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A Powerful Psychedelic Teacher
Tobacco (N. rustica)
Citation:   wearelight. "A Powerful Psychedelic Teacher: An Experience with Tobacco (N. rustica) (exp99939)". Erowid.org. May 22, 2019. erowid.org/exp/99939

1-6 hit smoked Tobacco
Tobacco as a Powerful Psychedelic Teacher

Tobacco has always been a mysterious substance to me. I was always mesmerized by a tailor made cigarette as a young child and finally found myself in a setting at age 12 I could first attempt to try tobacco. I say attempt because I felt extremely little to no effect which now in retrospect I assume I didn't inhale properly due to fear I was feeling due to being in rebellion.

Eventually I found tobacco to be much more easily accessible around age 13 and became dependent quickly. Just to make a long story short; I had a chronicling of psychedelic experiences that eventually empowered me enough to quit tobacco altogether around age 17. I love growing food and a year later a gardener friend gave us tobacco seed telling us a friend of his was at the Anasazi cliff dwellings in Colorado and found tobacco growing and seeding. Brought the seed home and started cultivating it. Well that is when my true relationship with this plant began...

The entire process of growing my own tobacco is spiritual or at least beautiful depending on perspective.
The entire process of growing my own tobacco is spiritual or at least beautiful depending on perspective.
And already before even getting to try this new tobacco my entire understanding of tobacco shifted. My first impression of the tobacco was that it was strong. Almost incomparable even from the very beginning... But little did I know how really incomparable it was. N. Rustica is a powerful teacher. And as with any teacher your understand of the subject being revealed becomes greater and greater with every lesson. This a perfect mirror of how Rustica interacts with humans. Just as with a teacher, tobacco cannot teach you unless you pay attention. The more and more I became open to the idea of tobacco being a psychedelic the more it became real. It required patience to learn and it seemed the more still I could become the further tobacco could take me.

At one point on a journey out west I was in a semi-hollow giant redwood tree with 2 other brothers learned in rustica and we partook in tobacco ceremony. After about my third hit it seemed I was taken out of my body still with a part of my consciousness very much attached to my body, and all three of our 'spirit bodies' whatever they were, flurried into a vortex-like tornado-spiral up into the tree and then out of fear I pulled myself quickly back down. This is an experience Ganja has yet to be able to even give me. So now in my mind tobacco is more likely on a psychedelic tier with DMT, rather than my first assumption of thinking it had about as much psychedelic potential as opiates or alcohol. Both of which I have had very psychedelic experiences with even though I seem to be of a rare breed because most people I meet would never describe either as psychedelic. This redwood experience is only one of many. It was the most exciting yet to date but surely not the most enlightening. I look forward to the tobacco spirit revealing more of itself to me and the rest of the world. For all of my spiritual interactions seem to point to the possibility that we are all awaking...

NOTE: N. Rustica does lose effect when abused just like N. tabacum! I cannot expect to have a psychedelic experience off of tobacco if I smoke it every day. Sobriety is a great cycle in life, try it for a month, you'll notice the difference!

Some tips I follow for a successful tobacco journey.
1. Doing it alone (I do smoke tobacco with others, but they must be also be experienced for it to be a journey)
2. Being in silence
3. Being outdoors
4. Meditating and focusing on breathing for at least a few minutes
5. Invoking the spirit of tobacco, the great spirit/God, any deities I identify with, any loved ones past, etc. Essentially, making time for a ceremony honoring the tobacco before burning the tobacco.
6. Taking large deep hits when smoking
7. Holding the smoke for at least a second of two longer than I would normally think I should hold the smoke. (This part can be very DMT like if held for awhile) USE CAUTION.
8. Closing the eyes
9. If my mind is not already calmed enough to pay attention I try to see what is blocking me. I observe my mind if it is blocking a psychedelic experience. (i.e., if I'm thinking about the past or the future)
10. Once I am left with little to no mental blocks when smoking, I just remember I am safe to journey. It is okay to pull myself back but I keep reminding myself every time I do that it is safe to go further next time.

Obviously these are just my tips based on how it works for me. I know we are all different and I would hope you do too and I hope you are open to ignoring any of these tips if you feel guided to do so.


Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 99939
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: May 22, 2019Views: 1,563
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Tobacco (47) : Various (28), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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