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Awakening Consciousness
Beyond 2012
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Paola Ambrosi
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2011(pb,1st ed,fine)
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The Foundation for Transpersonal Consciousness
Awakening Consciousness is a text of prayer, wisdom, and deep insight into an actualized map of life and living. It is a magnificent synthesis of ancestral indigenous wisdom, mysticism and psychology.

The manner in which this book is presented offers a significant challenge to academia and the western mindset, providing a unique opportunity to learn through the eyes of our inner innocence and imagination.

Just as sages and wise teachers have always used myth, metaphor and storytelling to transmit their insight and wisdom, Awakening Consciousness is a book that teaches usa bout the mysteries of the universe, and creation through the simplicity and innocence of storytelling.

N ak, Paola Ambrosi is a Mexican born medicine woman and mystic that brings to us a powerful and unique perspective of evolution, spirituality, psychology and life. She dedicates her life to prayer and healing. She teaches globally about indigenous wisdom, the evolution of consciousness and the nature of the human being. Her radical and transparent approach to the understanding of reality and the human psyche offers a unique alternative to overcoming afflictive states of 'being' and 'suffering', opening the flood gates on information that is of the utmost relevance in the fields of psychiatry and psychology, social-cultural education, religion and spirituality.