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Difficult Experiences
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Recommended Good Pain Reliever but Not Worth Side Effects Pstranger Tramadol 2019 Oct 16
Recommended Ungodly Constipation Anonymous Tramadol (Ultram) 2002 Jun 25
Good and Fun, Just Watch the Dosage Squatty Tramadol 2018 Jun 16
Sensory Overload Adonis Tramadol, MDMA, Mushrooms, LSD & Cannabis 2021 Apr 15
Unpleasant Effects When Combined Anon Tramadol & Escitalopram (Lexapro) 2016 Jan 13
Terrible Side-effects Buzz-killington Tramadol 2012 Sep 26
A Frightening Experience Steve the Great Tramadol 2007 Jun 25
The Bad News Repton Tramadol & Cannabis 2007 Jun 24
Seizure while under Withdrawals Alucard Tramadol (Ultracet) 2007 Jun 19
Downside, Different for Men and Women? no name Tramadol 2003 Jul 24
Annoying Side Affects Made Me Panic Anonymous Tramadol 2023 Mar 21
42 Hours of Vomit wastedalready Tramadol & Alcohol - Cider 2022 Feb 02
Most Known Unknown Drug never again Tramadol 2020 Sep 23
Sleepwalking Into Neighbor's House Sleepwalker Zolpidem & Tramadol 2018 Apr 10
Not What It's Cracked Up to Be experimenter Tramadol 2018 Mar 08
Dizzy and Disoriented Colo Clonazepam & Tramadol 2008 Mar 28
A Bad Combo DocGonZo Tramadol & Amphetamines (Adderall) 2007 Jun 26
Hell Broke Loose BJ and the Ninja Tramadol (Ultram) 2007 Jun 26
Frightening Seizure Jamie Tramadol & Paroxetine (Paxil) 2007 Jun 22
One Week Without Nugget Tramadol 2007 Jun 15
Not Worth It V Tramadol 2019 Nov 08
Got Me Ill james codiene 2019 Aug 10
Comfort Until the Auditory Hallucinations Scotty Tramadol 2018 Jul 22
Legal Speed Anounomis Tramadol 2018 May 18
Worst Drug Ever jomama812 Tramadol 2018 Mar 13
My Seizures Rifter Tramadol (Ultram) 2007 Jun 25

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