Tripped Balls...
Citation:   stavstav. "Tripped Balls...: An Experience with Gabapentin (exp99596)". May 27, 2021.

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900 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin
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I do not take this regularly but I was prescribed it and have a huge stash because I got a bunch of refills and rarely took it. I have talked to 2 doctors and they basically tell me sure take it as much as you want, its proven to be a very safe drug...

I wouldnt bet on that tho, I would be careful with this drug.

Last night I was bored and not much to do so I decided to take some gabapentin. I took 900mg at first and then about 15min later 900mg again. I was alone, maybe not the best idea now that I look back on it...

I was just chillin watchin netflix and I felt the buzz come on, pain was blocked my arms and legs felt quite numb when I scratched them I barely felt it. Started to get the usual marijuana like feeling of improved concentration and slight mood lift which is my favorite part of this drug. The show I was watching seemed more interesting.

Well it was all good for like a couple hours, but then all of a sudden everything changed. I got a feeling like the show was incredibly stupid, which it is of course, and I got a little angry, then I left the show, and looked at other shows, and they ALL seemed incredibly stupid. Then I noticed that my hands were sweating heavily on the remote. And then I started to trip out mentally, big time. Every show that I was looking at seemed to be evil or in some way menacing toward me. Immediately turned off the tv and got up. Hands and feet were sweating profusely. I was very shaky and it was hard to stand. All my muscles were tensed up. Started having really bad thoughts such as on a bad acid trip. I tried to change my thoughts to positive and it did help alot but not enough. I started pacing around incessantly and this went on for the next 5 hours. Couldnt walk straight or in a natural fashion in fact I felt like a toddler taking his first steps or something, balance was way off. I passed my closet and out of the corner of my eye saw a skateboard I had just bought which has a menacing design with black background with evil looking skulls coming out of it and it freaked me out. I was freaked out for like a minute and then I had to go back and close the closet door so I could not see that again while pacing around because I felt like I might lose my mind if I did. When I closed the door I had to cover my eyes because I feared to see it again.

The pacing became worse and worse and despite the painkiller effects I felt a ton of stiffness and tension in my body so I started lifting weights, doing squats, push ups etc., at one point was jumping and when I was jumping had the thought that 'I can JUMP!' just like I was a little kid doing it for the first time, it was bizarre.

My stomach was very messed up the whole time as has been for about 14 hours now. I think the feeling in my stomach was affecting my experience tremendously. The whole time I was pacing around I had to drink water. I must have drank 3 gallons or so. I was hard to get down because my breathing was 'off' and I nearly choked on the water several times. During this whole pacing incident, I should've mentioned earlier, it felt difficult to breathe. Every other breath was a huge sigh. I dont know if it was anxiety or respiratory depression but I got the feeling it was both. But it felt quite hard to breathe and that was pretty disturbing.

I had to try and tell myself positive thoughts throughout because I felt I might lose my sanity otherwise. I got very dizzy and when I leaned forward a couple times I felt the blood rush to my head and I nearly went unconscious.

It was basically almost exactly like a bad acid trip...

Some other bizarre things happened. My hearing was amplified times 10. When I poured the water in my cup, it was incredibly loud. My refrigerator noise started bothering me so badly I had to unplug it.

I would like to mention some things that were quite positive about this nonetheless. The first couple hours were enjoyable. I had absolutely no desire to smoke cigarettes or drink beer, on this substance. I had quite a few epiphanies about my life during the trippin ballls part. Once it started to wear off had sex and it was incredible, orgasm was amazing. I had a ton of energy still so then I went to the gym and was able to do intense cardio for over 3 hours straight, without getting tired.

My stomach still hurts bad from this tho. I dont think I had a drug interaction but I did take a aleve a couple hours earlier. Maybe my gaba is tainted with some unknown substance and it is a bad batch or something but I doubt it. I guess it just affects people differently. I decided to take it because of the many glowing experience reports but it seems everyone's experience will be different. I took a relatively small dose too.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99596
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 36
Published: May 27, 2021Views: 12,511
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