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A Little Positive Thinking Goes a Long Way
4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis
by Joe
Citation:   Joe. "A Little Positive Thinking Goes a Long Way: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis (exp99765)". Jul 12, 2016.

15 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis  
Preface: I have very little experience with drugs. I have smoked weed a handful of times over the past year and also used DMT once and salvia a couple of times. The reason that I even have an interest in drugs is due to a drug report that I did as part of a psychology class in high school. I had done a report on mushrooms and was surprised to find that they can be beneficial to health and some studies showed that a single use can improve quality of life for several months or even years. Up until then I was under the impression that almost all drugs were bad for you but just seriously overplayed by media. After that I meticulously researched many drugs and made my own judgment calls.

I have found that I have a very low tolerance to most drugs. I had eaten a large meal before attending the concert.

The Trip: I was going to a Flux Pavilion concert with several friends. A friend of mine sold me 15mg of 4-aco-DMT and some very sativa weed from a dispensary. I was in a great mood and ready for anything… or so I thought.

At about 9:20 I opened the capsule with the 4-aco-DMT and poured it under my tongue, ate the empty capsule, and pushed my way to the center of the crowd. My identical twin, who was at the concert with me, took the same dose at the same.

At about ten (T+:40) I was feeling kind of strange and had some visual distortion but nothing much. The food may have caused the delay. Disappointed with the quality, my twin and I each smoked some weed to get things moving. I smoked a TON. I’m not sure if weed is synergistic with 4-aco or it just happened to kick in then but the effects of the 4-aco-DMT started booming.

My depth perception was way off and everything started changing. For a minute I thought I was standing on the stage but then snapped back to the center of the crowd. Everybody around me melted into an ocean of people with large waves. It was overwhelming and I decided to lay down however I was at a concert venue and had nowhere to lie down. This was very frustrating to me and the trip was no longer fun. I decided sitting would be the second best option and started making my way to the balcony overlooking the main floor.

As I started this long journey (only a hundred feet at most) I felt like I was inside my body, a puppet master making my body walk forward. I had the sensation that I was floating forward as my puppet body walked shrouding me. I thought the crowd was getting thicker and thicker until I could not move. Luckily, a guy about my age pointed out that there was over an arm’s length between the two people I was trying to squeeze between, and helped me through with an encouraging smile. By the time I got to the top of the stairs I turned around to ask my friend something and suddenly realized that I had left without even telling them that I was going. It was officially a bad trip.

If you have ever been to a busy place with some friends and been suddenly separated, the “oh shit, where did my friends just go to” feeling only begins to describe the intense fear and panic I was feeling. I sat down on one of the balconies and tried to text my friends to come find me. As the trip continued to grow I did not dare return to the dance floor to find them. My hands turned to raptor claws and alien hands as I furiously typed on my phone. My attention span was so short at this point it took probably 10 minutes to type out the intelligent and well planned plea for help: “I’m trippin balls”. With the response: “cool man”. As I continued to try and communicate that I wanted somebody to sit with me I became even more confused when I realized I was texting multiple different people with same first name. Who was who? Had I sent a horrible text to somebody who didn’t need to know I was tripping?
Had I sent a horrible text to somebody who didn’t need to know I was tripping?
I tried to check what text I had sent to who but by the time I would scroll to see what the sent texts had said I would forget which name I had sent it too, and vice-versa. Finally I got the text I was waiting for: “Stay where you are I'm coming to find you”.

(10:45 T+1:25) At this point my twin was feeling “on the verge of uncomfortable” but still having fun for the most part. He has more experience smoking and tripping so I would conclude that experience has a big effect on the trip.

My twin led me to a quiet dark corner of the building with lots of glass tables and chairs. I sat with my thoughts looping for close to an hour. Every emotion echoed. As I sat there I noticed the people around me were in similar condition. Some were sitting motionless; others rocked clutching their heads from whatever they had taken too much of. The closed eye visuals where worse than the glass table so I kept my eyes open. My friends took 15 minute shifts to watch me and tried to talk to me and distract me from the trip. By about 11:45 (T + 2:25) I was starting to feel better and was able to make full sentences and understand concise clear conversations. Confusion is the enemy.

My twin reminded me that a trip is what you make of it and a little positive thinking can go a long way. I went back to the balcony overlooking the crowd and stage and, noticing it was about ten till midnight, made a new year’s resolution to have an awesome time. It was mid-march but that didn’t matter. By the time midnight rolled around I was having fun which was very exciting making me have more fun making me more excited.

At 12:15 (T + 3:00) my favorite dubstep artist, Flux Pavilion, got on stage and started the real show. It was absolutely awesome. One interesting thing that I noted was that my twin and I saw the same images in the same lights and shapes. Also the effects of 4-aco-DMT would come in waves. When we finally got back home the vibes changed from visual awesomeness to euphoric adventure. By 3:00 (T + 6:00) the effects had subsided and I fell asleep.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99765
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jul 12, 2016Views: 2,089
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