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Panic at First, Awesome at the End
Citation:   ErowidLover. "Panic at First, Awesome at the End: An Experience with Methoxetamine (exp99788)". Apr 19, 2013.

5 mg insufflated Methoxetamine (powder / crystals)
BODY WEIGHT: 45.3 kg

Sorry for my bad english first.
Here's a small report of Methoxetamine aka M-Ket. My previous drugs experiences includes : 2C-C, 2C-D, 4-HO-MET, Salvia, Mushrooms, LSD, BromoDragonFLY, Alcohol, Marijuana, DXM (which was one of the worst).

So it was my real first time using a dissociative except for DXM when I was younger but I didn't like it at all.

I also have anxiety disorder and easily prone to panic attacks with imminent sense of doom. It was also the first time that I snort a drug !

So I was reading a lot about Methoxetamine and after 6 months being in possession of my bag, I finally decide to do it for good.

I could describe the Methoxetamine experience in 3 phases:
1. Physical Sensations
2. Dreamy feeling
3. Sleepyness.

I took my scale and proceed to measure accurately 5mg no more, no less.

I did a very small line and I insufflated it. It doesn't have any taste, no burn. I then sat on the sofa and put the TV on.

The experience last 4 hours.

10:00 PM : 5mg Insufflated
10:05 PM : No alert
10:10 PM : First alert in my fingers, tingling sensations, not really pleasant nor unpleasant. Just weird
(Didn't really note the time here)

My upper body feels warm, got a weird pressure in my chest. Heart start to race a bit. I took my blood pressure and heart rate with a device - BP is elevated and my resting heart rate is at 125 beats per minute which is high.

I feel a bit panicky, feels very hot and warm, I'm a bit unsteady.
Panic is high, I took hot clothes and I'm going outside to take some fresh air to calm down. I decided to walk in the street to change my mind.

I can feel it now, my gravity and my balance feel slightly off, It feels like my body is bouncing on the right side. I'm going to a night shop to buy a pack of cigarette. The road seems weird, I feel very light and It feels like I'm walking on clouds!

I bought the pack of cigarettes (Smoking is unhealthy for your health ;) ) and I'm walking back home. I still have this weird pressure on my upper chest. It feels like I need to take deep breath. I'm fearing about the CNS effect (breathing depression) but I try to remains calm.

Back at home, I sit on the couch and close my eyes. I feel light and warm at the same time. It's pleasant now! I have a strong desire to redose a small line but I refused to do it.

Now I just feel 'emotionless', just plain good. Still have some tingling sensation in fingers, foot and mouth. Again this is weird.

I took my blood pressure and heart rate with the device. The blood pressure is all right now and my resting heart rate is at 75 BPM +/-. Anxiety is all gone :)

It feels like a vivid dream now, slightly unrealistic and the feeling of my room is 'warmer' than usual. I'm just happy to sit and watch my surroundings.

Methoxetamine seems to relief my pain and stress. I'm very happy that it slow my heart rate (My usual heart rate when sober is 90 - 110 BPM which is high) but with MXE it calms me and I'm happy that my resting rate is lower than usual ! I could see a lot of benefits for depression.

I need to take a piss, my balance is still a bit off. It's funny! I just don't care about nothing, I'm just happy to be me.

The pressure in my upper chest is gone, I can breath normally, I don't need to take deep breath anymore :) I feel serene and sleepy now.

It's 2:00 AM in the morning and I'm just blown that so much time have passed. I think that only 1 hour have gone since I took the Methoxetamine.

Effects decreased rapidly. I'm baseline now, I don't notice any comedown except for some gaz build up and maybe little nausea.

2:30 AM : Effects are totally gone, I'm going in my bed to sleep.

Next day, 11:00 AM : I'm awake and spend a good night! I'm very lucid and normal. No hangovers noticed.

Well, I'm extremely satisfied that I have tried Methoxetamine. I was a bit panicky/anxious at first but then theses sensations are gone quickly. Methoxetamine could have some serious health benefits but I could notice that addiction could be a problem since I was having a urge desire to redose when I was peaking.

I'm sure that I will explore Methoxetamine in the future and I will probably increase the dose just a bit (very small incremental dosage) and work my way up. I just need to be at ease first.

Anyway, it was nice preview and I'm glad that I done it :) I don't know if the Methoxetamine was degraded because I had it for 6 months approx. and it was unopened OR I may be ultra sensitive but 5 mg was plenty for me!

Take care and have fun

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99788
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 19, 2013Views: 10,772
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