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Loop into the Deep Core
Nitrous Oxide, Ketamine, DMT & LSD
Citation:   Emergence. "Loop into the Deep Core: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide, Ketamine, DMT & LSD (exp99928)". Apr 6, 2018.

    Nitrous Oxide
      Nitrous Oxide
This is less a specific trip report, and more an argument for the existence of a particular phenomena brought on by a combination of 1) either of two dissociative anesthetics with 2.)either DMT or LSD. Obviously, It is largely unknown and unacknowledged by the general public. Despite this, in my experience of seeing 15 or so individuals (males and females aged 17-28), often repeatedly, ingest the required components - without exception - all acknowledged the significance of the event. Further, all who tried more than one of the possible combinations found a comparison between them inescapable. It is my hope that careful, responsible and scientific psychonauts out there will verify the existence of this territory, as well as explore the extent of its possibilities.

All combinations undertaken here were done in a safe (ie. indoor or secluded) environment, with trust and love between all those present. More often than not, a sober trip sitter was present to handle any unexpected complications, and benzodiazepines (most often Diazepam, Lorazepam and/or Alprazolam) were kept on hand as a last-resort parachute for bad-trip emergencies. Under these conditions, the results seem both repeatable and relatively safe, with no extreme physical or psychological injuries having ever occurred to date.

Attempts to describe the actual experience are doomed to failure, because the synergy produces effects that operate on dimensions that are simply inaccessible to language. One might try to say things like I became one with everything or unraveled into the essence of total, perfect nothing. Though incompatible, both are just as valid descriptors of the event I refer to here.

I will list the combinations by dissociative:

to hallucinogen - number of people who I have seen try it (and unanimously agree that the trip produced was one of special, almost sacred importance).

> Approximate dosages required to guarantee the effect
And a short description

Nitrous Oxide:

With Acid – 5
>Doing a full balloon (2+ cartridges) while peaking on 150ug+

THE LOOP. Produces what can only be described as a hallucination of a reality that both underpins and invalidates true reality. That or total ego loss, take your pick. Done simultaneously in a group for some seriously interesting and impossible results.

With DMT – 2
>Freebase a breakthrough dose (~50+mg) while inhaling 2+ cartridges

This one is difficult to do without passing out before accomplishing it. Most of the successes have been with smoking the DMT first, and using a trip sitter; when kaleidoscopic visuals start blotting out reality we trade pipe with balloon (2+) from sitter. Difficult to do, more than worth it for the result.


With Acid – 6
>Doing a strong dose (~60+mg without tolerance) of ketamine during the peak of a 150ug+ trip

This was my first introduction to the phenomena, and I don't recommend it. I will remember the experience for the rest of my life, it was gut-wrenchingly difficult and seemed highly dangerous. The problem, I think, lies in the duration of the two drugs combined with a lack of full-on unconsciousness – for what seems an eternity I was halfway between worlds, unable to walk, and cannot be certain which factors belong where. It was extremely important to NOT act when in doubt, because the world that I was interacting with is not the one I was perceiving.

With DMT – (a different) 2
>Taking a strong (~60+mg without tolerance) dose of K and attempt to break through (~50mg) freebasing DMT

This one is noticeable even at lower dosages of either ingredient, and immensely pleasurable. I would be so bold as to call it the speed-ball of the psychonaut, bearing in mind the metaphor makes a conversion between physical and spiritual-psychological.

Both Nitrous and K have been tried a few times in combination with psilocybe cubensis without the same result. I fully admit I have very limited knowledge of this unexplored Nexus, and cannot even guess as to how many other compounds would produce combinations with similar results. What I can say with certainty is that the interaction between the four aforementioned substances produces effects that, while different in scale and many indescribable qualities, are in their essence very similar, and without question the most hauntingly unique and incredible exposure to what I can only describe as magic or spirit, despite my scientific background and convictions.

I wish I could better describe the feeling, but a certain circle I was a part of called it the Loop (referring primarily to LSD-Nitrous), and had a continuous debate on whether things like prophecy, shared consciousness’s, and body-switching occurred or not, to the point that sessions were taped and some experiments were conducted, with frustrating results. For instance, I once had a prophetic vision that two of my good friends (who were at the time happily living together) would separate. Naturally I told no one, and did everything I could to prevent it from becoming true, but it happened nonetheless. This is just one example, but it produced a long-standing personal debate: did I re-invent the memory after the fact, or, despite my conscious resistance, was the delusion a self-fulfilling prophecy? Did I reinvent my immediate writing down the next prediction after the fact? Are the predictions actually banal and obvious, even though everyone appears shocked when they come to fruition? Such bizarre questions await those who would mess with the fabric of this paradoxical mixture.

My personal favourite of these recipes would have to be DMT-N2O. It is both the most difficult to engineer and the most effortlessly and breathtakingly wonderful mental state I have ever found myself in. I regularly, though not always, make contact with one of two archetypal entities:

The Architect, an asexual and trans-dimensional alien god who often shows me inconceivable technologies, viewpoints, and structures made of light.

The Fairy Goddess, who is the embodiment of beauty, joy and love, and who acts flirtatious, passionate, mischievous, painfully true and loving. Compared to the Architect (who is the only mental construct I’m able to compare her to), she is Eros incarnate.

I make no claims about the objective existence of these beings, but I would say that from my tiny and limited viewpoint they seem as hauntingly real today as they did when I met them, much to the chagrin and constant challenging of my logical mind. Fortunately, there seems (for me at least) zero permanent psychological or functional impairments resulting from these persisting delusions; only reflective and fascinating entertainment…of Biblical proportions.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99928
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Apr 6, 2018Views: 1,520
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