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Ayahuasca Analogues
and Plant-Based Tryptamines
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Editor(s) :
Jim DeKorne
David Aardvark
K. Trout
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Edition(s) at Erowid :
2000(pb,2nd ed,1st pr,fine)
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The Entheogen Review
In the early 1990s, one of the few places psychonauts could locate information regarding the cultivation and extracting of ayahuasca analogue plants was The Entheogen Review. Out-of-print for nearly a decade, the ER monograph Ayahuasca Analogues and Plant-based Tryptamines combines all of the relevant data from issues of ER (1992 through 1999). Fewer than 3,000 copies of this rare volume were printed. Dedicated to the late Terence McKenna, the book features a poem that has never been published elsewhere, which Alex Grey wrote for him shortly before Terence passed away. Ayahuasca Analogues presents a historical slice from the notebooks and letters of pioneering kitchen chemists and basement shaman.
Combines every entry from past issues of The Entheogen Review related to ayahuasca, ayahuasca analogues, and plant-based tryptamines. New editorial remarks provide fresh commentary and bring the text up-to-date. Chapters include: Ayahuasca and its Analogues; Mushroom Ayahuasa; Phenethylamines and MAOI; Miscellaneous and MAOI; The Passiflora Genus; The Phalaris Genus; Arundo donax; Desmanthus illinoensis; Mucuna pruriens; Phragmites australis; Psychotria viridis; Mimosa tenuiflora (= M. hostilis); The Acacia Genus, DMT & 5-MeO-DMT; Pipes and Vaporizers; Book Reviews; Degree of Intensity Scale; A Botanical Index, and a complete Bibliography.

"Immeasurably improved over its prior incarnation."
-- Jonathan Ott, author of Pharmacotheon

"The only interesting zine known to me. Everything else sucks."
-- Peter Lamborn Wilson, author of Ploughing the Clouds; the search for Irish Soma

"ER is great...I really appreciate your offering, and the sacrifices you make. The info you coordinate and share, and the forum you create is important and vital and keeps getting better. Please keep up the good work - it is good work, and I know! Much of the material on new psychedelics is inspiring and stimulating..."
-- Nick Sand, chemist and drug war prisoner