Last time I did cocaine I went through a gram in about 15 minutes, only to lie awake sick sweating and with palpitations.

I then decided to try mixing the two chemicals, you know, for science. I kept the quantity of both very low, only tiny little scraps of powder and working up to a small pile over the course of 2 hrs. It was pretty intense, but enjoyable. I went to a local event, and I found myself dancing and being very friendly and talkative. No one unfamiliar with my history suspected me of being on anything. This stuff is nothing like the cocaine experience I had sort of hoped for and I was glad! It was vastly more useful. I was in control but I definitely wouldn't recommend driving on it, however, whereas I have not personally found driving on cocaine (in low, reasonable doses, NEVER during a binge!!!) to be particularly problematic. I have not noticed any resultant paranoia, if I was on cocaine for this long, I would have been freaked out all night long and terrified of the crash.

So overall, it was fun, cheap (for two presumably uncut products), and potent. But I've been down this road before, and I know when drugs seem too good to be true, they are. I'm starting to feel pretty strung out at this point, and the number of injection sites has added up to something pretty ugly, looks like a vein might be in rough shape now. Tomorrow is probably going to be pretty awful however... I should have enough to taper down with oral doses taken gradually.

---------------needle safety reminder-----------------------------
Dont forget, if your going to do this type of shit to your body at least rotate your chosen sites and get new needs every time! I'm in a place without an exchange and the cops are watching the Rite Aid parking lot lately, so I resorted to using dull ones :( its only 5 bucks, tops and now I look like shit!!! Could have saved all that mess with a trip to wal-mart and $2.00!!!

[Reported Dose: 'Methylxetamine 1/10 gm over 6 hours Ethylphenidate 1/16 gm over 12 hours'

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99475
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Aug 17, 2015Views: 9,267
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Methoxetamine (527), Ethylphenidate (563) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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