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Lets Go Yotes
Citation:   pimpedcanadian4. "Lets Go Yotes: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp99717)". Apr 30, 2013.

1.5 hits sublingual 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)

Okay, let's start off with the setting, Me and my friend, we'll call him B, are at his house and are planning on going to tonight's hockey game, the phoenix coyotes against the Detroit Red Wings on some 25c. I have three blotters that we each took one and a half of. Each blotter is rated at 800ug so we each did around 1200ug. I should say that while this was both of our first time doing 25c, we wouldn't consider ourselves psychedelic lightweights, we knew what we were getting into. We took the blotters and waited for our ride to pick us up for the game. They had a bitter taste and left a numbing feeling on our tongue and gums. You should always have predetermined people there with you if you need to drive anywhere, NEVER drive while under the influence.


B and I are being driven around by our friend, let's call her C. We arrive at in n' out to get some food before the game and we run into some people we know, say hi, go inside, nothing much. We get inside and B has informed me that he feels it starting already. I didn't think it would start this early seeing as how LSD took two hours to kick in for me. But once he had said that I started to realize it was happening. Our sitter, C, was sitting down and I was seeing her face go by in almost slow motion. You could just see each hair she had was moving individually around her face and it gives this sort of eerie majestic feel that time has slowed down. B and I somehow loose our appetites but eat regardless because we'll know we'd regret it later if we didn't eat anything now.


We get back in the car and start driving there. I notice that 25c was starting to feel very similar to 2c-p. Nothing that I can precisely write out and describe but it was just the little things. like the way your fingers clench together and how they always felt tired in a way similar to when you've cracked your knuckles one too many times and they hurt. Or like how me teeth felt when they're in my mouth. Having saliva go around your teeth almost felt like going to the dentist and having them wash your mouth out with some weird cleaning liquid that feels funny on your teeth but now that's how all saliva felt.


A phantogram song comes on the pandora radio on C's car and it sets the mood. B and I are both looking out the window at the sunset and at all of the clouds in the sky. No major visuals for me, but everything had this look to it, Like when you look at the sun and look away and everything you look at seems to have this colourful circle over it. That's what everything looked like. It had this colourful image over it that got left behind when you stopped looking at it.


We arrived and C parked the car. Walking to the stadium was proving difficult. Not the actual walking part of it but just that you had to watch out for so many people who were also walking around you was the part that made it difficult. Once we we're inside, trying to find our seats was the same story.


When we sat down I immediately noticed that everything in the stadium had this over-saturated feel that shrooms give me. Like how all the blacks seem blacker and all the colours just seem much more deep then they usually would. Once the hockey started I was kinda pulled out of the drug. Watching hockey while on 25c made me see the whole picture more. For example, I could look at the ice and see in my mind who the player would pass the puck to long before it happens. I also saw all the players on both teams move in fluid motion with the puck. Almost as if the puck had it's own gravity field and all the players, no matter how hard they tried, just couldn't get away from following this thing wherever it went. B had said how he felt like everyone around him was speaking czech because he couldn't understand one word anyone was saying.


Getting out of the stadium and finding our car was a lot like entering the stadium, the physical act of doing it wasn't hard but I just didn't want to have to interact with so many people and didn't want to think on weather or not was going to walk into them. Also me and B felt like we were just starting to come down as we were leaving.


The car ride home was just full of B and I talking to C on what we had just experienced/ were still experiencing.


Driving home from B's house wasn't bad at all. Not completely sober yet but I could hardly notice the drug. I don't think it affected my driving in the least. Me and B talk on the phone later that night and B is still apparently tripping, I think that I might of slightly felt the drug but was not at all 'tripping'.

B and I both agreed that, while going to a hockey game high was fun, both of us would of much rather been in a room somewhere where we could just look at everything and actually experience the drug. We went to the hockey game and would forget that we're in the peak of our trip and didn't remember that we we're sky high until we stopped watching hockey and just looked at our hands for a second and see how much they were breathing and realize just how high we were. The hockey game pulled my attention from it and I didn't notice I was on the drug as much. Still a fun experience none-the-less but I don't think that I'll mix the two ever again.

March 25th 2013

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99717
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Apr 30, 2013Views: 5,036
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25C-NBOMe (540) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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