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Artistic Groove
by V
Citation:   V. "Artistic Groove: An Experience with 6-APB (exp99741)". Jun 2, 2013.

125 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)


This was our first time doing a drug with such powerful stimulant effects, so we started off with a low/medium dose and took it with dinner at around 6:30pm. Pretty excited and looking forward to the effects, just me and a friend doing it with a group of friends watching over us and having a couple of drinks while they do so.

Got back from dinner at around 7pm, not feeling anything yet, but we'd read that it takes about an hour or two for it to kick in for some people. Kind of starting to feel a bit of a body buzz, tingly hands and face, but as this is very mild, could be part placebo.

7:30pm - Definitely starting to feel the effects a bit more now, I'm pretty susceptible to most things, so my trip partner wasn't feeling as much as I was. Legs felt like rubber, really light and bouncy, it felt like no effort was needed to move. Noticing very rapid speech, and rubbing things a lot for the extremely pleasurable tactile sensations.

A bit later - Constantly wanting to talk, a bit of jaw clenching and manic grinning, feeling really upbeat with some nice goa trance in the background, definitely getting something now. Feel really light and bouncy just want to rub everything and listen to the music, bouncing up and down and really getting into it.

Later - Music feels amazing, I was just losing myself in it, completely forgetting time and space, it disappeared as soon as I closed my eyes. My trip partner was feeling the same we were just rubbing our legs and moving to the music, it was so intense. Some more people came in, having pre-drinks for a night out, which really added to the atmosphere and made me really want to talk. Engaging in conversation was really easy, talked about really serious things, sometimes it was a bit hard to bend my mind to some concepts but I just lost myself in the music then. Talking was great and stopped me from jaw clenching, and just walking around hugging everyone and really feeling a connectedness on a deeper level, extreme honesty abounds, just telling people (with boundaries, mind, I knew what to say and what not to say) how I feel, without fear, but not so much that I would regret it afterwards. Extremely lucid, I knew what I was doing the whole time, and was completely in control, I could snap out of the waves of orgasmic pleasure if I needed to.

Later- Found some highlighters and some paper and start drawing bits of the music, extremely rapid fire drawings, really really horrifically bad, but they packed a punch. Doing portraits of everyone, feeling amazing, just waves of pleasure and the music was throbbing throughout my entire being, but in an entirely non-erotic way. Touching hair and faces was fantastic, really felt connected by forces unknown to everyone and to art and colour and music, kept going on about how dreams and music were in all of us, was fantastic to just talk and dance and touch things.
Later - Still drawing, did a self portrait of myself, very strange, a recurring theme is eyes and swirls and cats. My trip partner is also drawing frantically, but on a whiteboard. Starting to peak and truly lose myself in the dancing and colours of the drawing, every now and again would just get down on my knees and rock back and forth because it just felt so good, purely ecstatic, an extremely clean and untainted sensation.

Still drawing and dancing, waves of just orgasm, but without the sexual aspect, just the pleasure coming every few seconds or whenever I moved, moving is easier than not, just so euphoric and feeling so so good. Still drawing, but a bit more detailed and colourful, cats and swirls. Trip partner acting similarly, we were bouncing off one another with the talking and touching, very very tactile.

Music has slowed down a bit, really relishing in it and it's near impossible to not get into it because it feels fantastic to just surf on the waves of sound and pleasure. Feeling quite a bit slower now, just really enjoying the sounds of much slower music, decide to go for a walk outside in the dark. Lights seem particularly bright, grass particularly damp, we see a rabbit which just struck me with such a delicate beauty that I cannot describe it. Carry on walking to a forest, black outlines against a lilac sky, just such incredible beauty that it almost made me cry. It looked as though the trees were painted and drawn on, and everything was so clear and so unbelievably stunning. Poked some puddles and watched the ripples for about twenty minutes, completely entranced and made our way back. We found a newt, and its tiny features and limbs were just so perfect in every way that I could not comprehend how such a thing came about and how it all connected with the universe yet was so separate at the same time. Everything looked as though it was painted, I could see brushtrokes in everything.

Back inside, feeling slow and concentrated. Drew two pictures, both extremely intricate, patterns filling up the entire page, was completely engrossed in drawing them, lost all track of time. Started getting some weird visuals, the walls, posters, bottles and curtains were breathing, a bit strange, but certainly not unpleasant. When i closed my eyes, I could 'imagine-see' the music and the traces it left, like purple violin streams and blue piano ripples, very very beautiful. When I moved my hands with my eyes closed, rainbow traces appeared and soon enough, I could build landscapes in my closed eyes just by moving my hands. Not really 'seeing' things, but more like imagining, hence 'imagine-see'. Very engaging.

2am - Went to bed, but still having visuals. With the light off, it was pitch black, but i was intensely aware of my body, and when I closed my eyes, it was made up of deep orange swirls and patterns that were always moving, so so aware of myself. This continued until I fell asleep and woke up again, very strange sleep, kind of felt like I wasn't sleeping, even though I knew I was.

- Next day -

Comedown - Felt really bored with everything, but talking to people really helped, and it wore off towards the evening and once I had some food, so it's not that bad. Definitely worth tolerating for the incredible experience of the previous day.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99741
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jun 2, 2013Views: 8,504
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6-APB (516) : First Times (2), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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