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The Electric Ocean of Consciousness
DPT, DMT, & Cannabis
Citation:   Psychedaniellia. "The Electric Ocean of Consciousness: An Experience with DPT, DMT, & Cannabis (exp99870)". Erowid.org. Jul 10, 2013. erowid.org/exp/99870

T+ 0:00
25 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 30 mg smoked DMT (freebase)
One morning, I woke up from a dream where I had been flying and taking a lot of different psychedelics, as a bunch of my friends were having a party down below. (But who am I kidding? That sounds like half of my dreams!) Specific to this dream, I had this night returned to a location which I had gone to the past summer on a recent vacation. It was a nice little cabin on a lake, with a dock, a nice deck and a boat rental. This vacation was really significant for me because I had gone on it with two of my long-time best friends, and also because when looking back, it marks a major turning point in my life where I realized for sure that I can't be depending on other people to support myself- at all, if I can help it.

I have many of my own responsibilities, but my parents still help me out with a fair amount of expenses as I am a full time student. I feel that the reality hit me that I really needed to start taking steps in the direction of being completely financially independent, because of some events and exchanges I'd had with my mother during this vacation that had really gotten me thinking about this. Being reminded of this concept on this morning, I was glad to find that I felt more motivated than scared. I had an interesting mindset going where I was thinking things along the lines of, 'Well, I've always done everything I needed to do to take care of myself in the past.

I've made the impossible happen before. If I really need it and want it, the universe will take care of me. And even if I don't 'succeed' by the standards of others, I will have succeeded as long as I'm a good person. However, I will tackle all the things that I need to get down in order to become completely independent because I don't want to impose on others, of course.'.. So yes, an empowered and positive mindset. The point is, I suppose that this dream and the residual feeling left from it inspired me to decide to embark on a real life journey that day.

So, not even an hour after waking up, I decided that I wanted to have some DPT. I know that DPT dosage can vary considerably from person to person, but luckily I am one of those people who doesn't need much of it to have a full-blown experience. I set aside about 25mg of DPT. My route of administration was insufflation, because I only have the HCl salt and not the freebase form.

The DPT seemed to come on a little more slowly and gently than usual, but maybe that's only because I was already in a dreamy headspace before I even had it. I smoked a bowl of cannabis, which kicked it in for sure. It almost seemed like the tryptamine had carried me over from my sleeping dream realm into my waking life dream realm, if that makes sense. Still though, the trip was pretty intense and overwhelming, as one can only expect with DPT. There was a point where I became confused, feeling that I was still my dream self in the aforementioned dreams but still residing in this reality ('the wrong one'), but I was able to think this away as I entertained the idea of this concept being the theme for a story.

Then I thought to myself, what is life but a big story and what are we all but characters, anyway? This comforted me greatly and left me with a sense of intrigue. I started to feel the wonderful electric surges of energy that are characteristic of some tryptamines (Some people interpret it as kundalini, some say that it's just the feeling of the energy flow which we are ultra-receptive to, some call it a 'body load' I don't like that term because it sounds negative and this feeling for me is far from negative!)… This feeling was greatly pleasurable and meaningful to me as usual. It reminds me of something that I may or may not have experienced long, long ago. It is like existing as pure energy...

There was a point where I randomly felt a little bit scared/alarmed out of nowhere. I felt the fear as if that center of my brain had just been activated for no particular reason. Luckily, I didn't feel that it was anything other than a strange unwarranted emotion and couldn't really make sense of it, so I didn't dwell on it. I reminded myself that to be human and have the brain and the consciousness that I do that allows me to be able to undergo this experience was beautiful; that to be able to succumb to the tryptamine was a wonderful gift indeed. It felt so freeing to give up all control and allow myself to be taken wherever. I began to drift on the waves of the electric ocean of consciousness peacefully.

All my boundaries dissolved and I experienced the familiar sensation of having been woven into the fabric of existence, in just the right location. I felt my self and everything I knew disintegrate. It was all at once liberating, relieving, orgasmic, terrifying, euphoric, synthetically shocking, and also just simply… *right*. More right than anything I could ever experience on this day to day earthly realm for sure. (Looking back, I feel like I might have to be somewhat masochistic to enjoy this as much as I did, but maybe it's just that I truly feel that I belong in that state rather than in a body form. It feels more genuine to me.) I reached that 'place' where everything in my life, and seemingly other lives too, culminated. That place where you always return to; where every thing, situation, person and location exists at once and in the same space.

My abstract thoughts and imagery took me on a rafting journey along the stream of consciousness. I later felt that this paralleled my need to be okay with whatever happens in my life and not worry about rigid plans right now, as I am currently in the middle of a predicament of sorts and there unfortunately isn't much that I can do other than wait it out. I tranced out for a long time in a blissful ego-lossy state, and when I returned, I remember dreamlike visions and DMT-esque visuals.

After I felt a little less tranced out, I smoked another bowl and looked around the room and watched static-colored fractalized patterning appear on the wall, enhanced by the sunlight on the wall. I felt that I didn't really know what any of this was that I was seeing, but it was beautiful and I wanted to bask in it and give it all the appreciation it deserved. I watched woodwork wave, then morph into complex, emotionally expressive beings. I felt like I related to each and every one of them, which abstractly reminded me of being able to empathize and connect on some level with every other conscious life form in existence. I cried because of how marvelous and beautiful this idea was to me.

The song 'System 700' by Younger Brother suddenly started to pervade my thoughts. A specific instrumental portion of the song was playing in my head, and at first I didn't realize what song it was even from because I sometimes overlook this song on the album (though I do really like it), but then I remembered. I also started thinking about the artist/duo CocoRosie for some reason, and remembered having read about how their dad had taken them on 'spirit journeys' in the desert when they were younger. I don't know many details of some of the spirit journeys so *I could be wrong*, but I think I recall reading somewhere that the two members of the band (sisters) considered the experiences to be somewhat traumatizing, and many of their songs seem to reflect on these memories. All of these thoughts were very abstract to me at the time and they weren't processed in such a linear fashion as I describe them to be here, but this is the best way to describe the experience.

So, I decided to listen to 'System 700' by Younger Brother and 'Smokey Taboo' by CocoRosie. In the second song, I found the lyrics 'Midnight to noon, I'm a desert child.. and mountains make me nauseous,' to remind me of mescaline, and I wondered whether their spirit journeys had included psychedelics. The singing was amazingly, hauntingly beautiful. I could hear and feel the overwhelming emotion of such yearning in her voice. Those were the only two songs I listened to during this trip. Both of them absolutely blew me away.

After listening to the music (about an hour and a half after dosing DPT), I decided that it was probably about time to have the DMT, so I went into the other room and set up a nice, comfy area and fixed up my special DMT smoking device. I put about 30mg of DMT in the pipe, which is about 25% lower than what is usually a good dose for me. I figured that the DPT would potentate the DMT quite a bit anyway. I sat down for a few minutes with the DMT pipe ready and relaxed to prepare myself for the experience and clear my mind.

Three hits of DMT. The buzzing and alien-like feeling were MUCH more apparent with DPT as part of the equation, but it also felt more earthy too at the same time. The bringing together of opposites and non-duality were big parts of this experience. Good or bad, every set of opposites felt exactly the same. I experienced everything at once. Every feeling that I'd ever felt in my life, it seemed like. Synaesthetically, it was like the way a torrent looks when it's being downloaded, where certain bits are done (and they show up as strips of color) and other parts aren't. It was like I was accessing different bits of color and each bit was a feeling I'd had at some point in my life, but I was experiencing them so rapidly that I'm not sure whether they were happening at the same time or what. I guess it's hard to say. I had visions of a lot of blue. Cut outs that looked like the style of people or 'pedestrians' often depicted in road signs frame-skipped in odd patterns across my field of vision. So did pencils, textbooks, globes, maps, computers, plane tickets and anything that had to do with acquiring knowledge or experience.

Somehow, there was an 'academic' tone to this experience, if that makes any sense. During the DMT, I once again lost complete contact with this reality and when coming back, had to come back to everything over yet again. This time, it felt a little bit different than last time. I realized abstractly that for comparison, every time I woke up, I actually felt like a different person in some way as well- probably because of the ideas and memories instilled in my mind during dreams. As I came down from the DMT, I looked around and watched the carpet move in an extremely odd way- it looked like there was some sort of animal burrowing around underneath it almost the way it moved from place to place, yet it was very slow like lava bubbling up underneath it.

I also experienced the typical DMT-ish frame-shifting open eye visuals as well, where I move my eyes over an object and it doesn't seem like the object continues in a linear way; instead, it seems to 'crunch in on itself' and take on different forms as I move my eyes from place to place (in a once again shifting way rather than continual). Sometimes things look SO funny when this happens that I just experiment with it and look over the same thing multiple times to see how many strange ways it can crunch in on itself. I did this for a little bit and thought about how the human mind works; how bizarre its 'wiring' must be. How we are organic technology.

Soon, I was down from the DMT and coming down rapidly from the DPT as well. I felt very thankful to have just had such an amazing experience. My mind felt cleansed, like all the cobwebs had been cleared out. Sometimes I need a good defragging of the mind, so to speak. I drifted off to take a little nap so that I would be able to level off more for the day when I woke up in the late afternoon.

In conclusion, I must say that I think DPT is a very special material. I have thought this for a long while now, through all of my trials with it. It has some things in common with DMT, as in it comes up very similarly but more drawn out, it's very ego-shattering and completely bizarre, otherworldly and alien-feeling, but it is feels more trancelike and warm (in my experience). I have also never experienced the type of entity contact effects that I have on DMT with it (though I have felt a type of 'presence') for sure. I feel that DPT is good for accessing emotions and subconscious thoughts (enabling one to work with these retrieved treasures from the subconscious), whereas DMT is more of a blur in this department, though it is hit or miss and there are always exceptions.

In any case, from my own experience and those of others that I have read, DPT seems to provide a very direct line to one's core self, deep emotions and consciousness that are below everything else that is piled on top of them. I can see a lot of therapeutic and spiritual potential in this compound. Last but not least, DMT seems to go very well with it.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99870
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jul 10, 2013Views: 10,816
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