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First Time Trip on 25B NBOMe
by OeasterPoeastman
Citation:   OeasterPoeastman. "First Time Trip on 25B NBOMe: An Experience with 25B-NBOMe (exp99650)". Erowid.org. Apr 19, 2013. erowid.org/exp/99650

75 mg oral Pharms - Venlafaxine (daily)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
  1 hit sublingual 25B-NBOMe (blotter / tab)


To start, a bit about myself.

I live in the UK, and got hold of some NBOMe series chemicals from what appeared to be a reputable website after having an interest in taking hallucinogens for a few years and doing a lot of research. In the end I ended up buying on a whim and, frankly, I wish I'd tried them earlier.

I'm a pretty heavy cannabis smoker (read: multiple joints a day for the past 12 months) and I've been trying to get out of a rut for a while. Until taking 25B I had taken no other drugs (except smoking and drinking).

I was diagnosed with major depression around 16 months ago and have been treated with antidepressants for that long, but am currently being brought off them. The drugs helped for a while but in the past few months have had very little effect past the withdrawals being absolutely awful.

The setting for my experience was my own home. I'm a student, and live with two friends who were present all day and whom I engaged in activities with. I didn't do much preparation past cleaning up a bit and setting up a sound system to play music through. My bedroom is on the ground floor 5m from our front room and the bathroom is upstairs, approx 10m away. The 25B was taken at approx 12:30-1:00pm.


1x 75mg venlafaxine (prescribed anti-depressant medication)
Cannabis/Tobacco: multiple joints smoked throughout (as described in report)



1x 75mg venlafaxine tablet
1 joint shared with housemate, mixed cannabis and tobacco
1 tab taken sublingually of 1250mcg 25B NBOMe

For around 30 minutes I played magic the gathering with my two housemates whilst holding the tab underneath my tongue. I was unable to avoid swallowing around 3 or 4 times over the half hour. No effects registered during this time.


Around half an hour in I began to experience visual effects. During this time music was being played over a PS3 through a speaker system and the motion of the background on the screen began to bleed into the rest of the room. Everything appeared to be vibrating and waving across my vision and audio effects started to become apparent 20 minutes into this time block. Sound echoing and blurring, music becoming much more overwhelming than I'm used to. My ability to play magic became more and more impaired over time as I began to get lost in my own thoughts, with one of my housemates basically having to play for me towards the end of the final game.


At this time I began to start experiencing anxiety. Normally I am a very collected person in day to day life, and prior to this experience I guess I didn't have much of a clue what real anxiety felt like. I became very aware of vasoconstriction in my chest at this point, which continued throughout the trip. In hindsight I have put the anxiety down to my nervousness about taking hallucinogens for the first time, but at the time it was very prevalent. My housemates both went to the supermarket to get supplies around this time and I was left on my own. For ten minutes after them leaving I sat on the sofa and just looked at clouds moving and the world going by. I felt a great sense of peace at this time.


Around now the trip took a turn for the worse. Effects were still ramping up at an exponential rate and I started to lose a grip on reality. Synthesesia was very prevalent at this time and music caused a great deal of variation in colour in my vision. I decided to take a lie down to try and keep a grip and lay on my bed for around 20 minutes. Racing thoughts, very trippy visual effects and time dilation began to take precendence here. Before lying down my bedroom began to turn red, everything was vibrating and starting to fade slowly.


Housemates returned and I decided to go back to the sitting room and decide where to go from there. Within 10 minutes I had taken what seemed like a 30 minute trip into my own thoughts and I was very dissociated. After this I announced I was going to take a lie down and here was where the journey really began.


For 2-3 hours I took what felt like days within my own mind following the slightest thought to oblivion. Reality felt like it was coming apart at the stitching and I went from existential crisis to revalation and back again. All the while the visual and audio effects were incredibly intense. Posters in my room came to life, light streaming through netting curtains exploded into life and my imagination became a playground. I was incredibly dissociated throughout and what little motion my body did make was long out of my own control. My housemates checked on me every hour or so, from their descriptions of the conversations I appeared extremely confused and was blatently looping in my own mind on the same subjects.


Around now I finished my journey into myself and felt a great sense of accomplishment. Standing up I felt like days had gone by and I had changed as a person from the experience. Visual effects still extremely prevalent, I wandered into my front room, went and took a piss and decided to smoke a joint with a housemate. Weed intensified the effects massively and whilst playing magic and league of legends afterwards with them I kept having 2-5 minute blackouts where I would have taken an hour long journey once again and come straight out to find very little real time had passed.


Around this time I began to come down. Visuals were beginning to calm down and audio hallucinations were next to none existent. Me and my housemate smoked a great deal of cannabis over the next 2 hours and played a lot of league of legends and magic the gathering.


Wow. I went straight back into it around now and all the symptoms from before came flooding back. Reality once again began tearing apart and this time I was ready for the ride. Vasoconstriction began to become uncomfortable here and I had to drink a small amount of alcohol to attempt to alievate the symptoms. This appeared to work somewhat and I lay on my sofa and took a journey once again.


Me and my housemate smoked a joint and watched a film here (Clerks, such a classic) visual effects were noticable throughout and the emotions of characters bled into my own very easily. Racing thoughts began to pick up again and I distinctly recall almost coming in and out of reality. Once the film was over we watched an episode of the Boondocks and then both called it a night.


I began to feel tired here. Up till now I had been extremely energetic and it was quite relieving to be able to slow down finally. Visual effects were still noticable as I fell asleep.


Generally, the drug felt very energetic, very stimulating and very engaging. As much as there were audiovisual effects throughout, the brunt of the effects for me came in the form of racing thoughts, almost spiritual lines of thought and very noticeable time dilation. Anxiety was very prevalent throughout, but this could quite possibly have just been my apprehension at taking hard drugs for the first time.

The venlafaxine was something I had hoped would not affect the trip adversely, and frankly I felt like the effects were as full as they would have been without taking the tablet beforehand.

The whole experience was extremely moving for me, and very personal. I would say however that I do not wish to take anything similar alone again. Being around people calmed me down a great deal during some of the edgier moments.

Cannabis seemed to drastically intensify the effects of the drug within around 10-20 minutes of smoking a joint. I didn't feel any of the usual side effects of being high, such as lethargy or jumbled thoughts, but the intensity of the trip definitely increased with each joint. It did chill me out a great deal though, which could have been a psychological effect of doing something I'm used to, or it could have been the effects of the CBD bleeding through.


After waking up there were no noticeable side effects mentally. I didn't feel drained or 'fried'. However, 3 days later I am still aware of palpatations almost constantly. This may be due to living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle at the time of writing, but is putting me off trying 25B again for at least the near future. I intend to take 25I next weekend, and am weaning myself off anti-depressants quicker in advance in an attempt to offset the diminished effects experienced by many users of the NBOMe 2C series felt when taken repeatedly within a short time period.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99650
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Apr 19, 2013Views: 38,099
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25B-NBOMe (564) : Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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