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A Swirling Hammer of Euphoria to the Skull
by jsg
Citation:   jsg. "A Swirling Hammer of Euphoria to the Skull: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp99825)". Sep 28, 2013.

1 mg buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Act 1: The Euphoric Smoothie

3:45PM- Took 1 1mg blotter of complexed 25i and put it in my mouth, trying to keep it on my gums with little success. It tumbles around in my mouth for around half an hour, and then when I move it to my tongue I accidentally end up swallowing it. This ROA for me wasn't very good, as I salivate more than the average person and ended up having to swallow a few times to reduce build-up. The taste had a slightly bitter flavor to it (like a lemon?) but I didn't experience the frightening mouth-numbing sensation that many people attribute to NBOMES.

4:30PM- Starting to feel a bit electric in my fingers/mouth, eat 2 bowls of vanilla-ice cream which strangely has a bitter chemical flavor to it similar to the one on the tab I just dropped. Slight pupil dilation, but not much else.

5:00PM- Feeling a little underwhelmed at the slow comeup, I got on my bike and rode over to my friend's house, who shall from here on be referred to as K.

The times at from this point on aren't exactly accurate. I didn't have a watch on me and the NBOME began to take hold, time distortion was very prevalent. When I arrived at K's house I told him I estimated the time at 5:10 but it was actually 5:40.

5:40-6:00PM- Pace around K's house, begin feeling the come-up. Can't stop running my hands through my hair, over my clothes, over other objects, grinning like a madman. K continuously tells me to stop feeling everything up but the tactile sensations make it irresistable. We go outside and get our bikes, and at this point I began to feel my face melting, and my hands start moving over it at a more rapid pace, much to K's displeasure. While he is wheeling his bike out onto the street, I begin to notice that the asphalt has begun turning into cogs and spinning, and when I stand still for a few seconds more the walls on the houses around me begin melting as well. We get on our bikes and leave, and the euphoric sensation hits me. It feels like I'm being hit with a strong stimulant, and I can't slow down on my bike.

6:00-6:30PM- On the bike trail, the euphoria continues to arc over me in waves and I cannot wipe the smile off my face. When we stop for water breaks, the landscape looks like a 2D picture, with all the bright colors brighter and the dark ones darker. This huge distinction in light blows my mind, and it is a while before I can unglue myself and resume biking.

6:30-6:45PM- We stop at the trail's intersection with another, and I begin to feel a hundred miles away. Objects seem more distant and sounds seem incredibly dull. The colors around me continue to intensify, and looking across the marsh plains I begin to feel very uplifted. When I look down the ground continuously swirling and flowing like a river of concrete. Talk to my mother on the phone, manage to keep the conversation straight by concentrating and when I hang up I look around and realize she isn't really there, mind is blown by the power of the modern cellphone.

6:45-7:15PM- After resting for a short while, we get back on our bikes and begin the ride home. When I reach higher speeds, the edges of my vision begin blurring together into a spiral, which intensifies and makes my middle viewpoint incredibly clear. My feelings are all jumbled up, and I begin to feel like a 'smoothie', like something or someone of greater power has pushed me into a blender and poured me into a body-shaped cup. Feels good in a strange sort of way.

7:15-8:00PM- Back at K's house, we go into his room and watch an episode of Portlandia. His room is breathing and all the objects are fluttering with every inhalation and exhalation I take, growing bigger, smaller, and occasionally writhing. I still feel like my head is in the clouds, and when I begin to concentrate on the show I feel very pulled in. It is a bizarre show and I find that it seems as if the show is adapting to my headspace and not the other way around.

Act 2: The Human Rock

8:00PM- K and I walk to a school dance, where several of our other friends meet up with us. The crowd is loud and noisy and I begin to feel that something is slightly off. My headspace diminishes and at this point OEV are gone permanently (not that they were there much to begin with). I had to go and buy a ticket (something my friends had done in advance) and so I lost sight of them by the time I entered. I felt very out of place, the dance was full of bad vibes and the many movements began to throw me off. I struggled through the crowd, bouncing off of people and trying not to let the headspace get to me. Sooner or later I find myself at the back of the room, and I refuse to move anywhere else. The loud sensation is overwhelming and seems to be ruining my trip, but I cross my fingers and hope for the best. Eventually I manage to regroup with K but my mind is elsewhere. As we lose each other in the crowd again, I am hit with a powerful wave of helplessness and isolation. Everyone feels light years away, and I feel myself fill with with a burning desire for human contact. I am lost and completely out of it, and all I want to do is to have someone hold me, hug me, comfort me and tell me that everything will work out. My eyes fall on a couple in love, arms around each other and completely oblivious to the world around them and this hits me harder. Everything spins and disinterests me, and I begin to enter the abyss of my mind.

Act 3: Building Better Worlds

X:XXPM-11:00PM- As I begin to feel more distant and detached from the world around me, CEV's begin to intensify. When I close my eyes I see photo-realistic first person scenarios, and I can move my head and look around in them. Occasionally my eyes flit open and I am struck with waves of confusion about which world is real and what I am doing in both places. In the real world, everything feels eerily unnatural and uncanny. My hands brush against my face and panic courses through my veins. I am not myself. It is not my face that I am wearing. All I am in this world is merely a soul wearing another's skin like a suit. My hands and feet feel like lead, and I struggle to get used to someone else's body. The world of my thoughts calls out to me and beckons for me to enter and stay there forever. An acquaintance who I had rejected earlier that year (we'll call her A) came up to me, and began to talk, first making small talk and then attempting to flirt with me. All I wanted to do was withdraw from this world, sit down somewhere and sink deeper into the CEVs. Several times again I closed my eyes and drifted back to where I felt I had truly belonged but she jolted me out of it each time and told me that she was worried about my condition. I left the dance with K at around 11, and at this point I was fully off the 25i. I rode my bike home and went to bed.


25i-NBOME seems like an incredibly rich and potent substance, and I cannot wait to try it again in the future. I had very little visuals (this could be attributed to the short amount of time I held the blotter) but the headspace was really something. It felt like a lifetime had passed once I was completely off of it. 25i doesn't really seem to be a party drug, despite what others say, as for most of the trip I wanted to settle in and melt into the background and watch CEV's. Going to the dance for the second half of my trip gave me a harsh comedown and probably ruined it. I feel that had I stayed in a friendly or outdoor environment it would have lasted longer. For sure going to dose again after a 2 week tolerance break.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99825
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Sep 28, 2013Views: 17,736
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25I-NBOMe (542) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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