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Cocaine Handbook
An essential Reference
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David Lee
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1981(pb,1st ed,g+)
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And/Or Press
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The Cocaine Handbook, an essential reference for researchers, casual users, and connoisseurs, is a storehouse of up-to-date information about illicit cocaine not found in any other sourcebook.

  1. Adulterants: How consumers end up payoing $1000 per gram of real cocaine
  2. Testing: How cocaine is tested on location, at home, and in the lab
  3. Purification: Removing adulterants, producing "the real thing"
  4. Health: Hazards, safety procedures, and emergency treatment
  5. Freebase: The fad, the burn-up and the burn-out
  6. The Trade: The story of declining quality
  7. Mama Coca: The traditional South American health food
  8. The Alkaloids: Cocaine, cocamine, hygrine, and the others
"In this volume, David Lee has corrected, revised, and added much new information to his Cocaine Consumer's Handbook. Because of his efforts, the secrets of cocaine alchemy are now revealed for the first time in public print: how samples are tested for adulterants and impurities; how adulterants are removed; how street grit is transformed into pearl. Such detailed information is the sine qua non of cocaine connoisseurship, and is David Lee's legacy to the world."
-- Michael Aldrich, Ph.D., Curator, Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library