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2und Out
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Maia Wojciechowska
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Harper & Row
"If older people don't really catch on to this book, I'll understand because they usually don't know what their kids are doing, or why. I woud recommend this book to all parents with teen-age kids. They might find out what their babies are doing on those nights when they say they're going nowhere."
-- Sean Richards

"Maia Wojciechowska's book tells a more realistic story about drugs than any newspaper or magazine could possibly do. It is a warning, not especially directed to you. You can take the advice or just read the book for enjoyment."
-- Mary-Ann Straka

"Fiction is realism, and Maia Wojciechowska may just have described you or maybe your own son. What's in the book is really happening, and no one can just push it out of his mind."
-- Bob Lunham