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Side Effects
AM-2201 & UR-144
by Drago
Citation:   Drago. "Side Effects: An Experience with AM-2201 & UR-144 (exp99742)". Aug 4, 2015.

  smoked AM-2201
    smoked UR-144


Lacking funds and connections to buy real herb locally, I purchased 10g AM-2201 online. After dissolving in acetone, I mixed it with some different herbs, finally settling on spearmint for the sweet taste, good combustibility, and good absorption of the chems. I mixed about 1g:1oz and found that to be of similar strength to average herb.

The first few times I smoked it, it really seemed to make my head spin. After that, I seemed to get used to it and it did not have such an effect. It only lasts about an hour, which means I would want to smoke more after 60.. 45... 30... 20 minutes (the interval decreased over the 2-3 months I was consuming it). As such it encourages addiction, unlike good herb which leaves me satisfied.

One seeming quality: due to its short half-life in the brain, it does not cloud one's dreams, nor leave one groggy in the morning, as much as the ganja I was familiar with, because it has cleared from the system by that time.

The thought of smoking a fluoridated molecule was worrying me, so when my 10g ran out after 3 months, I bought some UR-144 instead (looking for another cheap, high potency spice). I first mixed 1g:1oz spearmint as before, and found the strength and duration about the same as the AM-2201.

After that ran out, I mixed 1g UR-144:10g spearmint (as I had run out of mint). As soon as I began smoking this, I was feeling chest pains, and especially in my heart, like a sharp crystal shard. It feels like the crystals re-crystallise in the lungs (and the heart? if that is possible?). It was also unpleasantly strong, but not like good herb. I can't believe people vaporise crystals directly; they are just asking for trouble.

It was simply too painful to keep smoking this stuff, and scary, when contemplating a possible heart attack, so I quit before finishing that batch. I finally met a dealer of natural medicine and have some money now, so I bought some quality real herb. It feels much more medicinal, and is good for my appetite. I do not notice any chest pains from the real herb, but (after a few days now) I still feel some residual heart pains throughout the day from the UR-144. Stay away from this stuff! (YMMV)

Thanks go out to Prohibition for encouraging so much new chemistry, but methinks these spices are dangerous, whereas the natural plant is a proven medicine with no serious physical side-effects.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99742
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Aug 4, 2015Views: 2,889
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AM-2201 (529), UR-144 (699) : Health Problems (27), Retrospective / Summary (11), Not Applicable (38)

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