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Divinity Eternity - for Me at Least
Ketamine & LSD
Citation:   Starbucks. "Divinity Eternity - for Me at Least: An Experience with Ketamine & LSD (exp99565)". Apr 16, 2018.

2 hits oral LSD  
  5 bumps insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  2 bumps insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
I have spent many years searching for something in the psychedelic realm. Many false starts have come and gone. Yet finally in these days the answer is felt to have come. Over the years LSD has reared it’s head unfulfilled. Other less famous substances have stated their case. Yet the answer has come loud and clear from one true prophet unforseen. My lately toils with DMT had proven primarily tormentative. Of that much lauded scion I had found little enlightenment. Yet in these days, much unlooked for, the light did shine.

There had been 367mg of Ketamine laid out upon a surface. Somehow, few among us found much bounty in that splendor. But yeah I supped of it with vigor. That there had been 2 hits of acid within my system may have been of some consequence, yet I lay all authority at the door of the many bumps. It took some time.

But as I gave way to my 5th bump of K things began to happen as never they had before. As my companion passed me the headphones – for we were sharing the Dubstep so as not to disturb the other trippers who were averse to such sounds – something began to brew. As I swallowed the music with abandon I looked into his eyes and the world became clear. We were listening the world into existence. Of this, there could be no doubt! Such majesty and glory I had never perceived before. The sounds themselves seemed to come from beyond, but our connection, our reality, our humanity, came from within that room, and by virtue of our eyes. I was elevated and enraptured. All was good. I beheld the perfection of my existence, and his, and all within miles.

In that moment I had no doubt that everything was going to be alright, not only within my proximity, nor as far as the eye could see, but across all time and space. No suffering or malaise was of enough substance to seem as anything next to the certainty that I perceived that it would all be good in the end. How could it not be? For I willed it so! As I came off of that boil, I felt the day was done, and that the peak had been reached – perhaps even an all time high for myself. Even so, my companions had not been so keen on the K as I, and when I faced the surface many of the 16 bumps I had prepared for us 3 were lying dormant and potentially wasted.

An interval ensued, involving a bible reading of “The Song Of Solomon”. This was not planned, but our religious friend who chose to undertake it nailed it. It was like an incantation. Catholic and atheist alike were spellbound. A heart-felt reading of poetry or verse while under the influence – it is most striking.

Riding on a high, I could not let that lie, and helped myself to 2 more bumps – after all, there were now 7 in my system and the day was long. For myself, I had already had a peak experience. But what came to pass blew the minds of those present even more so than it evidently blew mine. The last thing I remember is making a gesture towards the room that could be best described as an Asian welcome gesture. From here on out there are 2 version of what happened.

According to the people in the room I then embarked on a precise and determined “kata” – a sequence of movements and gestures that could be described as practiced, understood, and communicative – and, probably not me. Then I proceeded to grab each friend by the hand and stare them in the eyes at point blank range for a few minutes at a time – this I’m told was very certainly NOT ME. One friend said that he felt that I were and insect for this period. Another likened me to the creator figures in the movie Prometheus. It was unnerving, but, ‘really fucking awesome’. The people in that room had a very pronounced and convincing kind of entity contact that day – they know me well, and I was not me.
The people in that room had a very pronounced and convincing kind of entity contact that day – they know me well, and I was not me.
Each of these things lasted 5~10 minutes. After which I face-planted on the bed for over half an hour.

For my part, when I made that ‘welcome’ gesture I was actually bidding my friends farewell as I proceed on a protracted journey through the multi-verse exploring the intricate possibilities of the present and the future. It was a lot to process, but if I had to summarize it I would say that experience that day itself and the centuries proceeding it from a multitude of perspectives. History moved and, with or without my friends and I. And it was all laid bare in Eternity. And ye, none of it really mattered any more than any other fragment of itself.

About 1 hour after gesture I finally emerged. My exact words as I raised my head and then sprung up upon the bed were
“I’ve been gone a while. Bring me up to speed!” Truth be told, I was in shock. I could barely process what was being said to me.
And it was the better part of an hour before I could articulate what I had been through. I was a quivering mess after the initial bravado of emergence.

Exactly how to explain this sequence of events I don’t know. It was my 1st time doing LSD and Ketamine together. It was also my 1st time doing over 100mg of Ketamine (approx 200mg over 2 hours) What I do know is that I left everything in the dust – 5 acid, 1000mg DXM, plenty of DMT/5-meo-dmt, 220mg X. Nothing else has ever laid me bare like this day did…

The 1st wave in and of itself was Earth Shaking, I beheld a staggering intensity to reality that I had never fully apprehended before – I call this Divinity. The 2nd wave was the comprehension of Eternity. I have caught glimpses of Divinity and Eternity in trips before, but this day bombarded me with them in a relentless fashion.

I had no idea.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99565
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: Apr 16, 2018Views: 1,234
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Ketamine (31), LSD (2) : Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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