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Rewarded by the Universe
Citation:   DraxonNL. "Rewarded by the Universe: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp99972)". Jun 2, 2013.

3 hits rectal 25C-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Date 07-04-2013
Time: 23:23
Impact: 23:33
type: 25c-nbome (2ci-nbome)
number: 3 - 800 mcg blotter
Means of intake: Anal... yeah I went there...
Age: 30
Weight: 71 KG
Height: 176 CM
Region: Netherlands

After already partying nonstop from Friday till Sunday. I got home and was shortly followed by my friend and his friend that was visiting from Spain.

While I was actually planning on having some 'me time' and then hitting the sack. We sat down and had a few drinks and smoked some doobies. Keep in mind I had been polluting my body for 3 days straight and was actually not planning on tripping this weekend. As this normally doesnít work that well with all kinds of crap going through my veins.

My friend, who's something of a shaman to me. He knows a lot about psychedelics and is able to get his hands on a large variety of goodies. Had some tabs with him. And offered me some... After doubting if I should take them... I thought fuck it! Letís do this. After complaining about not looking forward to the taste for over an hour, I got the advice to just stick em up my butt hole... And so I did. It was actually really easy and not at all uncomfortable. Went to the bathroom, squatted like a poodle and pushed 3 of the badboys up my no fly zone.

T: 23:23 = anally inserted 3 Tabs.

T: 23:33 ish = Already Iím feeling the effect. From this point on I wasn't really able to keep track of time. Within 20 minutes the effect was so powerful and I was so euphoric I was just giggling and crying from joy. I have never felt so happy in my entire life.

Closing my eyes I was overwhelmed by beautiful and super bright colors and geometric shapes. Shapes made out of the most beautifully polished glass plates. I cried for quite some time. Sobbing uncontrollably. I was so happy about what was happening. I could feel this was going to be a unique trip. I've had 2 changa breakthroughs, but this trip beat those by miles. Sitting on my knees with my eyes closed wiping the tears from my face I suddenly saw myself from above. From a green grassy hill, under an arch that was constantly changing color. A bright flash of white light forces me to open my eyes and my crying stopped. I felt reborn at this point.

Everything was being perfectly and harmoniously affected by the trip. Light, audio, physically, mentally. I was a lucky boy :) As my friend was so sharp to point out to me. This is pretty rare. Except for maybe the last 1.5 hour of the trip I was fully able to comprehend and explain everything. Allowing me to learn about myself and to learn about things I otherwise just don't have the ability to comprehend as fully as Iíd need to. The pain I had been feeling in my knee and back for weeks had vanished. And I was warm constantly. Not sweaty warm. Just fuzzy warm.

Color was flowing all around my skin. I got up on my feet and tried to explain as much as possible to my friends what I was experiencing. When I looked down at my body again, my upper body was covering it's self with neon bright green leaves with equally bright purple edges. In no time I was wearing a body armor made of these bright leaves. They were transparent. But covered all of me. I could rotate my arm and the armor would rotate with it.

Short after that I looked at my friends and both of them were wearing the same type of armor. I was noticing a sort of lucidity in this trip. I've had a fully lucid Ketamine trip once. This was not as controllable as that. But I could influence it by talking about some things.

My floor was inhabited by bright yellow and red worms, most likely an effect caused by the wood type print on the laminated floorboards. I had rainbows popping out from my fingertips. They'd leave trails in the air if I moved my fingers quickly. Allowing me to kinda write in the sky with the trails.

I'd lie on the floor every now and then... I lie on the floor a lot by default. And every time Iíd lie on the floor I could hear jester like laughing echoing from corners and walls. Another effect the audio was doing was that Iíd hear something near my ear and when turning my head there would actually be something there... of course there wasn't really stuff there... I just visualized something... Like a pretty crystal lamp.
My beautiful red cat 'shinobi' Had turned black and white with longer hair. See seemed to look at me and notice that something was up... She had a weird stare on her face.

I can't really believe how many various visual effects Iíve had that night. From hard glass to fuzzy fluffy balls to water like waves. But the mental experience was by far the best. I was able to resolve certain personal issues Iíd been carrying for a long time. I've gotten a clearer and a more permanent view on my convictions on religion. Being a person that never really believed in a higher power. All that I was experiencing was just too powerful and amazing to have been the result of universal randomness. Something or someone gave me the gift my mind was experiencing. I now recognize the existence of an intelligent design. I'm not saying I believe in god. I'm just saying that the visions and increase of analytical abilities I had then and there were gifted to me by something intelligent. It might just be me, unlocking parts of my brain I had never used. A chakra I managed to unlock. I'm not sure. But everything was just too perfect to be random.

During my peak I had a moment with my friend, he hugged me at what seemed to be the exact moment that I needed it. I felt as close to him as I do to my own flesh and blood brother. My friend seems to understand me in ways no one else does. At least from my side Iíve bonded with him even further than before. And our bond was already pretty strong. He feels more like a brother than a friend to me since the experience. Another gift Iíve received from the universe I reckon.

After discussing my experience and bouncing theories about my mind and how I see the universe. I suddenly felt this fear of the trip ending come over me. The minute I spoke that out loud to my friend, my visualizations seemed to collapse around me from outside closing in towards me. My head got heavy and my head dropped down and my eyes were forced closed. My closed eye visualizations were mostly black with a red room in the middle. I was quickly falling towards that room. It looked like bowser from Mario and before I could fall on the figure. It got hit by a blast of fire and everything went black... I felt nothing for about what I guess was 5 seconds... I was there but I wasn't at the same time... I am sure I was still conscious though. As I could still sense my friend sitting next to me, with his hand on my shoulder. Then I felt sad and thought my amazing trip had somehow ended abruptly. Then a flash of light burst up from what looked to be underneath me. And all the colors were back. And my head popped up and my eyes forced open. And everything was back as it was before everything got dark.

I think that was the effect from me getting over my peak. And from then on things diminished. Slowly but steadily. I was getting tired. Every time Iíd close my eyes and a song was ending my visions where animating themselves towards some sort of closing scene. One time it was a purple rose that was closing its leaves and the light around it slowly dying down and then when a new song would start. I'd dive into the rose and a new vision would start. I had several of these 'closing' visions. I thought it was telling me to go to sleep. But actually trying to get to sleep and even plugging my ears would only result into getting the type of visual that just collapses into itself infinitely. I got a cold shiver from the bottom of my spine going steadily upwards. I was getting those from then on in a strangely constant way... about a minute or 3-5 apart... It might be the room temperature dropping. The pain in my knee and back returned... The gift Iíve received from the universe was defiantly coming to an end.

This trip has been the most amazing and possibly the most important thing that has every happened to me. I feel different. And I Think it will last. I have this strange feeling of conviction that nothing really happens for no reason, something I used to firmly believe in had been changed permanently and in a radical way. The entire trip was just too perfect to my opinion to all be a coincidence.

I also think that my imagination which Iíve kept pretty alive throughout my life has had a very positive effect on my trip. Making it easier for my mind to create the beautiful things it showed me. Being generally weird seems to be an asset when embarking on adventures like this.

I didnít sleep well at all... I'm still depleted now, two days later.

I finished writing my report a week later as Iíve taken time to let certain things settle in and to check and recheck my memories. I'm amazed about how much Iíve managed to remember... There's a lot more, but for some of it I just lack the words or perhaps experience to be able to put to paper.

My respect for the power of these substances has grown even more since that night, but Iím really eager to embark on another journey. As I somehow have the feeling Iíve been given certain tools now to learn even more the next time. And not to forget I had a lot of fun, I've never laughed so much and as pure as I did during this trip... If an outsider would have heard me they probably think I was going mad.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99972
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Jun 2, 2013Views: 6,480
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25C-NBOMe (540) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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