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Let Us Begin Test 1
by Test Subject 573
Citation:   Test Subject 573. "Let Us Begin Test 1: An Experience with 25B-NBOMe (exp99567)". Jun 1, 2013.

T+ 0:00
1.25 mg insufflated 25B-NBOMe (liquid)
  T+ 4:42 1 bowl vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 6:00 1 bowl vaporized Cannabis  


Set - My flat, located out in the country of the small local town.

Setting - Spent the last 3 days removing myself from my daily medication and Cannabis usage. Ate fruit and veggies more then usual along with healthy meals and even healthier in between meals.

Background - I suffer medically from CF (Cystic Fibrosis) and mainly have concerns medically with my digestive system. My lung function is above normal for the average CF patient. I undergo daily use of Vaporizing Cannabis and or eating home-baked edibles as it helps my appetite and digestive pains. I have had several experiences with numerous psychedelics such as: LSD, MDMA, 2C-C-NBOMe (25C-NBOMe), 2C-I-NBOMe (25I-NBOMe), P. cubensis, P. galindoi philosopher stones, and Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric).

The Beginning -

+0:00 - Dropped 1 liquid drop onto a glass tray and insuffilated intranasally. Within 30 seconds there is a small burn, similar to the burning sensation of licking habenaro peppers.

+0:07 - (+/-) Possible placebo? Head change, auditory malfunctions begin. Sounds seem to bend and expand giving it a almost 3D/Ambient sound. Burning sensation is almost gone, nasal passage is incredibly dry now. I feel as if I have a nasal congestion in my other passage due to the unfamiliarity of this dry feeling in the ROA passage.

+0:15 - (+ +/-) My belief in a placebo is vanished. Effects have become very real, visually things are becoming brighter and my place in time and space have become more noticeable to my subconscious. Sounds have been fully opened to my un-creative ear. Listening to The Grateful Dead's 'Dead Set' Album, on the track Friend of the Devil. The song seems to me that it should have been finished several minutes ago but yet its merely just began.

+0:21 - (+ +/- to a ++) I go down to my bathroom to look in a mirror, my pupils are almost completely dilated, there is about 1/16th of an inch of color surrounding it. My face seems to have been stretched. I have been feeling some tightness in my neck, didn't think it was worth my concern considering the smile that has been printed on my face; I assume this is what the tightness is from.

+0:39 - (++ +/-) I have functionality, but the looping mind fuck has taken over and I'm once again in the favorable place of thinking about trying to remember the last time could recall something, and its stuck at about 1 minute prior to my thinking. The come-up is incredibly strong. I feel as if my neck needs to stretch; my fingers and toes are more cold then usual. Tracers seem to be the most prominent. I notice if I sit next to my lamp and shake my head from side to side my vision turns to a giant glowing orb that seems to slide across my vision.

+1:12 - (+++) One of my cats seems to want to know whats going on and ventures up my stairs. I grab my laser light and try to entertain the animal but am more entertained with the light myself then the cat and I'm stuck and making figure 8's on my ceiling. The tracers are even more incredible now, the beam of light has split and there is a slow uncontrollable red light following the original in a almost 'drunk' like way. Swerving and seeming to want to stop and go. Auditory malfunctions are still in play. The music seems to be keeping me in pace and in touch with myself preventing me from the ego loss that I feel is ahead.

+1:57 - (+++ +/-) As I figured, the album has stopped playing and went to Infected Mushroom's 'Army of Mushrooms' album and I entered a trance like state while laying on my floor. I got lot in the patterns on my carpet as it swayed and rippled. I started imagining myself as a very tiny person, one that could climb and get lost in the tiny fibers of the carpets mass. Riding the swaying thread branches like an animal, getting lost in my own world of carpet fibers and colored roads.

+2:00-4:?? - (+++ to a ++++) Moved back and forth from a steady transcending thought loop of if I should attempt another drop and if I think that I need to. As I get up to get it the song 'U R So Fucked' starts playing and I take it as a sign to shut up (mentally) and sit down. I grab my banjo on the way back to the floor and turn off the music. I get lost between the waves and thoughts and plucking at my strings. This goes on for several hours where I completely get absorbed into the sound of the resonating Banjo's twangs. Visuals are still very strong, breathing and colored patterns continue to take over my entire environment. The tightness of my face and neck seem to have vanished or I have just lost how they felt and can't seem to care or focus on it any longer.

+4:42 - (+++ to a ++ +/-) Went back downstairs to check my state and I get lost staring at myself in the mirror while unconsciously admiring the 'other side' of the mirror. The doors behind me seem to be getting pinched by an unknown force. My cats are rubbing against my leg and it startles me, I return back upstairs and vaporize a bowl of cannabis to try and possibly bring back some steady mind processing.

+4:50 - (+++) Back on course, the cannabis helped bring things back to earth. My visuals are now more intact and not just as distracting and confusing as they were before. My fingers and toes are no longer cold now and I feel much more relaxed. I return my banjo to its stand and turn the music back on.

+6:00 - (++) Visually things are almost over, breathing and CEV's are still intact but the intense visual exasperations are gone now. My mind is still running down the rabbit hole repeatedly. I vaporize some more cannabis.

+6:50 - (++) I decide to eat something, and make a sandwich and attempt to peel a couple oranges. I get lost peeling the orange and start laughing at the mess I've made at my table. The peels have been thrown about in an odd fashion and I think of someone walking into my house. This random imagination throws me for a loop and I can't seem to stop laughing. The peeling of the orange reminds me of human skin. I keep thinking of 'What if they think that I possibly have an odd orange fetish?' and start thinking of 'It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again!' and this ends my laughter and I have now completely creeped myself out. I quickly eat the orange slices and smile as the juices burst in my mouth. Cleaning up my mess I eat my sandwich, there is apparently no suppressed appetite but I can't tell if its because of the cannabis that I decided to eat.

+9:00 - (+) I've spent a lot of time now revising my accounts and notes, making sure to mention and think of anything that I may have missed.

+11:00 - (-) Baseline, and I'm tired. Sleep is easy, but this could also be because of the Cannabis. My night is spent restfully dreaming of my carpet jungle again.

+20:18 - (-) No effects the following day upon waking up. Usually for me this will be the time I notice anything for the following day. There is nothing but a shower feels fantastic.

Conclusion - More experiments will be conducted and vigorously reported with notes taken during the process. Maybe I should hold a group event for taking this to a full on human test trials.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99567
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jun 1, 2013Views: 6,963
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25B-NBOMe (564) : First Times (2), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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