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The Book of Highs
250 Methods for Altering Your Consciousness Without Drugs
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Edward Rosenfeld
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1973(pb,1st ed,3rd pr,g+)
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A whole consciousness catalog -- 250 ways to alter your consciousness without drugs. Methods, techniques, and ways involve:

Just Yourself
Concentration, sensory awareness, fervent prayer, alterations of breathing, self-hypnosis, meditation, voluntary silence, fantasy and daydreaming, remembering and reverie, myths, tales and koans, chanting and mantras, dreams applied to waking life, semantic awareness, running, nudity, ritual, sensory reminiscence, everyday experience.....

Help from Others
Psychoanalysis, self-analysis, gestalt therapy, sensory training, massage, hypnosis, encounter, marathon, rolfing, compressed time, yoga, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, calligraphy and sumi, theatre games, Gurdjieff, meher Baba, astrology, scientology, seance, orgasm, tantric sex, transcendental meditation, Buddhism......

Devices and Machines
Gliding, scuba diving, I Ching, bio feedback, continuous light and sound, psychedelic bathtub, Riley room, moving moiré patterns, tarot, masks, negative ionization, hot and cold baths, land diving, sky diving, skiing, engine rough, sensory deprivation, and many, many more.