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A Midsummer Nights Trip
by MrMoran
Citation:   MrMoran. "A Midsummer Nights Trip: An Experience with 2C-I (exp99860)". Jan 7, 2016.

15 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)


Compound: 2c-i HCl
Dosage: 15mg orally, gel capsule

Mindset: Optimistic, adventurous, upbeat
Setting: My friend's house with 2 other friends, various forests

0:00 - I took the dose at about 7:30pm, and wait for it to kick in.

0:20 - Normally at this point, with 2C-E and 2C-T-2, I would feel something. But, I felt absolutely sober. No accelerated heart rate, no pupil dilation. Nothing. My friends dose 20mg each of 2C-T-2 together.

0:45 - My first minor alert hits, but it almost seems like placebo. I am yawning at this point, and wonder if it will ever kick in. I begin to realize why people redose on this stuff, and then end up taking too strong of a dose. It seems to take FOREVER to kick in.

1:15 - I wake up from a short nap, and notice that I feel slightly spacey, but otherwise completely normal. Also, a bit of uneasiness begins to be felt in my stomach.

1:20 - I suggest smoking a bowl with friends, and we all smoke. My nausea has subsided, and during my high, I begin to feel the effects of the 2C-I.

1:45 - My friends decide to do DMT while on 2C-T-2, and one of them was a first timer to it. We decide to walk to a nearby park with a sizable, mountainous forest next to it. After walking through the hills of the forest for about 15 minutes (while I was wearing sandals).

2:00 - We finally arrive at a view of our city. The wind was blowing on our skin, and I noticed it felt very lovely. Another thing I noticed was that my body temperature wasn't nearly as sensitive to temperature changes as it was with 2C-E and 2C-T-2. My stamina had also increased, as I found myself able to walk for a long period of time and not feel tired. All the while, my thoughts felt rather playful, charming, intrinsicly deep.

2:15 - We talk about smoking DMT there, but because of the wind, we found it hard to both load DMT into a bowl so it may be smoked, and also keep a lighter lit when we wanted to smoke weed. Also, as we were discussing why we shouldn't do DMT there (because we were on a bunch of boulders), we all heard some rustling in the trees nearby us, and it sounded like it was something big. But when we turned to look at it, it was gone. We couldn't hear whatever it was, or it wasn't moving. It scared the hell out of us, and we booked it out of there.

2:20 - As we were running through the woods and grasslands without lights on, and only having the moonlight to guide us, I felt as though there something nomadic feeling about the whole experience. I could understand why the Native Americans took peyote and mescaline when they were out seemed that this cousin to mescaline (a very distant cousin, at that) heightened my senses. I could hear animals moving around me at some points if I stood still and closed my eyes. The closed-eye visuals were also rather pleasant, though I never seem to be able to make a note of closed-eye visuals. As we were heading back, I put on some music (dubstep) and found it to be incredibly moving, deep, intricate, and vast. I found that music goes very well with this, and it feels very creative.

2:45 - We get back to my friends house, and we proceed to load DMT into a pipe. I eyeballed the dose, and I honestly have no idea how much I put in there. Probably about 40-50mg (I've seen plenty of 40mg DMT doses). My friend decides to put on some music before she trips on DMT for the first time, but two different music players were playing at the same time and we didn't realize it immediately. It sounded incredibly cacophonous. She then proceeded to smoke all of the DMT in the bowl, somehow, in one hit. She held it in for about 15 seconds, and the breathed it out. She stood up to cough, and as she was coughing, she stopped in the middle of her sentence and cough, and I could see that she was completely gone. We walked her over to the bed, and she begin to freak out because she had never experienced something that intense before. While I was tripping, I was watching her have a near-death experience. She began to wonder if she was going to die, if it was ever going to end, etc. She was also having a bit of a panic attack. Eventually, she calms down and comes back to reality.

2:53 - Her DMT trip, for the most part, ends. Her visuals are intensified for the remainder of the 2C-T-2's effects. She remarked that she while it was scary, she was glad to have tried it (a week later she tried a smaller dose and had a great time with it). I could see that she had changed in some regard.

3:00 - My friend trips on DMT, and has a visually intense trip. The DMT's effects also persisted to a certain extent for the remainder of his trip as well, but the peak of the DMT lasted about 5 minutes for him, though he remarks a good degree of time dilation occured. I suspect that 2C-T-2 has some minor MAOI properties to it, as some of the DMT's visuals persisted throughout their trips.

3:30 - We go on another hike through another forest on the opposite side of the neighborhood. As we walked around, I saw plenty of paisley, round, blue and pink cotton candy colored patterns in the sidewalk around me. Nothing really seemed to breathe, though there were plenty of tracers to be had. As my friend took sips from her water bottle (and was laughing along with us as we hiked), I noticed the tracers behind hand were VERY impressive (like a good dose of 4-AcO-DMT's tracers). This moment of the trip really stands out for me above others. This, along with how yellow her room appeared.

As we were walking through the woods, and running around, I kept feeling like I would run into a snake or something. I saw a blade of grass, and behind it I saw a snake curl up and get into a defensive position. I then thought I saw a pointed head on it, and assumed it could be venomous. However, when I got my flash light, I saw that there was no snake there. Nothing was there but a blade of grass, and the snake I imagined was simply the shadow of the blade of grass. Later on, we ran into an armadillo, which proceeded to scurry away from us quickly. I began to wonder about armadillos, and recollected about how I used to think they were demonic creatures. But in all truths, they are incredibly benign, just like the one that crossed our path.

5:00 - I begin to feel as though the trip was calming down by this point. It felt as though it came on strongly in waves, but each wave wasn't as strong as the one before it. I knew that within an hour or so, the trip would end, as it did on 2c-t-2. We watch TV, and every time the commercials would come on, I would point out the advertising techniques and the psychological manipulations they use in order for you to buy something. I could see the psychologically manipulative mechanisms they used to entice people to buy something, and I felt as though I was above the advertisements.

6:30 - The trip finally ends mentally. It would be another couple of hours before the stimulant side of this wore off.

Body: 4/10
There really wasn't too much of a noticable body load - it wasn't nearly as much as 2C-E's, or 2C-T-2's. It was much lighter. Also, the nausea wasn't nearly as bad. The physical stimulation from this compound wasn't overpowering, either. Overall, it felt very pleasant, and it was very tactile.

Mind: 8/10
This one really is a classical psychedelic. It is very mind-manifesting. There really is nothing wrong with this compound, and it seems to almost induce a small amount of euphoria. Tracers were very evident with this, along with color enhancement, fractals, interesting hybrid thoughts (halfway between trippy and sober). I felt as though I could not drive a car for the first half of the trip, and it wasn't until I was coming down that I decided to drive. I felt very open-hearted and accepting of criticism at this dosage, and I could see its potential uses for psychotherapy. At this dosage, I did not feel as though 2C-I was overwhelming in any way. Another thing I noticed was a mild aphrodisiac side to it. Also felt very talkative while on it.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Possible medical uses:
PTSD - this would help one cope, with a similar efficacy to MDMA
OCD - I felt very open, laidback, and relaxed. My compulsions were not prevalent.
Depression - In combination with psychotherapy, I feel as though breakthroughs would be catalyzed by this compound
Narcolepsy - I feel as though that even at mild doses, this compound would be highly effective in treating narcolepsy because of its stimulant components

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99860
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jan 7, 2016Views: 3,551
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2C-I (172) : Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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