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Taken From One Reality To The Next
by Jake
Citation:   Jake. "Taken From One Reality To The Next: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp99680)". Nov 17, 2017.

20 mg IV 4-AcO-DMT  
  .2 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)
After experimenting with this substance taken orally on many occasion, I decided I would attempt to take via intravenously. Before I tried it I talked to my close friend B about my idea, he told me all he knew about it, but would never try it with me. So I get home and attempt to set up a good environment, got into comfortable clothes, and prepared my syringe with 20 mg's of 4-aco-DMT and 30 ml's of water. I went to my bathroom and injected the entire dose at 11pm.

Within 5 seconds of injection I feel an insane rush of euphoria and a weird humming sound as if I was hearing my own brain waves. My vision appeared as if I just placed a pair of tryptamine glasses on my head. Almost at an instant my world had gained what seemed like 200 different shades of intensely bright and vibrant colors. I immediately looked at the tile floor and fell in to a world of color and fractal patterns. The shock of how fast and intense the onset of my trip really scared me.
The shock of how fast and intense the onset of my trip really scared me.
I left my bathroom and sat on my bed and felt my heart beating rapidly. I truly believed I was dying. I laid down on my bed and gave in to my trip, accepting my death. I felt like I just let go and was taken to a different reality. I remember feeling as if I had died and was taken to the afterlife. I was taken to one reality to the next, each one completely different than the last, some of them were truly horrifying while the next was calm and peaceful. I kept popping back into my own reality, back to laying on my bed. I remember looking at my carpet and watching it turn into an ocean of moving fabric.

I realize i still have my hand on my chest feeling my heart race. I decided to smoke some marijauna to try to calm myself down, I didn't notice any calming effects from the marijauna only that I remember its taste, it was so abnormal and different, Iv never experienced flavor that you can feel. The intense trip lasted only about 45 minutes then it subsided to a mild euphoric high that lasted about an hour. After realized that I hadn't really died and just had the most spiritual experiences of my life. I needed to tell somebody about this, I felt like I just did something truly Devine and had to share my experience, but I didn't I just did nothing. I just laid on my bed smiling, trying to contemplate what I just experienced. I had entered the void, the place were you can unlock the secrets of your mind and attempt to make any sense of what was just revealed to you.
I will always attempt to make sense of my experience. I just haven't been able to yet. I fell asleep that night at around 1am. I have never intravenously used 4-aco-DMT or used any other hallucinogen since that night.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99680
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Nov 17, 2017Views: 1,706
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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