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A New Secret History of LSD
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David Black
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1998, 2001
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Vision Paperbacks
LSD is an illegal psychedelic with a bizarre background. Startling evidence shows that scientists and psychiatrists have helped to promote its use - with more than a little help from the CIA and the British security services.

ACID -- A New Secret History of LSD has been fully expanded and updated from the classic 1997 edition. It explores the explosion of LSD culture in the psychedelic sixties from new and controversial angles. Revealing a wealth of information that will shock and outrage, it investigates the CIA's use of LSD on human guinea-pigs in mind control trials as well as in the treatment of mental illness.

ACID investigates the mysterious people who turned LSD-tripping into a popular recreational pastime, including the entrepreneurs with links to organised crime -- the MAfia, the Red Brigades and the P-2 Masonic lodge. Author David Black unravels an extraordinary story of double-dealing, intrigue and betrayal as the drug's proponents became overnight millionaires -- and officialdom turned a blind eye.

Black also examines the pivotal role of Ron Stark, the shadowy 'Godfather of LSD' who died under mysterious circumstances in 1984. He examines new evidence on where Stark's loyalties really lay and on the tantalising theory that Stark may still be alive.

'As history and as subtext to current affairs, this book makes an extraordinary contribution.'
-- Kenn Thomas, publisher of Steamshovel Press