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What Is Going On?
Citation:   Sangdy. "What Is Going On?: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp99526)". Sep 15, 2013.

2.4 mg   25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
My friend and I sat in the portable gazebo in our portable chairs, a handful of us just chilling, a few napping, a few off for a walk, a few hanging in their tents. About twenty or so of us decided to spend the weekend camping down south in Nanga, a few hours from Perth, WA. The campsite was modest; lots of dirt, lots of trees, and surprisingly ‘woods'y as opposed to my preconceived notion that it would be a lot more ‘outback'y (and shit). It began to get real chilly and the night still hadn't graced us yet. I threw on some warm clothes from my tent and went back to chill in the gazebo.

4:00 PM. It was the time of day where we spent the time mostly to ourselves, embracing our long needed private, low-key relaxation. Jokingly, we decided to drop the two tabs (1200µg each) at 4:20PM, thinking it'd be good to trip through the late afternoon and begin to comedown with the sun. Every now and then we'd glance at each other, eager to know whether either of us have begun to feel the effects. It was my first time taking 25i-NBOMe on blotter and I was incredibly eager albeit completely unbeknownst as to the nature of the trip and even more oblivious to said lack of knowledge. Before I knew it, the trip begun to kick in, beginning the most mindwarping experience of my entire life.

[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

4:30 PM. My trip buddy and another friend who had taken the trip before told me prior that it's incredibly common to throw up due to the intense come up. Having this in mind, I stood up and left the gazebo. One thing I noted was the incredible difficulty I had in doing so, despite it being just stepping over a couple chairs and unzipping a zip. I pretty much forgot a second later. I stood outside and paced a little with my hands on my hips thinking I was in for a jet-powered puke. I persevered however, and decided I liked it outside as opposed to being constricted within the gazebo. So I stayed.

4:50 PM. As I continued to walk in circles I noticed that I was getting hot. Or indifferent to temperature, I wasn't entirely sure. Regardless, I went to my tent and threw off my jacket and my shoes and decided I would lay down. I realised at this point that I was not feeling good. My stomach felt awful and it was getting harder and harder to comprehend things.

~5:15 PM. I laid on my back and looked directly up inside my tent. I immediately freaked out. Rather than typical visuals I would get on LSD, or other derivatives/lower dosages of NBOMe, what I saw was surrealistically vivid. It looked as if all my friends had surrounded my tent from the outside, opened their hands and started rhythmically, gently pushing down on the roof into me. As some sort of prank or way to completely freak me out. Of course, this notion is ridiculous but at the time it seemed truer than ever and my mind did not want to believe it. Paranoia set in.

My eyes widened and I felt incredibly uneasy. I rolled and laid on my side. At this point I could not tell whether my eyes were open. What I saw is awfully difficult to describe. It was a constant repetition of extremely clear patterns, images of creatures and people, so vivid it seemed exactly like stereotypical, hyperbolic representations of psychedelic experiences in films or shows or art. They were fractals but comprehensible images. It was slightly pleasant. And sort of cool.

'This is ridiculous,' I thought at the time. 'This does not make any sense.' Failing to be comfortable facing up or to the side, I shifted myself to lie on my stomach with my head facing forward towards the back of my tent, chin resting on my pillow. Probably the worst position of the three, I constantly saw the shadows move, as if the trees on the other side were all moving sideways. The illusion of lights and shadows made it seem as if I was atop a high cliff and my stomach sunk at the realisation and I felt the desperate need to vomit. I quickly got up and left my tent and stood outside. I rubbed my stomach and squinted to the light. Not wanting people to worry about my freak out session, I acted normal, slightly comical in my exit and made my way to the gazebo. Despite the mostly unpleasant experience in my tent, I was still not particularly fazed by the trip and figured it was just super strong. I was not even close to the peak.

~5:45 PM. I think I decided to sit back in the gazebo first after I left my tent. I constantly phased in and out of my ability to converse with people, though I have no idea whether I was responding to what I was actually hearing or to what I thought I was hearing, or even simply imagining. I remembered why I left the gazebo in the first place and stepped out again, with more difficulty than the first time. I attempted walking back to my tent and realised that my vision was incredibly warped. I looked straight directly at where my tent should be but saw it in my peripheral vision instead, completely to the side. Using what little logic I could muster, I stared 'straight' forward and walked. The world seemed to rotate as I walked in a straight line so that it'd curve and I'd arrive at my tent. I went to lie down again.

~6:00 PM. At this point I would constantly hear voices, loud, quiet, present or past. And I suddenly realised my senses were positively, absolutely fucked. My 'sight' consisted of a mucky merge of my physical vision, my imagination and memories. I would constantly see things that had already happened or things that had not even happened and I could not distinguish between one or the other. Rather than see the inside of my tent it'd feel as if I'm somewhere else or outside. It was the same with my hearing. I would hear echoes from the past, and echoes from the gazebo and I would have no idea what was happening. I was deadset on the notion that people were talking about me, 'He is fucked', 'Is he going to be okay?', 'He's really starting to freak me out.' The worst part is that I'm fairly certain I wasn't imagining it. Instinctively I would shake my head to snap out of it but it would only mess my senses up even more and I could see even less. I shut my eyes and realised I would see the exactly same thing. I begun to get worried. After an unknown amount of time I opened them again, sat up and looked forward outside my tent. I decided I wanted to be there. I left and stood up outside. I rubbed my stomach and squinted at the light. Not wanting people to worry about my freak out session, I acted normal, slightly comical in my exit and made my way to the gazebo. Again.

~6:15 PM. In retrospect I realised that I would go back and forth from my tent because I was not sure whether I wanted to be alone in my tent with my paranoia to torment me or be around my friends and have my paranoia justified. Essentially (and obviously), there was no escape. As I sat, I went through an intense episode, one that rendered me completely silent. I had the notion that every single person at the campsite with me were working together to play some enormously complicated prank on me to teach me a lesson. At this point I thought the entire world revolved around me, in the least arrogant way possible (I hope). I wasn't sure whether I saw this lying down somewhere, or sitting with people but whenever I thought I looked at anybody, they were staring straight back at me, and they would all say a single syllable each and carry on with what they were doing. It was confusing, so confusing and surreal and I just could not grasp it. I left where I was and ran into a friend I hadn't seen during the (NBOMe) trip yet. She spoke to me but all it was to me was a random mix of different, disconnected syllables similar to the aural lag you receive on lower dosages on NBOMe (25c in my experience). Thinking she was fucking with me I playfully shoved her aside and walked back to my tent. As I laid down, I would still see the strange illusion of people looking at me, saying something minimal then walking off again. Then I had a realisation. I stopped trying to comprehend it, and instead just relaxed and concentrated on it, letting everybody say their little bits of speech one after another. It eventually formed a sentence that said something along the lines of, 'If only you stopped trying to figure out your trip, then maybe you can really begin to understand what your trip exactly is.' I was absolutely gobsmacked. It was so strange. At this point I realised that my entire trip so far has mainly consisted of me trying to figure out 'What is going on.'

~6:30 PM. I left my tent. Carried on with my stomach rubbing and squinting routine and made my way to the gazebo once again. My friend and perhaps my closest friend at the camp told me to take a seat. Seeing him relaxed me and a couple of my senses came back to themselves temporarily. I sat and experienced another surreal phase in my trip. Whenever I would move my location I had the notion that the entire world was moving underneath me, pushing me forward, and that everybody at the camp was moving all their belongings around me. So that I wasn't actually moving, everyone and everything else was. Again, a result of my ridiculous paranoia despite me believing it so steadfastly. While I was trying to realise whether what I was thinking was true or not, I 'heard' one of my close friends say 'I am so sick of him, he's really starting to fucking piss me off' and I immediately lost all ability to relax and became incredibly tense. I asked the people around me whether I was bothering anybody and did not believe a single word they said when they'd tell me they had no idea what I was talking about.

~6:45 PM. Having the most fucked experience within the enclosure of my own mind is one thing, but when it begins to negatively affect others is when it does not become acceptable. Worried about me potentially angering a friend, I retreated back to my tent. The peak of my bad trip occurred. As I laid there and as it got noticeably darker, lights became more pronounced. Suddenly they started flashing before me and I was in a hallway on a hospital trolley rolling to the ER. 'This is it,' I thought. 'I'm dead and I've fucked up everything.' I could not have imagined what I looked like when I 'woke up' from the waking nightmare. I realised that I desperately needed somebody to tell me everything was okay but I could not muster up the courage to seek help. A sign of weakness is how I saw it. 'I can't ruin this awesome camping trip just because I feel like I want to die,' I thought. I was desperate. I needed to tell someone how I was feeling. But I just couldn't. I found my close friend again in the gaz and he asked me to take a seat. (I think) I remember him giving me a plate of grapes and I left the gazebo and sat down at a nearby bench. Soon, a few others came to join me including him and we sat around. I realised that seeing that my close friend was next to me and that he was happy it simply means I have nothing to worry about. That the extremities of my paranoia were all nothing. I immediately relaxed and I simply told him 'I'm so happy to see you.'

~7:00 PM. It got slightly worse again. Another friend of mine tried to help me but she made me feel more uneasy. I could not express to her that I wasn't physically unwell, I was mentally unwell. She made jokes about how I was which was a little upsetting but she eventually put me to rest in one of the cars parked at the site and I laid for a while. The fact that I could comprehend her giving me shit put me slightly at ease however. I mellowed in my thoughts for a while and figured that I was okay.

~7:30 PM. The state of my senses returned to being manageably nominal and I got changed out of my incredibly uncomfortable and dirty clothes. By this point it was night and most people were gathered within our gazebo getting rowdy and loud and having fun. Despite a strange inability to converse properly with anybody, I was happy to engage in the night with all senses mostly intact. But I knew I'd have a permanent scar for the rest of my life.

It was by far the most awful drug-related experience I've ever had and it completely flipped my perspective of psychedelics inbacksideforwaysideout (for the second time, after my first LSD trip which was borderline literally nothing in comparison). I have no idea why I tripped so intensely.

I do not regret it in the slightest.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99526
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Sep 15, 2013Views: 6,323
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5)

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