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Vaporizing a Hallucinogenic Amphetamine
by Doses
Citation:   Doses. "Vaporizing a Hallucinogenic Amphetamine: An Experience with DOC (exp99935)". Apr 26, 2014.

  vaporized DOC (powder / crystals)


Last night, while researching DOC, I stumbled upon a report of a man vaporizing DOB. Knowing that DOB could be vaporized, I figured: why not try out this little satchel of DOC I've got going here in my vaporizer?

So, this morning, I find myself sitting upon my bathroom floor, shower running, clearing my mind for what is to come.

Loading a 3mg bowl (of which I ended up only vaping ~2mg of), I click on my handheld torch/flashlight combo and take a nice hit.

[T: 0:00] nothing. Even held the hit in pretty long too. Decide to chill out for a cool second and see if I can even feel threshold. The vapor was reminiscent of meth, but unlike it in the sense that I wasn't immediately compelled to exhale as if it was toxic.

[T: 0:03] I take another rip. This one I hold in for a solid 30 seconds, then exhale. Still, my exhalation was pretty dense. Without immediate effects off the first hit, I figure I might as well just finish off the bowl. But just as I move in to light my torch, my hand doesn't leave a trail, but instead is pushed out in an 'oscillation,' and the next thing I know, I'm staring at a nice array of my arms being pushed out from my sides, everything in my bathroom is vibrating and oscillating, and I'm suddenly overwhelmed with fantastic visuals akin to any DOC report you'd read on here. Pupils dilated with the last hit, as when I looked in the mirror, instead of two bright heterochromic green eyes staring back at me, I saw two black dinner plates engulfing the majority of my eyes.

[T: 0:30] by now its 5:15 in the morning, I had successfully taken a shower and gotten myself prepared for work. I didn't know how long this was going to last, but being an experienced traveler I wasn't too worried about walking into work, tripping. My headspace was crystal clear, and I actually felt modestly tired. I end up going into a near comatose state, but still awake. Scenes keep playing in my head as CEV's, where I would see some woman drop this object similar to my handheld torch lighter, and it would explode like a bomb. But before it did, the world would slow down and audio that I was hearing (like, around me at the time, not in my head) would slow and contort until I opened my eyes. I feel vasoconstriction in my hands and feet, namely around my last two fingers on each hand. I can't recall what color they were, as each time I looked down at my hands they would begin to pulsate a blindingly white radiance and vibrate uncontrollably.

[T: 1:00+] I fall asleep in the car, visuals still pretty strong. Looking back, I probably peaked around the 10-15 minute mark. The dreams I have at this point are very, very detailed and powerful. I'm hallucinating still in my dreams, as if I was awake. In my dreams, I'm convinced I am awake and am confused as to how I dropped out of reality.

[T: 3:45] I wake up at my job, my carpool buddy leaving his car open so that I can go when I awoke. Visuals have subsided to a +, if you can call it that. Feeling extremely tired, but at the same time I've got energy. I can still look at an object, then look away and watch its afterimage 'oscillate' over to wherever im currently looking at, but its definitely not as intense as before. Some swirling going on in my peripherals, no pupil dilation.

All in all, this was beyond a fantastic experiment. Visuals lasted at most 4 hours, and during most of the trip I had exhilarating mental clarity. This experience has made me comfortable with trying to vaporize a dose of DOC, which I will do tonight. Note, that I did not finish off that bowl, even though I loaded 3mg I only vaporized a little over half of what was in there.

Conclusion: This is my preferred ROA for this compound. It bypasses any body load, nausea, and other frequent side effects associated with oral/sublingual/intranasal dosing.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99935
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Apr 26, 2014Views: 13,148
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