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Curse to a Blessing
Naltrexone (for Heroin Dependence)
Citation:   WaveMan. "Curse to a Blessing: An Experience with Naltrexone (for Heroin Dependence) (exp99494)". Apr 27, 2016.

380 mg IM Naltrexone (liquid)
Ever since I was twelve years old I have loved drugs. Name a drug an I've done It and I've loved it. I've never come across a drug I did not like. My first love was Mary Jane, then it was LSD, next it was Benzos, and after that It was any thing that got me high. I've done it all. Shrooms, oxy, opana, Valium, kpins, DMT, speed, etc. However, when I was sixteen I was sent to Hazelden in Minnesota which is a long way from my home in Rhode Island. After many months though I was sent home to the ocean State.

Now it was earl June of 2012 when I returned home and all my friends were happy to have me back. I drank like any senior in high school would but that's it. After a couple months tho of feeling much stress with my job and family, I dove back in to addiction and began using Heroin and China White (Fentanyl). It was all very fun and I didn't even believe I was addicted. I would snort up to 7 or 8 bags a day and never craved more just because I always had more!

Well two weeks before my senior year began I decided to quit dope. It was pretty easy after a couple days and I was back to being happy again! I was actually even happier than when I was doing dope. I felt awesome. Over the next three weeks I had an amazing time with my new girlfriend and friends and I never wanted to do drugs! It was a miracle! However, a week or so after this my girlfriend went to school and began to change and one night I couldn't stand life anymore and called my old dope dealer to meet me before I went to school. He sold me a nice .7 of pretty much pure dope for 25 dollars. I snorted the bag throughout the day and was sauced from 8 AM til the next morning. I also took a lorazepam and drank a lot of alcohol that night.

Well shit eventually hit the fan and my mom made me get the Vivitrol shot. I had been clean for 6 days before the shot and I was sure everything was out of my system! Well the shot made me a little sick as soon as I got it but nothing more than nauseous. The next night though, I began to feel like I was on 3 bags of dope and 2 hits of some good LSD. This lasted about five minutes then I felt so sick I could barely make it to the bathroom. Once I got there, I lay on the floor dry heaving and having small seizures. I can't explain how bad this was in words so I won't try but I have gone through benzo and opiate withdrawal before this and neither even came close to being as bad as this.

Well apparently I had been doing such pure heroin, some was still passing through my liver from more than a week ago and because of that I went in to instant, stage 4 withdrawal. However, this never happened again and I have been 100% clean and sober for 6 months and get my vivitrol shot every 28 days. Life is amazing! If you are going to use this amazing tool, just make sure to stay sober off any opiate, natural or synthetic, for at least 10 days before hand. One Love!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99494
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Apr 27, 2016Views: 4,295
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Naltrexone (338) : Not Applicable (38), Medical Use (47), Addiction & Habituation (10)

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